This Guy Woke Up To A Strange Tapping Noise On His Window and Walks Up To A Giant Hornets Nest.

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What you are about to watch is truly terrifying, yet I couldn’t look away.   Reddit user Longkniferevolution woke up to the sound of tapping outside his window.  That alone would be scary to say the least.  However, what he found was worse than where his imagination had wandered.

What this Akron, Ohio man found hanging from his awning, right outside his bedroom window, stopped him in his tracks.  At first he thought the insects he saw were yellow jackets, but after this mind-boggling video went viral, he found out that they were bald faced hornets. These very aggressive insects that were causing the tapping sound as they hit his window, had incredibly formed the most massive nest I have ever seen, apparently overnight!

We all know that at the end of August, bees are everywhere, but it happens that these particular types of hornets work feverishly to defend the precious eggs the queen has laid.  With the future of their next generation at stake, they are capable of building such a gigantic nest in no time.

While many people who have seen this video have made wild suggestions about how to get rid of this nest, understandably, Longkniferevolution is to be lauded about his decision.  He plans to wait for the first freeze to hit Ohio before he removes the nest.  In doing this he won’t kill the future of the species, and the freeze will kill the existing bees. He’s pretty freaked out but is thinking rationally.

After you watch this 90-second video of the largest active nest I’ve ever seen, pass it on what you would do if you found such a scary spectacle hanging from your awning!  I’m just freaked from watching the wild activity of the hornets on video…really not sure what I would do if it were hanging outside my window.

What would you do in this situation?

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