Can We Guess Your Level Of Education?

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Education is the process of facilitating learning. Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits of a group of people are transferred to other people, through storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, or research. The more you know the better you will be at making everyday life decisions. It’s truly incredible what human beings are capable of under the right circumstances.

All you have to do is answer the following questions and we will guess your level of knowledge and education. Do you know what you are supposed to know according to your education or do you need to go back and hit the books. We shall find out if you are as smart as you think you are!

At first we were skeptical of this test, but after a bunch of people took it, the results were correct around 90% of the time. So prep your mind and let’s get ready for today’s test. Let us know what you got and if it was correct in the comments.

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Mama Finishes Reading This Book To Her Adorable Little Baby. Now Watch His Unexpected Reaction!

The love of reading and being read to, is really a consequence of parents reading to babies from the time they are born.  Reinforcement of kids feeling that books are as much fun as screen time, is a matter of consistently keeping up a fun interaction with your kids and books, until it becomes intrinsically valued.

The fact that this is not happening in many homes, is reflected in the 2015 study by Scholastic and YouGov, which found a 10% drop since 2010 in the number of children who said they love or like reading books for fun.  The adorable little baby you are about to watch, is indicative of how kids start off loving books; in fact this little sweetheart can’t bare it when the book is over.

He listens to his mom reading with wide-eyed attentiveness, even though he is still in diapers.  He hangs on every word, looking at the pictures, into his mother’s eyes and then back again at the book.  He is enraptured as he listens and then the worst thing happens; the book is finished!

He is heartbroken, and begins to cry with such intensity.  He retrieves the book and hands it back to mom, so she will read it again and again and again! Watch what happens each time story time begins and ends.  The video is just adorable and reassuring that the love of reading is an intrinsic pleasure in children, that just needs to be cultivated.

The baby’s wonderful mom has asked people who enjoyed this video to let others know about the website,  Their purpose is to promote literacy among children which will hopefully inspire parents to help their children to maintain their love of reading.

It would be a shame for little bookworms like this darling baby to lose the feeling that books are fun.

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He Built His Son An Incredible Bed. But When He Grabs This Book I Never Expected This Surprise!

Kids love nothing more than exploring new things and playing games, especially hide and go seek. They spend hours at a time romping around with their friends and often find the best hiding places. It’s a great way to keep them busy and active, and after a long day of play they are usually really worn out.

Children also love neat, comfortable, unique beds. Whether it’s bunk style or a race car bed, we have all dreamed of having a cool place to sleep when we were young. One dad, Eric Strong, took all of this and more into consideration when the time came for his son to get a new bed.

The boy was fast outgrowing his small convertible toddler bed and his little sister was bound to soon inherit it.  When he ran this fact by his son the youngster agreed to give up the bed on one condition, that his dad upgrade his sleeping quarters, by giving him “the most awesome bed ever.”

Knowing that his kid loved playing with things like marble runs, kinetic sculptures, playground slides, and exploring and hiding in general, he set about incorporating aspects related to them into the bed. His son was definitely going to get the best bed ever!

All it took was a little imagination, an IKEA Kura bed design, a few basic items and tools, and some time. The finished bed is far from average and has cool features that include a slide, pulley, and ball run. However, the best part about it by far is the hidden compartment.

The lower portion of the bed contains a builtin bookcase which conceals the entrance to it, and when a certain book is pulled the case swings inwards, and opens up to reveal the secret room. It’s clear that Mr. Strong honored the bed deal he made with his son, and fulfilled the condition that it be awesome, because this bed is all that and more.

I know I shouldn’t be jealous of a kid’s bed, but in this case I am! To see the entire process, from concept to construction to finish, check out the awesome video Mr. Strong made.

He did an excellent job explaining and showing how he built the bed and goes over all the materials he used. And while this may be quite the project for some people, he makes it look super easy!

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