This Truck Attempts To Board A Ship By Driving Over Two Thin Wood Planks.

This video has been making those who view it very tense. It shows an ill-prepared cargo crew attempting to load a brand new, large pickup truck onto a ship. Forget about safety first or high tech cranes and hoists, they are going about it the old fashioned way; with wood and nerves of steel. To get the truck from the dock to the ship they plan on driving it over two long wooden planks. The truck tires barely seem to fit on the width of the planks and my guess is that they’d snap under the weight.

If they do snap it means a long scary fall into the murky brown water below. Whoever agreed to drive the truck across must be crazy, or really know what they’re doing. Seriously, do they know some law of physics that applies to this sketchy situation? Everyone watching, from the people on the dock to those filming aboard the ship, sound nervous and skeptical. A man in a yellow shirt appears to talk to the driver, perhaps he’s trying to talk him out of it, or he is directing the stunt. Girls can be heard screaming in the background and they are understandably nervous at the sight of it all.

Soon after the truck begins it’s death crossing onto the wooden planks a loud creaking noise can be heard. The driver inches slowly forwards, making sure the truck’s wheels are aligned with the narrow planks. When he eases the back tires over the plank’s rear edges he rolls down onto the center of the boards, which look like they will snap at any moment. They’re as bent as you’d expect them to be when supporting over 2½ tons of metal atop them.

The driver and crew still all seem pretty calm and cool at this point, but the onlookers not so much. The driver pauses midway for unknown reasons, but it seems to be that the dock workers are securing the plank ends from shifting. Moments later the truck continues forward and makes it over the bridge and onto the ship. Everyone can stop holding their breaths and the onlookers break out in cheers of delight (and sighs in relief). They made it.

Since it first appeared online, the footage has generated heated debate about whether or not it is real, has been altered, or was faked. No one can agree on whether or not this is definitely possible. It’s hard to even comprehend how the crew managed to position the truck the way it is in the first place. The dock doesn’t look big or wide enough to drive down, then get the truck turned a full 90 degrees.

Perhaps they drove it off another ship from the other side, or what we see is them reversing the truck off and figuring out they cannot fit so they drive it back onto the ship. Then there is the issue of would those 2 dinky planks support a multi-ton truck? And who would risk their life doing this? It leaves us with many unanswered questions, what do you think?

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