This Little Pup Climbs Up The Slide For The First Time. Now Watch When Her Big Sister Does THIS

Kids love going to the playground and so do their parents. They can run wild, explore the different play things, and get all their pent up energy out. It’s a great way to spend part of the day while having fun and staying active. Parent’s can sit back and relax while their kids play close by and it creates lots of happy memories.

Do you remember your first time at a playground? If not, just think about how confusing and daunting the whole set up and different features would be. When you’re young, and things in life are completely new to you, the experience would be a lot to take in all at once.

Think about how odd and perplexing the swings, slides, tunnels, monkey bars, climbing nets and whatever else there is on a playground would seem without knowing more about them. If you don’t know what they are or how to use them, you’d likely be miffed by it all.

Only when a friend, parent, or someone else shows you the way are you fully able to understand and grasp how fun and delightful a playground is meant to be!

That is exactly how a young Golden Retriever felt on her first trip to the playground with her human companion and older sister, a fellow Golden Retriever named Lil. Lil loves going down the slide and went straight for it once they got there.

Her little sister was less certain about the whole thing and hesitated to put her body in the plastic tunnel. So Lil demonstrated the proper technique and waited patiently at the bottom for the puppy to slide down to her. However, the youngster needed more time to sniff around and still couldn’t muster up the courage, so her human friend rode the slide down and again showed her how to do it.


The puppy got into the opening and looked down at the two below, and that’s when Lil grabbed the leash that was dangling down the slide with her teeth. She gave it a gentle tug and with that the puppy came sailing down the slide. She landed on her feet and sported a huge puppy grin that said it all; she loved it!

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He Built His Son An Incredible Bed. But When He Grabs This Book I Never Expected This Surprise!

Kids love nothing more than exploring new things and playing games, especially hide and go seek. They spend hours at a time romping around with their friends and often find the best hiding places. It’s a great way to keep them busy and active, and after a long day of play they are usually really worn out.

Children also love neat, comfortable, unique beds. Whether it’s bunk style or a race car bed, we have all dreamed of having a cool place to sleep when we were young. One dad, Eric Strong, took all of this and more into consideration when the time came for his son to get a new bed.

The boy was fast outgrowing his small convertible toddler bed and his little sister was bound to soon inherit it.  When he ran this fact by his son the youngster agreed to give up the bed on one condition, that his dad upgrade his sleeping quarters, by giving him “the most awesome bed ever.”

Knowing that his kid loved playing with things like marble runs, kinetic sculptures, playground slides, and exploring and hiding in general, he set about incorporating aspects related to them into the bed. His son was definitely going to get the best bed ever!

All it took was a little imagination, an IKEA Kura bed design, a few basic items and tools, and some time. The finished bed is far from average and has cool features that include a slide, pulley, and ball run. However, the best part about it by far is the hidden compartment.

The lower portion of the bed contains a builtin bookcase which conceals the entrance to it, and when a certain book is pulled the case swings inwards, and opens up to reveal the secret room. It’s clear that Mr. Strong honored the bed deal he made with his son, and fulfilled the condition that it be awesome, because this bed is all that and more.

I know I shouldn’t be jealous of a kid’s bed, but in this case I am! To see the entire process, from concept to construction to finish, check out the awesome video Mr. Strong made.

He did an excellent job explaining and showing how he built the bed and goes over all the materials he used. And while this may be quite the project for some people, he makes it look super easy!

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