A Shady Woman Is At a Mcdonald’s Drive-Thru Then An Employee Spots Kids Scared and Screaming The Car.

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Many people all over the world go to McDonalds every day. Whether they are just trying to squeeze in a quick lunch in between appointments at work or their kids are just dying to get a happy meal. Many people don’t realize that working at a fast food joint as an employee is not an easy gig. Whether you are dealing with rude and angry customers, a line out the door, or getting burned by some scolding hot oil in the fryer! I have a lot of respect and tip my hat to all the hard working people at McDonalds and any other fast food restaurant. Working in any job with customer service is never a walk in the park!

Now on the flip side, from the customers perspective, when you think about going to McDonalds it really never occurs to you that something seriously tragic or horrible could potentially happen. Maybe they run out of 20 piece nuggets?

Maybe the fries aren’t crispy enough? Or maybe, worst case scenario they put pickles on your burger when you asked for no pickles! LOL! All kidding aside, sometimes things you could never imagine happening in your wildest dreams actually do occur..

This brings us to today’s story which features 22-year old Pedro Veloria, A hard working, driven and all around good guy from Miami, Florida. Pedro came from a low income family raised by his single mom who had to work 2-3 jobs just to makes ends meet.

When he was growing up he always took odd jobs like mowing lawns, painting fences or baby sitting to help relieve his mom of some of the financial burden. Pedro always got good grades in school and hoped to one day go to college, but his mother couldn’t afford to send him and he wasn’t eligible for any scholarships.

One night, Pedro and his family went out to go bowling which was their favorite family activity. On the way home they stopped at McDonalds and saw that they were hiring employees and the pay was above minimum wage. Pedro decided he would apply for the job and a couple days later he got it! This would be Pedro’s first real job and he could really start help his hard-working mother out with the bills.

He went through intensive training, learned the ins and outs of every aspect of the job and quickly fell into a daily routine. He would start work at the crack of dawn at 5am, work all day then go home help out with the kids, pass out then wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

Although he was exhausted and working extremely hard, he always kept a positive attitude and would make sure no matter how small or insignificant his specific task was he did it with perfect precision!

One day Pedro was working the drive-thru. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and he was going about his shift like he always did. With a big smile, courteous, helpful and making sure everybody always got exactly what they ordered. That’s when something unimaginable began to unfold in the drive-thru line.

Pedro could hear kids crying in one of the cars. This wasn’t particularly strange because children screaming and crying in the back of their parents car at the drive-thru is something that happens on a daily basis. However, there was something different about the distinct sound of these particular kid’s screams!

It wasn’t the sound of some bratty kids whining, it sounded more like screams of pure terror and fear! The driver of the car was a woman and her head was down, she was hunched over the wheel and looked to be completely unconscious. Even worse the car was not stopped and was moving forward in the drive-thru line!

Pedro’s instincts immediately kicked in and he jumped through the drive-thru window like an olympic pole vaulter. He sprinted as fast as his legs would move, got to the car with the unresponsive lady, her scared kids and somehow got the vehicle to stop moving!

At this point the woman was still unconscious. Pedro quickly called for help and luckily there were two firefighters who were grabbing a bite at the McDonalds. They jumped from their table, ran to the car and began CPR to try and revive the unconscious mom.

The paramedics came next and the woman was brought to the hospital. Luckily because of Pedro’s quick thinking, rapid response time and just being an all around Good Samaritan and local hero nobody was hurt. The lady happened to be an off-duty cop and was still unconscious when she got to the hospital, but thankfully she made a full recovery!

Pedro had saved a police officer and her children’s life. He decided that it was time for his life to switch gears from McDonalds employee to becoming a paramedic so he could save people in need everyday of his life! What could’ve been a tragedy ended up being a wonderful happy ending thanks to Pedro!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Girl Waves Hi To Cop Everyday At The Same Time. One Day She Doesn’t He Checks Her Home and Sees The UNTHINKABLE!

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When you are a child the world can be a pretty big and scary place. Luckily for most kids they a great home and a safe place to go where they are surrounded by loved ones. Knowing that no matter what happens in the outside world they can come home to peaceful and happy sanctuary eases the struggle of their everyday life.

