Tiny Bulldog Puppy Attempts To Wake Up His Mama. But Can’t So He Throws A Temper Tantrum.

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Young little baby dogs are oftentimes just as fussy and adorable as their human counterparts. In fact, infant children and puppies share lots of major attributes and behaviors in common. Both absolutely love to eat, sleep, poop, and play, a lot! Usually it’s their mom who they look to for food, a good cleaning, or a snuggle buddy. Just like human mothers, dog mamas have a lot of work to do and it’s exhausting. Sometimes mom needs to rest and relax and when she does, don’t bother her!

One baby English Bulldog didn’t get the memo to let sleeping dogs lie. The little rascal came calling to his mom’s bedside for a play buddy and while he tried his best to wake her up, she was not responding to his cute little growls and aggressive play biting. Even when he jumped up on her smushy, wrinkly, sleepy face she didn’t move an inch!

All that the little Bulldog puppy wanted was to have some fun and be entertained but he was getting nowhere in his attempts to wake his mom from her deep slumber. Thankfully for both of them a nice French Bulldog was nearby waiting in the wings for his own chance to score a play buddy. He took the puppy’s focus off of mom and by the end of the clip everyone was happy and got what they wanted.

If you’re like many people and just can’t get enough of Bulldogs then you have to check this clip out. You’re also not alone because they rank among the most popular dog breeds in the world. In America they come in fourth overall among pet dogs, according to the American Kennel Club’s 2015 dog registration numbers.

With their adorable, wrinkly, cute little faces and mushed noses, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. Not to mention, they have a very friendly and sweet nature that is not aggressive so it’s easy to see why Bulldogs are so beloved all over the world.

Does lil pup remind you of anyone?

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Mama Puts This Adorable Lil’ Bulldog In His Car Seat. The Pup Proceeds To Throw A Temper Tantrum.

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Dogs often have mixed feelings when it comes to riding in a car or truck. Some absolutely love going for a breezy cruise and will readily jump right on in, whereas others loathe having to go for a ride and will do anything to avoid it. Then there are the majority who fall somewhere in the middle. They are the puppy’s who seem to enjoy car excursions or at least tolerate them.

That’s where Bosley, the adorable French Bulldog in this video, fits in. He’s tiny but boy can he throw a hissy fit! Safety first even if it means that the little guy will throw a huge tantrum like a toddler who doesn’t get their ice cream. Sometimes as a parent and in this case a pet parent you need to do the right thing regardless of how your fur baby reacts.  Bosley trust us this is for your own good and you will thank your humans when you are older.

The cute little Frenchie was out and about one day riding in the car with his owner when something upset him. Perhaps it was the car seat that he was securely strapped into in the backseat, it doesn’t look like the most comfortable thing to sit in. Even so, the doggy seat is for his own good and protection. Not only will it keep him safe and sound, he looks adorable in it!

While the car seat may or may not have been the source of his frustrations, Bosely was clearly not happy. He made sure that his feelings were known and clearly heard by throwing a mini tantrum, protesting and whining in the cutest possible way that only a little Frenchie could pull off! He whimpers and squeals as he cries his way through the short clip while giving his saddest puppy face to the camera. He’s so cute and funny!

Near the very end of the video Bosley’s older sister Beatrice, a fellow French Bulldog, pops her head up and makes a surprise guest appearance! She’s checking in on her noisy brother and seeing what all the fuss is about. The two dogs live in Colorado with their loving owner who’s always taking them out and bringing them along on nice walks and fun trips to area parks. Check the adorable pair out and listen to the strangely hilarious sounds Bosley squeaks out!

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Dog Was Terrified To Step Over The Yellow Wire. Now Watch THIS Unexpected Strange Solution!

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People and animals face their fears in all sorts of different ways but the most common advice that’s often given is to go head first and stare whatever it may be that you’re afraid of right in the eye. If you have a fear of heights, go to somewhere high enough that makes you feel uncomfortable and look down. If you have a fear of tight spaces, jam yourself into one and deal with the emotions that wash over you. While this all may be very sage advice in theory, it doesn’t work for everyone in reality.

That’s why people choose to go a different route and instead turn to alternative ways in which they can try to stand up to their fears. Some try to conquer them through meditation, hypnosis, therapy, or in any other way they can think of, and if you can find a way to get past personal fears it should be considered a huge success.

When it’s all said and done, lots of people like to say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” That’s the kind of attitude you should adopt not only after, but also before, you conquer your inner demons and fears. Or you could take a page out of this dog’s book, and watch what he does in the video to do just that!

