This Guy Takes The Leaves Off The Top Of The Pineapple What He Does Next Is Unexpected!

Did you know that you can plant a pineapple simply by using one that you buy at the store? I didn’t, but now that I watched this video I’m going to try it as soon as I pick one up. It’s so simple and easy to do, and if you love pineapples and plants then why not? Clint, from explains and shows how it’s done in this tutorial. He originally tried two alternative ways to do this, but only one worked for him, which is what he’s teaching us. For this tried and true method all you need is a ripe pineapple, a pair of scissors, and a cup of water.

Here is how to prepare the pineapple for growing at home: Take a pineapple that is ready to eat. Grab the green top in one hand while holding the bottom in another, then pull upwards, and twist it up and off. Start to pick off the bottom leaves, gently removing them until you begin to see some roots on the piece. Remove the small leaves from all around until you are past the point where the roots are popping out of. Finally, take a pair of scissors and cut the leaf tips off so they are squared. Be sure to get the tight inner leaves as well. Doing this will show you later on where new growth is taking place. You may need to re-trim them if they start to turn brown.

Once the trimming is complete, stick the top in a cup of fresh water and make sure to change it daily at first. Place the cup in a window sill where it can get lots of sunlight and stay warm. Soon you should see more white roots beginning to sprout and once there is good growth it’s time to transplant it. Take a plastic cup, small planter, or container, and place some soil in it. Being careful to not damage the roots, gently place the sprouted pineapple top in the soil, and fill in more dirt loosely around it. It should start growing and soon you’ll have your own pineapple plant!!

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