This Truck Driver Crashed Into The White Car Intentionally. The Reason Is So Heroic!

A high speed chase occurred in a park filled with families and children playing.  A car had been stolen by a teen who was speeding recklessly without any concern for the lives he might have destroyed.  Had it not been for a good samaritan, Bryson Rowley, jumping in his own truck and plowing into the runaway car to stop it, many people could have been hurt and killed. Without any thought for himself, Bryson instinctively just jumped to end the mayhem.

Bryson, himself, was not injured but his truck sustained plenty of damage.  You know the saying, that what you put out into the universe will come back to you?  Well, it certainly did for Bryson Rowley.  Seeing the news clip of the incident on TV, Bryan Ellison, an auto body shop owner volunteered to help.  He was so moved that Bryson had put his life on the line to save the lives of many children, that he told him he would fix the car at no cost.

The story doesn’t end there!  When Bryan went to pick up the truck he dropped off a rental car for Bryson’s use.  Other members of the community heard about Bryan’s good deed and they came together to donate bumpers, suspension pieces and other parts that not only fixed the truck, but increased the safety and value of the vehicle.

A $7,500 free repair turned into $15,000 worth of work to return a much upgraded truck to the hero of the community.   Rowley was overwhelmed by how the everyone came together for him. I was bowled over by the entire story that shows the beauty of paying it forward.  They should all be very proud of the character and humanity that was shared.

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