This Grandma Starts Running In The Rain. When I Found Out The Reason I Broke Down

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When you’re young and innocent playing in the rain is a fun and enjoyable experience. When you grow older, getting caught in the rain is oftentimes an annoying inconvenience. The once spontaneous and refreshing feeling of being outside under falling skies fades for most people, as they age and take on more and more responsibilities.

We often forget the fact that getting a little wet really isn’t all that bad and before you know it you end up drying off. This incredible short film, “Light Rain,” is based on a true story written by Bob Perks. It serves as a simple and symbolic reminder for people to put things into perspective and to not be so scared of life.

The film, uploaded to YouTube channel imageynation, was directed by Neil Horner and produced by Stephanie Wrate. In the creator’s own words, they sought to remind us “of the need to avoid becoming weighed down by the trivial hindrances that soak our paths on a daily basis.”

In the video all the people are huddled together out of the rain, waiting for it to end so they can resume their days. A mother and her child are among the group and the little girl wants to run in the rain, but her mom is against the idea.

Then the girl says something that makes everyone stop and listen, it gets them thinking and puts whatever thoughts that may have had running through their minds into a new perspective. Moments later the somber scene suddenly changes and everyone breaks free.

Watch to see what happens and take a moment to think about the message the film conveys.

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There Are Strange Web-Like Fibers Falling Down From The Sky In Arizona and Texas!

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Strange things are raining down from the sky above parts of Arizona and Texas. People are reporting that a mysterious, white, fiber-like substance is falling down to Earth. The material has appeared even when the skies are clear blue, and no one is certain what exactly it may be.

Naturally, the sudden appearance of the spider-like webbing has led to much speculation. The theories that have popped up about what it could be range from alien-centered to government or military activity.

One main explanation that naturally comes to mind is that the fibers come from spiders. There are certain species of arachnids that produce webbing similar in appearance to the substance, but none of them are native to either Arizona or Texas. Plus, the sheer amount of the stuff is too large and when coupled with a lack of spiders present, it quickly lays to rest that theory.

A more plausible explanation is that the substance is fall out from something being sprayed into the atmosphere by military aircraft. Some people claim it has to do with chemtrails and cloud seeding. Cloud seeding is when certain substances are spread into the air in an attempt to change the weather and induce precipitation.

Independent tests carried out on the fibers by concerned activists led to the discovery of them containing the presence of aluminum, barium, and strontium. All three of those substances are commonly used in man-made weather modification procedures. How they came to end up in a fiber-like form has yet to be fully explained.

What initially led the activists to carry out their own tests was another explanation given for the fibers was, to them, clearly a lie. They had contacted a local Arizona CBS news station, KPHO channel 5, to do an investigative story on the strange phenomenon.

The station sent a reporter, took samples, and sent them to the Grand Canyon University Forensic Science Lab for testing. The fibers were reported to be some type of biodegradable gauze meant for cattle at nearby farms and that it likely dropped from a military aircraft by accident. To the concerned activists that explanation did not add up or make sense and so they did their own tests, as mentioned above.

Watch the accompanying video to see what the fibers really look like. It’s undoubtedly a strange sight and if it was happening where you lived you’d be concerned too. Furthermore, according to the man who posted it on YouTube, all the spiders he has been keeping track of are dying.

Other insects in the area are also dying as well. They seem to get tangled and wrapped up in the strange substance and die soon afterwards. While it’s not clear why or how he is keeping track of spiders, the fact that other insects are dying after coming into direct contact with this stuff is cause for concern.

What do you think it could be?

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THIS Pup Got On a Hammock In The Rain For The First Time. He Looks Up But Never Expected THIS!

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When it rains, it’s time for this Bulldog to play! The extremely excited tan and white ball of joy looks like he’s having the time of his life while trying out a backyard hammock in the pouring rain. He slips and slides down the fabric like it’s a seesaw and manages, for the most part, to keep up with it without tipping or flying off.

The sight of him jumping around on his unique new play toy is just too cute for words, check it out and see for yourself what an awesome time he’s having! The hilarious Bulldog’s name is Columbus and he lives with his human companions over in Hungary.

Even though most people and other animals try to not get wet and actively avoid the rain, Columbus sees the inclement weather as an opportunity to create his very own slip n’ slide. While his owner looks on and films from the dry safety of his house, the big puppy excitedly romps around on the hammock like it’s the greatest thing in the whole entire world.

He barks, chomps at the rain drops, and throws his weight around before finally biting the side of the hammock and collapsing in a wet, furry ball of exhaustion. Columbus has definitely found a way to make being out in the rain look like a whole lot of fun and if he keeps at it he’ll be in great shape and stay healthy for years to come.

He really puts to rest the common assumption that many people have, which is that Bulldogs are lazy because of their short, stout build and wrinkly folded skin. That’s often not the case, many of them absolutely love being active and jump at every chance they get to play around.

It’s no wonder that Bulldogs are one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds. They’re adorable, sweet, fun, and the videos of them in action are always pretty much guaranteed to be pure entertainment. So if you want to smile, don’t forget to check out his rainy day backyard antics.

Spread the happiness and enjoy!

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