This Man Places His Hands Under The Water. Now Keep Your Eyes On What His Bird Does.

Anyone who has ever bought a birdbath knows that they come in all different shapes and sizes.  The thing is usually they don’t come attached to humans! This video is something that instantly put a smile on my face.  It features an adorable European goldfinch and his tattooed human.

The bird appears to love taking a bath in his human’s hands while the refreshing running water sprays all over him.  He splashes around and looks completely relaxed. This bird is basically a mini dog with wings. You can tell he loves his human so much and feels completely safe around him.

This is possibly the cutest animal video you will watch all month.  Within the first 20 seconds I wanted to jump through the computer and give this little guy a huge hug.  I think I may get a bird as my next pet! If the bird is anything like this one it would be an absolute pleasure to be the bird’s human. Enjoy! 🙂

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