Tiny Bulldog Puppy Attempts To Wake Up His Mama. But Can’t So He Throws A Temper Tantrum.

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Young little baby dogs are oftentimes just as fussy and adorable as their human counterparts. In fact, infant children and puppies share lots of major attributes and behaviors in common. Both absolutely love to eat, sleep, poop, and play, a lot! Usually it’s their mom who they look to for food, a good cleaning, or a snuggle buddy. Just like human mothers, dog mamas have a lot of work to do and it’s exhausting. Sometimes mom needs to rest and relax and when she does, don’t bother her!

One baby English Bulldog didn’t get the memo to let sleeping dogs lie. The little rascal came calling to his mom’s bedside for a play buddy and while he tried his best to wake her up, she was not responding to his cute little growls and aggressive play biting. Even when he jumped up on her smushy, wrinkly, sleepy face she didn’t move an inch!

All that the little Bulldog puppy wanted was to have some fun and be entertained but he was getting nowhere in his attempts to wake his mom from her deep slumber. Thankfully for both of them a nice French Bulldog was nearby waiting in the wings for his own chance to score a play buddy. He took the puppy’s focus off of mom and by the end of the clip everyone was happy and got what they wanted.

If you’re like many people and just can’t get enough of Bulldogs then you have to check this clip out. You’re also not alone because they rank among the most popular dog breeds in the world. In America they come in fourth overall among pet dogs, according to the American Kennel Club’s 2015 dog registration numbers.

With their adorable, wrinkly, cute little faces and mushed noses, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. Not to mention, they have a very friendly and sweet nature that is not aggressive so it’s easy to see why Bulldogs are so beloved all over the world.

Does lil pup remind you of anyone?

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Nervous Little Pup Figures Out an Adorable Way Down The Steps

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It never fails to amaze me how smart dogs are.  They are amazing problem solvers, as you will this in he video you are about to watch.  This little pup’s ‘dad’ wants him to learn how to walk down the front stairs outside of  their front door.  He puts him down and encourages him to do it!

The adorable little ball of fluff, fully gets what is expected of him.  He goes to one side then the other, scouting out the situation of the stairs.  “Hmmm (he seems to be thinking) I don’t think so”!  This little guy thinks quickly about what the best solution is to his dilemma.  Those stairs look like an obstacle course that just isn’t for him!

He thinks quickly about how he is going to make it down the stairs without using them. His unexpected solution is laugh out loud hilarious!  He surprises everyone with what he does and laughter abounds.  Hope you enjoy this funny video as much as I did!

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Cute Puppy Feels Air Conditioning For The First Time.

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When the temperature is soaring and the sun is beating down, nothing quite hits the spot like some good old air conditioning. A constant streaming blast of icy cold air is immediately refreshing, especially if you happen have a black fur coat on like the Labrador puppy in this video.

The cute puppy was sitting in the front seat of his owner’s car when the air conditioning came on. The sudden flow of cool air was like a welcome northerly breeze to the little guy and he was both delighted and intrigued by the awesomeness of it. He tried to lap up the blowing air as if he were hanging his head out of the car window and his reaction was probably the cutest thing that he could have possibly done at that moment!

Now that it’s heating up again and summer is fast approaching, it’s a good time to spread awareness about the dangers of leaving pets, children, and any dependent person alone in a car, even for just a minute or two, on a warm or hot day. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the temperature inside a car can quickly climb to 110° F or higher when the outside air temperature is in the 60s. On an 83° day the interior temperature can reach 109° in 15 minutes, even with the windows rolled down a couple of inches.

These temperatures are enough to cause heatstroke, where your body temperature rises to 104° or higher, and this can be deadly. Some individuals are more susceptible to heat stroke, as are pets, and dogs in particular can only cool down by panting or sweating through their paw pads. Once their body temps rise it’s hard to get them back down, which is why even a few minutes in a hot car can kill them.

If you know you are going someplace where you can’t bring your pet, leave them at home. If you have little kids and drop them off in the morning at daycare or something, set a reminder and always check the backseat when you lock and leave your car. Being aware and vigilant about this can only help save lives.

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Pitbull Was Pregnant But Refused To Birth Her Litter! The Vet Was Stunned When He Saw THIS On Her Ultrasound!

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Rescuing and fostering animals isn’t easy, but for one couple it’s truly a labor of love.  Over the years Chris and Mariesa have opened their hearts and home to many dogs in need. They believe that their shared passion has only made them grow closer together and since there’s always animals who need rescuing, they take in new dogs whenever they can.  

The couple had seen that a pregnant pit bull named Storie was up for adoption at a local animal shelter and they immediately knew that they had to rescue her.  Shelters are incredibly stressful environments for animals with all the strange smells, noises, people and other animals around. For a pregnant dog the stress is amplified and that can mean bad news for both mom and her puppies.  Chris and Mariesa knew they had to take Storie in and they headed straight to the shelter to pick her up.

