THIS Strange Guy Would Not Allow An Officer To Sit In Coach On The Plane! Then She Slips Him THIS Letter!

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Serving in the military is a sacrifice few make in order to protect the many. These brave men and women risk their lives so that the people back home can have their freedom. Many in the military don’t make it back home to say goodbye to their loved ones as they make the ultimate sacrifice losing their life in combat. We sometimes forget just how much these selfless individuals put on the line each in everyday they are out on the battlefield risking it all for the rest of us.

We should all just take a few seconds right now to just really let it sink in how courageous and brave these people are. So many don’t get to see their children grow up, or say goodbye to their spouse and parents. Let’s all just give them a big thank you for their service out of respect before we get into today’s story…

In our story today we feature Jessica a military member serving her country. Everyday as a military officer she put her life on the line to make sure her fellow soldiers and civilians back at home were safe. After this long tour of duty she had just finished up and was heading home for Christmas and the holidays. She missed her family and friends so much and was truly so excited to see all their smiling faces and catch up with everybody.

Although her heart yearned for her loved ones, she knew that serving her country right now was the most important thing for her to do. But now she was more than ready to hop on her flight and get home to all the people in her life that meant so much to her.

Jessica had literally just finished her tour and she booked her flight so that she could head up the same day it ended. She was in such a hurry that she decided not to change out of her army uniform, packed up her belongings, got a ride to the airport, checked her bags, went through security and then waited at her gate for boarding her flight. Finally over the loudspeaker they announced that her row was being seated, she grabbed her carry on, her passport and her plane ticket and headed for the terminal.

She could already tell by the line and sheer amount of people waiting at her gate, that the flight was completely booked and there wouldn’t be an empty seat available. She was totally prepared to be squished in coach with no leg room, no comfort and no amenities. This was all fine because compared to her day to day duties in the military this would be a piece of cake. She boarded the plane and just as she predicted the flight was filled to capacity. There were basically people hanging from the rafters.

As she slowly made her way to her seat, she could just sense that something was off in her gut. She couldn’t quite put a finger on it, but something just didn’t seem right. She kept her eyes wide open and kept moving towards her seat. Little did she know someone was talking to a stewardess about her quietly and that was probably the weird energy she was picking up.

Finally she got to row 31 put her carry on up top and sat down in seat 31b. The flight was cramped, uncomfortable and loud but she truly didn’t mind because she knew she was about to be in her cozy home with all her loved ones very soon. As she waited in her seat she reflected on her service she had just finished up and before she knew it the plane wasn’t taking off. First five minutes then 10 then 20 then 30 and she began to get a bit nervous that the plane was going to be super delayed or even worse canceled and she wouldn’t get home in time for the holidays!

That initial feeling she had about something being off about this flight was now manifesting fully as nervousness and a bit of fear. It was a beautiful day outside so she knew that the delay wasn’t weather related. She looked over and saw all the flight crew whispering and huddled in a corner and then she really thought something could be wrong.

It seemed like they were discussing somebody on the plane and they were whispering pointing slightly and then it dawned on her that they were talking about her. She tried to ignore it, but then a man dressed in civilian clothes walked towards her and it looked like he had some kind of agenda on his mind.

She wasn’t on duty, but at any moment she knew if necessary her training could kick in gear and she could handle any situation thrown at her. As the man got closer and closer the fight or flight inside her gut started kicking up full throttle. Finally he got to her row and said to her this seat is taken and you can’t sit here.

She was super confused because she was holding her ticket that said 31b so this guy was either totally crazy or misinformed. Even after she showed the guy politely this was in fact her seat with her ticket he wouldn’t stop. She wondered if this was going to get into some kind of physical altercation so she stood up and double checked she was in the right row and seat and again told him you are wrong this is my seat.

Then he said no, I am in your seat. She really didn’t understand what he meant and confusion levels rose. She looked towards the flight attendants for some kind of help or support but they wouldn’t come in help. This is when things really took a turn….

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THIS Officer Notices Something Weird On This Teens Lips. Realizes The UNTHINKABLE And Immediately Acts On His Gut Instinct!

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We’ve all felt rushed at times and when you’re in a hurry it’s easy to overlook things or make mistakes. When you’re on a tight schedule and need to get things done you don’t have enough time or attention to fully think everything through.

When 18 year old Sarah Bazzini, a senior at Pascack Hills High School in Montvale, New Jersey, was at lunch one day she was feeling extremely rushed for time. She was trying to get some work done and thinking about college applications while she ate when the bell suddenly rung. Knowing that she only had a few minutes to get to her next class, she tried to scarf down the rest of her meal as she gathered up all her stuff.

Sarah slung her backpack on and as she headed down the hallway, she worked at finishing off some French fries. As she popped one in her mouth it became lodged in her throat, so she tried to wash it down with a drink she had, but it was really stuck. She couldn’t breathe at all, but she kept on walking knowing that she needed help, then her vision began to fade.

Up ahead Officer Roger Caron was patrolling the school hallway. It was the busy lunchtime rush and students were streaming past him. He had been an officer for 34 years before the school hired him as part of an effort to ensure student safety in the wake of all the recent school shootings. Both he and other retired police officers were brought in as an extra security measure and he was always on the lookout for any possible trouble or issues.

As he walked down the hall, he noticed a girl coming towards him. She caught his attention because she was stumbling forwards and when she was closer, he saw that her lips were turning blue. When she held her hands up and grabbed at her neck, he asked her if she was choking. She nodded and that’s when he grabbed her and began to perform the Heimlich maneuver. He held her from behind, made his hands into fists, and squeezed in a thrusting motion. After about five thrusts, the young girl cried out and started to gasp for air. She was breathing again and Officer Caron had saved her life.

Sarah had seen the officer up ahead as she was choking and knew he could help her. She was so grateful that he was right there when she needed him the most and afterwards called him her hero! After the incident she was sent to see the school nurse who cleared her and then she was able to return to her class and finish out the rest of the day.

Word spread quick and while everyone hailed Officer Caron as a hero, he was much more humble about it and said that he was only doing his job. Sarah is forever grateful for him and now she even wants to be a police officer herself!

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