Girl Says Her Toys Keep Disappearing While She Sleeps. Turns Out A 2-Year-Old Is The Sneaky Culprit.

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When her 8-year-old daughter kept complaining that her toys were being stolen during the night, her mom became exasperated.  In an attempt to prove to her child that this was ridiculous, she set up a night vision video camera in the hallway. Nobody could understand where the toys were going and what was going on. Could it really be a ghost or a stranger in the night? Her daughter had been locking her door to keep out thieves.

The next day everyone watched the nighttime footage.  The parents, planning to prove that there was no thief, were aghast at what they saw on the video. There was no way they could ever predict what they were about to view on the footage.

There was, indeed, a thief who came equipped with a tool to open the locked door.  The thief had thought this all out with amazing stealth and ingenuity.  He was someone the family knew well! For some reason when it comes to mysteries like this it’s always somebody close to the family!

Watch this astounding and hilarious video to find out who this genius thief was and how he pulled off such a stunt.  You will not believe your eyes. I surely did not expect this surprise!

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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She Calls Out To a Creature In The Water! Moments Later It Surprisingly Reveals Itself!

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There is some surprising news in Freeport, Maine;  Kylie Brown has become a mother at the age of five years!  Did you gasp?!  No need, because her child is a duck called Snowflake, whom she has raised from birth.  So why call her a mother, as opposed to a pet owner?  The answer lies in the unique behavior of baby ducklings, known as imprinting.

A young duckling naturally identifies with any animal larger than them, whom they see in their very earliest days of life.  This need not be a mother duck…it could be any larger animal from a different species, including a Human Animal!  That human animal came in the form of young Kylie.

Amazingly enough, a duck who imprints on a human, not only sees that human as it’s mother, but identifies himself as a human!  In the case of Kylie and Snowflake, the understanding of the relationship is reciprocal…Kylie views herself as Snowflake’s mom.  They have been inseparable since they met;  Snowflake sticks by “Mom” Kylie’s side, never venturing away from her.

In this absolutely charming video you are about to watch below, you will hear Kylie interviewed about the activities she does with her “son”.  The interview is conducted by Steve Hartman of CBS Sunday Morning;  Kylie’s seriously innocent responses in discussing her “son”, at one point just breaks Steve up into uncontainable laughter.

You will be charmed and awed by the video, and will also enjoy a good laugh…not at her expense, but at her wide-eyed serious conviction.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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THIS Officer Notices Something Weird On This Teens Lips. Realizes The UNTHINKABLE And Immediately Acts On His Gut Instinct!

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We’ve all felt rushed at times and when you’re in a hurry it’s easy to overlook things or make mistakes. When you’re on a tight schedule and need to get things done you don’t have enough time or attention to fully think everything through.

When 18 year old Sarah Bazzini, a senior at Pascack Hills High School in Montvale, New Jersey, was at lunch one day she was feeling extremely rushed for time. She was trying to get some work done and thinking about college applications while she ate when the bell suddenly rung. Knowing that she only had a few minutes to get to her next class, she tried to scarf down the rest of her meal as she gathered up all her stuff.

Sarah slung her backpack on and as she headed down the hallway, she worked at finishing off some French fries. As she popped one in her mouth it became lodged in her throat, so she tried to wash it down with a drink she had, but it was really stuck. She couldn’t breathe at all, but she kept on walking knowing that she needed help, then her vision began to fade.

Up ahead Officer Roger Caron was patrolling the school hallway. It was the busy lunchtime rush and students were streaming past him. He had been an officer for 34 years before the school hired him as part of an effort to ensure student safety in the wake of all the recent school shootings. Both he and other retired police officers were brought in as an extra security measure and he was always on the lookout for any possible trouble or issues.

As he walked down the hall, he noticed a girl coming towards him. She caught his attention because she was stumbling forwards and when she was closer, he saw that her lips were turning blue. When she held her hands up and grabbed at her neck, he asked her if she was choking. She nodded and that’s when he grabbed her and began to perform the Heimlich maneuver. He held her from behind, made his hands into fists, and squeezed in a thrusting motion. After about five thrusts, the young girl cried out and started to gasp for air. She was breathing again and Officer Caron had saved her life.

Sarah had seen the officer up ahead as she was choking and knew he could help her. She was so grateful that he was right there when she needed him the most and afterwards called him her hero! After the incident she was sent to see the school nurse who cleared her and then she was able to return to her class and finish out the rest of the day.

Word spread quick and while everyone hailed Officer Caron as a hero, he was much more humble about it and said that he was only doing his job. Sarah is forever grateful for him and now she even wants to be a police officer herself!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Neighbors Swing The Door Open and Find The 2-Year-Old Who Went Missing For Days Guarded By a Pit Bull

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When a child goes missing, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare.  They can’t help but think about what may have befallen them and the fear of the unknown, and all the terrible possibilities, run rampant through their minds.  While it seems uncommon for the most part, it’s not.  According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, every year in the United States alone about 800,00 children are reported missing.    

When Charlee Campbell, a two year old girl from Lebanon Junction, Kentucky went missing In June 2018 people gladly dropped what they’re doing to help find her.  Local police, firefighters, and over 100 volunteers joined forces to search for the toddler who was autistic and often nonverbal.  \

Her grandmother, who had been watching her, woke up to find the front door open and both Charlee and the family pit bull, Penny, gone.  Her house was located in a rural area and so searchers focused on combing the surrounding woods and fields, but after almost two days they still had not found her.