While many children do have a great house and family to grow up in some aren’t as lucky. Sometimes, there are rotten parents who decide to not bother taking care of their kids and neglect them. Growing up in a house with no love, can really take it’s toll on a child and lead to permanent psychological issues. In today’s story a young girl from Kansas City, Missouri named Klynn Scales who waves to a police officer everyday as he passes by.

Klynn and her brothers had parents who hardly took care of them and neglected them. They didn’t pay much attention to their kids and sometimes they would forget to even feed them! So many nights, Klynn and her brothers were literally starving, so she would go to the local 7-11 and actually have to steal food so her and her brothers could eat.

Klynn was a great kid even though she grew up under terrible conditions and she knew it was wrong to steal, but she really had no choice because she and her siblings would starve. During the afternoons, Klynn would hang out on her front porch and a cop who she trusted would patrol by her house and she would always wave to him and he would wave back. Klynn really didn’t trust many adults because of her neglectful parents but deep down she knew if things ever got really bad this special cop would be her knight in shining armor and make sure she was fine.

One day the police officer came by her house and Klynn wasn’t on the porch for the first time ever. Something inside told him to check the house just to make sure she was okay. He approached the front door, knocked and nobody answered. He did hear something inside that just didn’t sound right. He jiggled the door knob and luckily it was unlocked. He went inside and saw the little girl on the floor in the fetal position. Klynn was literally starving to death and suffering from severe malnutrition. If this hero cop didn’t follow his gut Klynn would’ve died on the floor that day……

Watch the video below for the full story and find out what happened to this little girl:

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Cop Approaches Truck Stopped On The Highway. What He Found In The Truck Is Scary!

If you saw a truck completely stopped in the middle of a busy interstate freeway, and then it quickly accelerated forward only to stop again, you’d think the driver was drunk or impaired on something. If you saw a commotion going on inside the truck with two people flailing around you’d think they were fighting. That is what Iowa State Trooper Tracey Bohlen assumed when he pulled up behind a truck on I-35 at the East Mixmaster interchange in Des Moines. With his gun drawn and no time to figure out the situation or spare he quickly ran up to the passenger side door!

Inside he found Patrick Roark having a heart attack and his 15 year old son panicking. The officer immediately pulled him out of the truck and onto the highway so he could begin performing CPR. Within a minute Patrick was breathing again on his own and had a pulse.

Jane McCurdy, a nurse, happened to be passing by and stopped to help. She took the boy under her care and drove him to the hospital then waited with him until his family arrived from out of state. She even ran to the pharmacy for them and helped the family settle into their hotel later that evening. Another man who had stopped at the scene volunteered to drive the truck to the hospital for the family.

What could have easily been a tragedy turned into strangers doing all they could to help out others in need. Their teamwork and quick actions really made all the difference in the world for the Roark family. Mr. Roark was still awaiting test results but doctors confirmed he did suffer a seizure and some sort of heart episode.

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Horrified Kid Is Grabbed Unexpectedly By THIS Bus Driver As The Other Kids Watch In Fear As They Run Out of Time!

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Many people really underestimate how difficult being a bus driver really is. They think they do the same route everyday, run on autopilot pick people up, then drop them off and call it a day. But this really couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have ever sat down and spoke to a bus driver about their job they will tell you there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

First of all, buses for the most part are some of the biggest vehicles on the road and they are much more difficult to maneuver than smaller cars. Second, when the bus is full there are many distractions that can pop up out of no where that the bus driver has to deal with as they happen. Unruly loud obnoxious passengers, people fighting, children misbehaving and screaming all are happening simultaneously as the bus driver does their route and is expected to do it flawlessly keeping everyone safe.

A lot of people really don’t even give a second thought to their bus driver once they climb up those steps and enter the bus. We pretty much just expect to get to our destination, with 0 complications and put a huge amount of trust into a person that we tend to not think twice about. Any veteran bus driver will tell you, that anything can happen at any moment without warning and you have to stay completely vigilant, calm and not let these abrupt distractions put any of the passengers safety at risk.

With this being said this brings us to today’s heroic story about a bus driver who found herself in an emergency situation and she had to act fast before a tragedy occurred. This particular bus driver was an older woman who drove a school bus for a living. She was on her normal school route as the bus began to fill with more and more school children.

