There Are Strange Web-Like Fibers Falling Down From The Sky In Arizona and Texas!

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Strange things are raining down from the sky above parts of Arizona and Texas. People are reporting that a mysterious, white, fiber-like substance is falling down to Earth. The material has appeared even when the skies are clear blue, and no one is certain what exactly it may be.

Naturally, the sudden appearance of the spider-like webbing has led to much speculation. The theories that have popped up about what it could be range from alien-centered to government or military activity.

One main explanation that naturally comes to mind is that the fibers come from spiders. There are certain species of arachnids that produce webbing similar in appearance to the substance, but none of them are native to either Arizona or Texas. Plus, the sheer amount of the stuff is too large and when coupled with a lack of spiders present, it quickly lays to rest that theory.

A more plausible explanation is that the substance is fall out from something being sprayed into the atmosphere by military aircraft. Some people claim it has to do with chemtrails and cloud seeding. Cloud seeding is when certain substances are spread into the air in an attempt to change the weather and induce precipitation.

Independent tests carried out on the fibers by concerned activists led to the discovery of them containing the presence of aluminum, barium, and strontium. All three of those substances are commonly used in man-made weather modification procedures. How they came to end up in a fiber-like form has yet to be fully explained.

What initially led the activists to carry out their own tests was another explanation given for the fibers was, to them, clearly a lie. They had contacted a local Arizona CBS news station, KPHO channel 5, to do an investigative story on the strange phenomenon.

The station sent a reporter, took samples, and sent them to the Grand Canyon University Forensic Science Lab for testing. The fibers were reported to be some type of biodegradable gauze meant for cattle at nearby farms and that it likely dropped from a military aircraft by accident. To the concerned activists that explanation did not add up or make sense and so they did their own tests, as mentioned above.

Watch the accompanying video to see what the fibers really look like. It’s undoubtedly a strange sight and if it was happening where you lived you’d be concerned too. Furthermore, according to the man who posted it on YouTube, all the spiders he has been keeping track of are dying.

Other insects in the area are also dying as well. They seem to get tangled and wrapped up in the strange substance and die soon afterwards. While it’s not clear why or how he is keeping track of spiders, the fact that other insects are dying after coming into direct contact with this stuff is cause for concern.

What do you think it could be?

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Are You Noticing 11:11 All The Time? Here’s What It Means For You.

Last week was November 11th which is written as 11-11. For people across the world this date, as well as the time 11:11, has a special place in their eyes, hearts, and minds. Part of the reason it is more significant than other dates and times has to do with the fact that we tend to remember and take immediate notice of it. Why this is so and the deeper meanings attached to it are explored more in depth below.

The first aspect has to do with the actual numbers themselves and how they appear. Eleven-eleven is the only time of day when all four numbers on a clock are uniform and exactly the same. The neat, parallel, clean appearance is visually pleasing to our eyes, especially for those of us who may be preoccupied with numbers and organization! In addition, the simplicity of 11:11 is also why so many of us seem to notice that we’re always glancing at the clock when it strikes that time. It’s so easy to remember and thus it sticks in our heads longer than 9:17 or some other random time.

Furthermore, and in relation to the above, is the concept of synchronicity. This idea can help to explain why there is so much fascination and interest in 11:11. Synchronicity is the belief that things which are seemingly unrelated, and unimportant in and of themselves, gain meaning and significance when they occur randomly and in conjunction with other things at the same time. Events like these are called “meaningful coincidences” because they seem to have no actual or apparent effect on one another, yet nonetheless they are meaningfully related in some type of way. In the end it is people who give meaning to 11:11 when they assign it a special, intrinsic type of magical value.

This built-in value appears to have come from one of the most popular and widespread beliefs that surrounds 11:11. It is thought that whenever you see a clock displaying the time 11:11 you should make a wish on it and then your wish will soon come true. Regardless of whether or not you actually do this or believe in it, the fact that many people do is what gives the time and numbers meaning and special value. If you do happen to make wishes at 11:11 then every time you see it and make a wish, you’re thinking of all the things or events that you most want to happen and come true. It’s a great way to focus on the hopes and dreams yo have and to keep positive things in mind. In the end, there is no other time of day that causes people to stop and make a wish!

There are other beliefs surrounding eleven-eleven and on is the idea that the time is related to our spirit guides and guardian angels. They use the time as a sort of portal in which they can get through to us and grab and hold our attention if they need to tell us something important.

In similar regards is another belief which is related to numerology. Within the numerical practice the number 11 is regarded as a master number that represents spirituality. It also stands for increased self-awareness and perception by offering us a channel to our inner subconscious. Therefore, the number 11 is a direct link or window to our soul and the many thoughts, desires, feelings, and emotions that may be hidden there.

Some people even choose to look at 11:11 as a sort of glitch in the matrix! There’s also the theory that if you notice 11:11, then stop to think about it, you’re taking time off to acknowledge the moment. This is important because when you fully stop to actually realize and focus on what is right in front of you, you’re re-setting your own clock and rhythm.

In the end, no one can truly know what the real or absolute significance 11:11 may actually hold, and that’s okay. The accompanying video explores the concepts covered above and more in further depth so be sure to check it out and learn something! It’s all very fascinating stuff and the next time you see 11:11 make a wish because it hurt!

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