News of Charlee’s disappearance quickly went national and missing posters with detailed descriptions of her and what she was last seen wearing were plastered around the community.  People were on the lookout for the toddler and her dog and everyone was hoping and praying for her to be found safe and sound.  

One man who lived near Charlee’s grandmothers house was especially concerned for her.  Wayne Brown had experienced this before when his little brother went missing back when he was just 8 years old.  His brother had wandered out of the house and was found miles away but unfortunately, he had died.  Wayne had been praying for her safe return when he spotted something in his back yard. 

He ran outside and there in front of him was a small blond girl.  She was covered in dirt and had ticks all over her, yet she matched Charlee’s description.  When he saw that her shirt had a picture of a Frozen character on it, as described on the news and posters, he knew for sure this was the missing girl.

 Mr. Brown immediately called the cops to report that he’d found Charlee and they came right over, picked her up, and brought her to be checked out at the hospital.  Coincidentally, around the same time Charlee was found, her dog Penny showed up back at her grandmother’s house.  Her grandmother believes that Penny had stayed by her granddaughter’s side and made sure she was safe when she was missing. 

Charlee had been gone for at least 32 hours and judging by the ticks and leaves on her, authorities believe she was lost somewhere out in the woods.  Besides the elements, there are coyotes, rattlesnakes, copperheads, ticks, and all sorts of other wildlife in the rural area. 

Penny had guarded Charlee from harm and after being checked out the little girl was found to be a little dehydrated, but otherwise healthy and in good shape.  Thanks to Penny the pit bull, her missing story has a happy ending.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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9 Year Old Steps Up To THIS Public Piano. But THIS Song She Plays Leaves Everyone Speechless!

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There is a red piano sitting in the middle of a busy metro area that says, “PLAY ME I’M YOURS!”  It sits in London’s Canary Wharf station, one-of-many “street pianos” set up by British artist Luke Jerram.  Luke’s hope is that these pianos, decorated and hosted by artists all around the world, will engage people in a way that will bring enrichment to their urban environment. There is nothing better than the magic of music to bring people together and sometimes somebody’s musical skills are so advanced it will make your jaw drop!

In the video you are about to watch below, a 9-year old little girl sits down at the piano, and begins to play. Her name is Asta Dora Finnsdottir, from Finland, and she is on vacation with her parents.  When she first sat down people probably thought she would play ‘Hot Cross Buns’ or ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’. But Oh how wrong these unsuspecting onlookers would be. As she begins to play a crowd begins to surround her and the piano in disbelief!

The situation must’ve been so surreal in person. She starts playing Mozart’s “The Turkish March”.  But she isn’t only playing it, she is hitting every note with perfection, precision and perfect timing. This 9-year-old savant plays with such unexpected magnificence, it almost feel like Mozart himself has taken over her hands and his playing the concerto himself!

Her talent is so far beyond her years and I’m sure we will be hearing much more from her in the coming years. She inspires such passion and delight, as her fingers nimbly produce the music of a virtuoso!  BRAVO! ENCORE!

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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Little Girl Notices Something Strange Moving In Her Yard Behind The House. They Are Now Calling Her a Hero!

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In life it is so important to always follow your gut instincts. Sometimes these feelings can be subtle but your inner compass will never steer you wrong. These evolutionary instincts have been coded in our DNA to keep us out of imminent danger and lead us to safety. Always remember if something doesnt feel right in your gut there is a good chance you should listen to your body.

Which leads us into today’s story which features a 9-year-old little girl named Elysia Laub from Lowell, Indiana. It was a beautiful sunny day, a nice cool breeze was blowing, the smell of freshly cut grass was in the air and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That is until young Elysia felt a strange urge to go outside. She had never felt anything like this before in her life, it was almost as if voices inside her head were guiding her to something special.

When she got outside everything seemed normal so she didn’t think twice about it, found her brother and decided to go swimming in the backyard pool. They got their bathing suits and headed out to the pool to enjoy the beautiful day and cool off in the refreshing water.

All of a sudden a strange screeching or squeeling sound could be heard in the distance. Remember her family lived in Lowell, Indiana a rural area where many people have farms horses, livestock and pigs. Elysia’s family raised their own pigs so at first she just thought it was one of their pigs or piglets causing a little bit of commotion in the bushes.

She walked towards the pink blurry blob in the bushes thinking she would just pick up the young piglet and bring it back to it’s enclosure. She slowly approached it so it wouldn’t run away, but as she got closer the pink blob came into focus! This was no piglet at all it was shaped like a newborn baby. At first she couldn’t even fathom that a baby was just sitting there in the bushes squealing and she thought this must be a doll. This can’t actually be a real baby. Could it?

The young girl sprinted into her house to find her mom. Her mother Heidi was on the phone with her sister on the front porch. Her daughter ran up to her completely out of breath and exasperated telling her mom that there was a baby in the backyard in the bushes!

At first her mom thought it was just her daughter’s wild imagination and there was no possible way there could actually be a real baby on their property. Elysia persisted and told her mom to follow her so she could show her that there really was an actual baby in their backyard!

Her mom followed her and when they got to the bushes Heidi could not believe her eyes. She saw a tiny sun burned baby with tiny arms and legs fluttering around. She immediately picked up the baby put her in a blanket and called the police. The sheriff and police rushed over as fast as they could.

They brought the infant to the hospital where doctors examined and treated the baby and concluded that the infant was going to be okay and was actually in pretty good shape considering the circumstances. The sheriff and the doctors nicknamed Jane Doe “The Miracle Baby” and said if Elysia hadn’t found her exactly when she did this story could’ve ended in tragedy with the young baby dying.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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