As you know, if you ever took the bus as a kid, that things can get pretty rowdy and out of control on the bus. The bus driver has to constantly try to keep the peace, while driving the bus steady and getting to the final destination without any major issues. This one particular day seemed pretty normal, the kids were a little more amped up than usual but it wasn’t too bad. She kept looking back in her rearview mirror every minute or so just to make sure all the passengers were fine.

All of sudden she heard a strange sound coming from behind her, she looked back and one of the kids pointed and screamed he’s choking! For about 2 seconds she had froze not knowing exactly what to do. Luckily her gut instincts kicked in really fast, instead of panicking and completely freaking out, she pulled the bus over as quick as she could, stayed calm cool and collected as she ran towards the young boy who was choking. All the kids on the bus watched in terror as it all unfolded before their eyes! She got behind the boy, remembered her CPR training and immediately began to give the 5 year old boy the Heimlich Maneuver.

The entire horrifying scene was caught on the school buses video camera. Watch the video below to see it all play out in real time:

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THIS Officer Notices Something Weird On This Teens Lips. Realizes The UNTHINKABLE And Immediately Acts On His Gut Instinct!

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We’ve all felt rushed at times and when you’re in a hurry it’s easy to overlook things or make mistakes. When you’re on a tight schedule and need to get things done you don’t have enough time or attention to fully think everything through.

When 18 year old Sarah Bazzini, a senior at Pascack Hills High School in Montvale, New Jersey, was at lunch one day she was feeling extremely rushed for time. She was trying to get some work done and thinking about college applications while she ate when the bell suddenly rung. Knowing that she only had a few minutes to get to her next class, she tried to scarf down the rest of her meal as she gathered up all her stuff.

Sarah slung her backpack on and as she headed down the hallway, she worked at finishing off some French fries. As she popped one in her mouth it became lodged in her throat, so she tried to wash it down with a drink she had, but it was really stuck. She couldn’t breathe at all, but she kept on walking knowing that she needed help, then her vision began to fade.

Up ahead Officer Roger Caron was patrolling the school hallway. It was the busy lunchtime rush and students were streaming past him. He had been an officer for 34 years before the school hired him as part of an effort to ensure student safety in the wake of all the recent school shootings. Both he and other retired police officers were brought in as an extra security measure and he was always on the lookout for any possible trouble or issues.

As he walked down the hall, he noticed a girl coming towards him. She caught his attention because she was stumbling forwards and when she was closer, he saw that her lips were turning blue. When she held her hands up and grabbed at her neck, he asked her if she was choking. She nodded and that’s when he grabbed her and began to perform the Heimlich maneuver. He held her from behind, made his hands into fists, and squeezed in a thrusting motion. After about five thrusts, the young girl cried out and started to gasp for air. She was breathing again and Officer Caron had saved her life.

Sarah had seen the officer up ahead as she was choking and knew he could help her. She was so grateful that he was right there when she needed him the most and afterwards called him her hero! After the incident she was sent to see the school nurse who cleared her and then she was able to return to her class and finish out the rest of the day.

Word spread quick and while everyone hailed Officer Caron as a hero, he was much more humble about it and said that he was only doing his job. Sarah is forever grateful for him and now she even wants to be a police officer herself!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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The Family Dog Was Flipping Out So This Girl’s Mom Called Her School. What The Dog Sensed Is Unbelievable!

4-year-old Sadie, developed Type 1 Diabetes, at a very young age.  It is a disease that is hard to deal with, for adults, let alone for managing in young children who have difficulty comprehending what is happening to their bodies.  Strict dietary control and constant monitoring of blood sugars, can mean the difference between life and death!

Sadie’s parents made the decision to get her a ‘diabetic alert dog’, whom they named Hero, to aid in the monitoring of her blood sugar levels, so no severe change ever gets missed.  This gentle loving dog is trained, and has the ability to detect a dangerous blood sugar change through scent.  He is actually capable of letting her parents know whether it is too high or too low, by raising his right or left paw!

This ability, in and of itself is amazing, but the story you are about to hear in the video below, about Sadie and Hero is mind boggling.  Little Sadie was at school, more than 5 miles away from home and Hero, when the dog began to act up.  Atypical for his behavior, he began to whine relentlessly, until Sadie’s mom called the school to check on her condition.  She was told Sadie was fine, but what happened next…well, you let us know your thoughts are, after watching the footage below.

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