When they got their they talked to shelter employees who told them that Storie should have given birth already and that perhaps she hadn’t because she was stressed.  The couple brought the heavily pregnant dog straight to the vet to have her checked and that’s when they discovered something shocking. An ultrasound revealed that Storie was carrying 12 puppies!  

They were amazed and then the realization set in that they’d have to care for all the newborns and mother, so they got right down to business.  They set up a cozy place for Storie to give birth out of a kiddie pool filled with blankets in a kennel outside their house and the heavily pregnant dog settled right in.  

Thinking that they still had a couple of days to go before their new dog went into labor, the couple were shocked when just 12 hours after she went home with them, she gave birth to her first puppy.  Storie had gone into labor because she finally felt safe and comfortable enough! Incredibly, all 12 puppies were born healthy soon afterwards and within 18 hours of being in their new home.  

Chris and Mariesa were overjoyed that they’d been able to help Storie but now they had 13 new dogs to care for on top of the other ones they already had.  It wasn’t before long that the puppies became a handful, they loved to play, run around the house, and fight with each other. Each one had its own personality and quirks which made it easy to tell them apart and name them.  Even though they loved all they puppies, they knew that everyone would be better off in new homes.

Thankfully, Pibbles and More Animal Rescue helped them find forever homes for all twelve puppies.  People had heard about Storie and her babies and interest was high, the rescue group received numerous adoption applications.  Even Storie ended up getting a new forever home with Chris and Mariesa’s friend who offered to take her in.

It ended up working out for the best because the couple still get to visit and see her all the time, while being able to help other dogs since the space is freed up.  It’s amazing what a little love and understanding can do, and for one pit bull and her 12 puppies, it made all the difference in the world.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Nobody Believed Them When They Described Their Pups Daily Ritual. So They Caught THIS On Video

image via – youtube.com

Maddie may be the smartest puppy alive, but that does not make her immune to the summer heat. Unlike her furry friends who do not share her Einsteinesque IQ, she uses her wits to cool herself down in a much more practical way than the classic hyperventilate-with-my-tongue-out routine that is so popular amongst her peers. Instead, she uses secret espionage techniques to learn the inner workings of the fabled garden hose, practicing under the veil of darkness until her technique is flawless. Once mastered, it is time to implement her unprecedented abilities for their intended purpose: to keep cool during the dog days of summer. Using her keen eye, she spots an opportune moment and goes for it.

Grasping the hose with her opposable teeth, she simultaneously turns it on with her formidable powers of telekinesis. Sauntering to the empty pool with efficient grace, she carefully places the running hose inside.

There is just one problem: it is not quite in the right spot. You see, her incredible brain power is not enough to conquer forty thousand years of dog evolution. Apparently, the same part of a dog’s mind that forces them to walk in seventy four circles before lying down, also causes a bit of an issue for our dear Maddie.

She moves the hose countless times, trying to find the perfect spot. Even after all that practice, she just can’t quite find it, but she does forget she was hot in the process, thereby inadvertently succeeding in her original goal.

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This Little Pup Climbs Up The Slide For The First Time. Now Watch When Her Big Sister Does THIS

Kids love going to the playground and so do their parents. They can run wild, explore the different play things, and get all their pent up energy out. It’s a great way to spend part of the day while having fun and staying active. Parent’s can sit back and relax while their kids play close by and it creates lots of happy memories.

Do you remember your first time at a playground? If not, just think about how confusing and daunting the whole set up and different features would be. When you’re young, and things in life are completely new to you, the experience would be a lot to take in all at once.

Think about how odd and perplexing the swings, slides, tunnels, monkey bars, climbing nets and whatever else there is on a playground would seem without knowing more about them. If you don’t know what they are or how to use them, you’d likely be miffed by it all.

Only when a friend, parent, or someone else shows you the way are you fully able to understand and grasp how fun and delightful a playground is meant to be!

That is exactly how a young Golden Retriever felt on her first trip to the playground with her human companion and older sister, a fellow Golden Retriever named Lil. Lil loves going down the slide and went straight for it once they got there.

Her little sister was less certain about the whole thing and hesitated to put her body in the plastic tunnel. So Lil demonstrated the proper technique and waited patiently at the bottom for the puppy to slide down to her. However, the youngster needed more time to sniff around and still couldn’t muster up the courage, so her human friend rode the slide down and again showed her how to do it.


The puppy got into the opening and looked down at the two below, and that’s when Lil grabbed the leash that was dangling down the slide with her teeth. She gave it a gentle tug and with that the puppy came sailing down the slide. She landed on her feet and sported a huge puppy grin that said it all; she loved it!

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