6-Year-Old Girl Discovers a Secret Room In Her Home! Once Inside She Finds a More Unexpected Surprise!

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When parents are getting ready for a new baby in their family they go through all sorts of preparations you wouldn’t even know existed until you experience it. Whether it’s painting the room perfectly pink for a girl, or a beautiful blue for a boy nursery, every little detail matters. The house has to be completely baby proofed so no accidents happen! Pretty much your entire living space has to evolve into a cozy nest for your new babe on the way.

This brings us to today’s very interesting and very unique story.  A husband and wife who just got the news that they were expecting a new baby. Like many other couples they jumped through the usual preparation hoops, but the father of this soon-to-be baby girl came up with an intricate plan that would take years to execute to completion. To be more precise dad’s plan would take exactly 6 years from the day his daughter was born to the moment his creative plan would come to fruition.

While his wife was pregnant he came up with a plan which involved him hiding an object in the house. This unknown object would remain hidden in their house for the first 6 years of his daughter’s life.

The day his little princess turned 6, he began by telling her she needed to clean out some dusty old trash from an old trunk. As his little girl began cleaning out the trunk, her father secretly began filming and her mother and grandma, having previous knowledge of his master plan were watching her every move.

Finally she got to the bottom of the trunk, after she got through all the useless crap, and she found a surprise in there she never could’ve seen coming. It was an aged brownish paper, which looked like an old treasure map taken straight from a pirate’s ship. When it first hit her that she was now in the middle of a treasure hunt and she was the sole owner of the map, she became super excited and ready for her big adventure.

At first she tried to orient herself, what was this map depicting? Where did it lead to? Would she have to leave her house to find the hidden treasure which awaited her? All these thoughts and more ran through her little imagination. Finally she realized the map was actually an ancient blueprint of her very own home.

As she looked at the map, followed the different paths which it led, she soon noticed that the hidden treasure was actually right inside her room! Was it possible that for her entire life she was sleeping in a room with a hidden treasure she didn’t know existed? She would soon find out.

The map brought her into her room as her dad, mom and grandma followed behind her. She looked around and from the looks of it, the map was directing her to a certain wall in her room, that according to the map concealed a hidden doorway into a magical secret room!

She walked up to the wall where the map said her treasure would be located, but from what she could see there was no hidden door, no way to get inside and no way she would be able to find what she was looking for. This is where dad decided to help her out just a drop, as he began to lightly tap and knock on the wall, which echoed back with a strange hollow sound.

Dad then took everything up to the next level, when he grabbed an electric saw and began cutting into this wall. He sawed a perfect sized square in the wall, which was the perfect size for his daughter to crawl inside and see what surprise awaited her on the other side. As excited as the little girl was, her dad might have even been even more ecstatic being that this was a 6 year project finally culminating right now!

The little girl went through the little square and was amazed to see a magical hidden room, which was only a few feet away from where she slept every night! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing or what was happening. She began looking around the hidden room when she spotted something, which looked like a little treasure chest.

She quickly ran to the box, opened it and inside were all sorts of old vintage coins, magical talismans and what looked like ancient jewels and jewelry. She was over the moon with excitement. So was her father but as he saw how much she was loving every second of this, he just couldn’t tell her he was the man who set this up all those years ago!

For the next few days, his daughter couldn’t stop showing off all her magical treasures to her mom, dad and grandma. She spent hours every day playing with each special object. Her dad decided that he wouldn’t tell her the truth about how he planted this box years ago so that his daughter would one day have this amazing moment straight out of an old fairy tale!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Their Pitbulls Were Barking Non-Stop At The Bushes. Then Granny Realizes Why Picks Up Her Grandkids and Sprints!

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Of all the dogs in the world, no breed has worse more of a bad rap than Pitbulls. The dog’s that were initially known as the “Nanny Dogs” because they were so good with young children and were the best family dogs in the United States way back in the early 1900’s. However, over the years these Nanny Dogs soon became notorious as the most ruthless, feared and scary attack dogs that could snap on anyone at any moment including their owners.

This stigma that has followed them like a dark cloud over the past few decades truly doesn’t reflect the nature of the breed. The problem is, many Pitbulls were trained by humans to fight and be aggressive since they were wee little pups. The dogs that were brainwashed early on have made negative headlines every year for snapping, attacking, hurting and in some cases even causing fatalities to other pets and people.

Like many stereotypes, a few bad seeds have set the precedence for the rest of the breed even though they are still wonderful dogs at heart and are only aggressive and mean if they are trained to be. People who own these dogs love them and try to spread the good word about them, however many people are set in their beliefs and changing people’s minds about Pitbulls has been near impossible to accomplish. There are even neighborhoods where laws have been passed banning the breed from living or even stepping foot on these properties. With all this being said today we will focus on the positive as we tell the tale of two Pitbulls who are actual heroes.

In this story we will be featuring two Pitbulls named Paco and Slayer. These dogs have lived with their family since they were puppies and were brought up with love and compassion and turned out to be wonderful dogs. They are members of the Butt family who have young children and never once have they snapped or been aggressive to any of the kids. However they have been amazing, extraordinary loving companions to the whole family.

One afternoon grandma and her grandchildren were outside on the lawn playing, when Paco and Slayer ears perked up and their noses lifted as they sensed that there was some sort of danger lurking nearby. They began to bark uncontrollably at the bushes as grandma tried to reign them in, they just wouldn’t let up! That’s when grandma saw what the two dogs were barking at, she grabbed her grandchildren and ran for the hills…

Watch the video below for the full story:

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2 Naughty Grannies Spot A Handsome Young Man. What They Do Next Is Unexpectedly Hilarious.