The adorable Bulldog is named Bentley and he has a very unique way of facing his fear of crossing cables. In this instance, the cable happens to be a yellow electrical cord that’s snaked across the hallway. He needs to get by the darn thing so he can go outside, but the sight of the cord clearly makes him nervous as it slows him down and draws his attention straight towards it.

You can literally see him thinking as he sizes up what to do about the cord and his big wrinkly head moves back and forth from side to side. Then, when he finally makes his move, it’s hilarious! Bentley gathers up all the courage and strength from deep within himself, turns his body around a full 180 degrees, and backs up rear-end first over the cord.

He doesn’t stop for one moment or let the scary cord out of his sight as he backs down the hall the rest of the way to the door. The experience didn’t kill him so he must be stronger from it and he managed to successfully face his fears in the cutest, most comical way possible. What an awesomely clever dog and more power to him!

Enjoy the hilariousness below!

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THIS Pup Got On a Hammock In The Rain For The First Time. He Looks Up But Never Expected THIS!

image via – facebook.com

When it rains, it’s time for this Bulldog to play! The extremely excited tan and white ball of joy looks like he’s having the time of his life while trying out a backyard hammock in the pouring rain. He slips and slides down the fabric like it’s a seesaw and manages, for the most part, to keep up with it without tipping or flying off.

The sight of him jumping around on his unique new play toy is just too cute for words, check it out and see for yourself what an awesome time he’s having! The hilarious Bulldog’s name is Columbus and he lives with his human companions over in Hungary.

Even though most people and other animals try to not get wet and actively avoid the rain, Columbus sees the inclement weather as an opportunity to create his very own slip n’ slide. While his owner looks on and films from the dry safety of his house, the big puppy excitedly romps around on the hammock like it’s the greatest thing in the whole entire world.

He barks, chomps at the rain drops, and throws his weight around before finally biting the side of the hammock and collapsing in a wet, furry ball of exhaustion. Columbus has definitely found a way to make being out in the rain look like a whole lot of fun and if he keeps at it he’ll be in great shape and stay healthy for years to come.

He really puts to rest the common assumption that many people have, which is that Bulldogs are lazy because of their short, stout build and wrinkly folded skin. That’s often not the case, many of them absolutely love being active and jump at every chance they get to play around.

It’s no wonder that Bulldogs are one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds. They’re adorable, sweet, fun, and the videos of them in action are always pretty much guaranteed to be pure entertainment. So if you want to smile, don’t forget to check out his rainy day backyard antics.

Spread the happiness and enjoy!

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This Bulldog Pup Attempts To Balance On A Hammock. The Results Are An Unexpected Surprise!

The question is, what is going through the mind of Columbus, the adorable bulldog in the video you are about to watch? At first he just seems to be trying to get settled on the hammock in his yard in Hungary. It is pouring rain, so this couldn’t be his solution for getting out of the rain, could it? No, not at all! Apparently, this cute little fella’s favorite place to be, when it rains, is on this hammock. Well, not exactly on it!

According to his owner, who luckily was able to capture Columbus in action, says that his laugh out loud activity on the hammock, is all about a place to “see saw” while he tries to bite the rain drops! As you watch his antics, it seems that he is trying to balance on the hammock, but as soon as he gets settled in the middle he romps to the edge and slides off it.

Columbus is just like a kid playing joyfully in the rain. He isn’t having trouble balancing at all. That’s just not his goal. Resting on the the hammock is just too boring, so he keeps tipping it over, turning it into a slide over and over and over again. He’s not upset at all, but barks to signal that he’s on his favorite “slip n’ slide”, and is calling out “Watch me do it again mom!”

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Puppy Gets Caught Red-Pawed. Now Watch His Unexpected Reaction When He Knows He’s Caught!

We all catch our kids going into the snack cabinet before dinner, but it’s another thing catching our puppy!  This Bulldog puppy has mastered how to open one of those corner cabinets that swivel.  When he thinks no one is looking he goes hunting for a snack.

He is so engrossed in getting to the snack he is looking for, that he has no idea he is being videoed in action.  You will not believe the footage you are about to watch!  This little guy will stop at nothing to reach his goal.  He actually looks like a little kid, in the way he uses his paws to get the bag off the shelf, that keeps swiveling.

Even as he hears his human mommy call his name to stop him, he won’t relent, finally getting the bag into his mouth and to the floor.  It seems he’s having the same problem opening the bag that we all seem to have these days.

He knows his time is limited, so he takes off with the bag and goes under the dining table to tear it open.  “Mmmm, this is cheddar-flavored popcorn”, he thinks to himself with half his body inside the snack bag!  This little guy’s antics are absolutely hysterical!  Mission accomplished, this pup has no guilt whatsoever.

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