Girl Says Her Toys Keep Disappearing While She Sleeps. Turns Out A 2-Year-Old Is The Sneaky Culprit.

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When her 8-year-old daughter kept complaining that her toys were being stolen during the night, her mom became exasperated.  In an attempt to prove to her child that this was ridiculous, she set up a night vision video camera in the hallway. Nobody could understand where the toys were going and what was going on. Could it really be a ghost or a stranger in the night? Her daughter had been locking her door to keep out thieves.

The next day everyone watched the nighttime footage.  The parents, planning to prove that there was no thief, were aghast at what they saw on the video. There was no way they could ever predict what they were about to view on the footage.

There was, indeed, a thief who came equipped with a tool to open the locked door.  The thief had thought this all out with amazing stealth and ingenuity.  He was someone the family knew well! For some reason when it comes to mysteries like this it’s always somebody close to the family!

Watch this astounding and hilarious video to find out who this genius thief was and how he pulled off such a stunt.  You will not believe your eyes. I surely did not expect this surprise!

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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