Two elderly women have gotten together for quite a prank.  I kept looking to see if they were young women made to look older.  Nope, they are just the age they look and not only haven’t they lost their senses of humor, but clearly they haven’t lost their libidos!

Sitting there with a boom box, they each take turns feigning that they need help from younger men of all ages.  Get ready for big laughs, as they pull tricks like pretending to lose hold of their walker.  Reaching out to a man to catch her balance, she pulls him in for a dance and a squeeze!

The friends take turns playing tricks to get men to dance with them.  It is hysterical watching the men’s reactions as they go to help and get shocked by what they encounter.  Prepare to really laugh out loud!  I was crying.. I was laughing so hard!

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This Grandma Starts Running In The Rain. When I Found Out The Reason I Broke Down

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When you’re young and innocent playing in the rain is a fun and enjoyable experience. When you grow older, getting caught in the rain is oftentimes an annoying inconvenience. The once spontaneous and refreshing feeling of being outside under falling skies fades for most people, as they age and take on more and more responsibilities.

We often forget the fact that getting a little wet really isn’t all that bad and before you know it you end up drying off. This incredible short film, “Light Rain,” is based on a true story written by Bob Perks. It serves as a simple and symbolic reminder for people to put things into perspective and to not be so scared of life.

The film, uploaded to YouTube channel imageynation, was directed by Neil Horner and produced by Stephanie Wrate. In the creator’s own words, they sought to remind us “of the need to avoid becoming weighed down by the trivial hindrances that soak our paths on a daily basis.”

In the video all the people are huddled together out of the rain, waiting for it to end so they can resume their days. A mother and her child are among the group and the little girl wants to run in the rain, but her mom is against the idea.

Then the girl says something that makes everyone stop and listen, it gets them thinking and puts whatever thoughts that may have had running through their minds into a new perspective. Moments later the somber scene suddenly changes and everyone breaks free.

Watch to see what happens and take a moment to think about the message the film conveys.

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Neighbors Swing The Door Open and Find The 2-Year-Old Who Went Missing For Days Guarded By a Pit Bull

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When a child goes missing, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare.  They can’t help but think about what may have befallen them and the fear of the unknown, and all the terrible possibilities, run rampant through their minds.  While it seems uncommon for the most part, it’s not.  According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, every year in the United States alone about 800,00 children are reported missing.    

When Charlee Campbell, a two year old girl from Lebanon Junction, Kentucky went missing In June 2018 people gladly dropped what they’re doing to help find her.  Local police, firefighters, and over 100 volunteers joined forces to search for the toddler who was autistic and often nonverbal.  \

Her grandmother, who had been watching her, woke up to find the front door open and both Charlee and the family pit bull, Penny, gone.  Her house was located in a rural area and so searchers focused on combing the surrounding woods and fields, but after almost two days they still had not found her.

News of Charlee’s disappearance quickly went national and missing posters with detailed descriptions of her and what she was last seen wearing were plastered around the community.  People were on the lookout for the toddler and her dog and everyone was hoping and praying for her to be found safe and sound.  

One man who lived near Charlee’s grandmothers house was especially concerned for her.  Wayne Brown had experienced this before when his little brother went missing back when he was just 8 years old.  His brother had wandered out of the house and was found miles away but unfortunately, he had died.  Wayne had been praying for her safe return when he spotted something in his back yard. 

He ran outside and there in front of him was a small blond girl.  She was covered in dirt and had ticks all over her, yet she matched Charlee’s description.  When he saw that her shirt had a picture of a Frozen character on it, as described on the news and posters, he knew for sure this was the missing girl.

 Mr. Brown immediately called the cops to report that he’d found Charlee and they came right over, picked her up, and brought her to be checked out at the hospital.  Coincidentally, around the same time Charlee was found, her dog Penny showed up back at her grandmother’s house.  Her grandmother believes that Penny had stayed by her granddaughter’s side and made sure she was safe when she was missing. 

Charlee had been gone for at least 32 hours and judging by the ticks and leaves on her, authorities believe she was lost somewhere out in the woods.  Besides the elements, there are coyotes, rattlesnakes, copperheads, ticks, and all sorts of other wildlife in the rural area. 

Penny had guarded Charlee from harm and after being checked out the little girl was found to be a little dehydrated, but otherwise healthy and in good shape.  Thanks to Penny the pit bull, her missing story has a happy ending.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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These 2 Grannies Step Into A Lamborghini! Seconds Later An Unexpected Hilarious Surprise!

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They say that laughter is medicine. If you haven’t had your daily dose yet, do yourself a favor and check out this video. It’s hilarious, adorable, and refreshingly PG. The concept explored in it centers around the question of what happens when you give two grannies the keys to a 650hp Lamborghini Murcielago for the day? Hilarity ensues, and it’s quite interesting.

The two grandmas, Audrey and Peggy, first have to figure out how to work the car’s infamous vertical doors before they can head out. As they hop into the very powerful, very expensive, and very low slung supercar Audrey remarks “You call it ‘lambo’ I call it ‘ghini’!” and with that they’re off! Not so much, Peggy puts it into drive and almost hits the garage door. Once she figures out how to reverse, they’re off!

The pair are headed out to do some errands and head to the grocery store. On the way there everyone they pass by stares and turns their heads, some even take pictures. The exotic car is a natural attention grabber and the fact that two grandmas are driving in it, with one waving out the window like royalty, make it nearly impossible for anyone to not stop and stare! Their banter back and forth is hilarious, they refer to themselves as “Lamborghini Queens” and giddily live it up. These two know how to have a good time and seem more like teenagers than someone’s grandma.

By the end of the video they’re attracting a lot of male attention with the help of their hot new ride, and even pick up a nice old man in the grocery store parking lot! I wonder if they ever figured out how to open the trunk so they could put their shopping bags away….

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