Which Of The 4 Introvert Types Are You?

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According to scientists, there are four types of introverts. Which type most closely aligns with your personality type? Are you terrified to go out in public, and even thinking about the sound of someone knocking on your door causes you to break out in a cold sweat?

Or are you totally comfortable in social situations, and everyone you know would say you are extroverted, even though you know deep down inside that you are really an introvert? You may not mind being with other people, you might even genuinely enjoy it, but you need your alone time and feel drained when you are around too many people for too long, at the expense of spending time alone?

The four types of introverts are as follows:

The social introvert, who prefers to be alone or in small groups, but not because she is nervous in a larger group. She just prefers it that way.

Next is the anxious introvert, who is similar to the social introvert in that he prefers small groups of familiar people or solitude, but the anxious type steers clear of large groups of strangers out of anxiety, and is often still anxious even when alone.

The contemplative type is introverted because they like to get lost in their own fantasy world, and it is a creative or imaginative introversion that does not result from fear of social situations.

The last type, restrained introversion, could also be referred to as reserved. They like to think before they speak, and often times take a while to get moving on things, including getting up in the morning and getting into their day.

The idea that there are four types of introvert, rather than one blanket category, has come about due to the incongruence between the status quo scientific definition, and how introverts define themselves. Scientists started to notice the inconsistency, and have come up with these four categories to more accurately describe peoples’ actual experience in life.

Which type of introvert are you? Let us know!

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Can We Guess Your Level Of Education?

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Education is the process of facilitating learning. Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits of a group of people are transferred to other people, through storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, or research. The more you know the better you will be at making everyday life decisions. It’s truly incredible what human beings are capable of under the right circumstances.

All you have to do is answer the following questions and we will guess your level of knowledge and education. Do you know what you are supposed to know according to your education or do you need to go back and hit the books. We shall find out if you are as smart as you think you are!

At first we were skeptical of this test, but after a bunch of people took it, the results were correct around 90% of the time. So prep your mind and let’s get ready for today’s test. Let us know what you got and if it was correct in the comments.

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What Is Your Strongest Mental Ability?

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Mental ability is defined as “the power to learn or retain knowledge.” Even though it sounds very simple and straightforward, it’s actually not. How we learn is complex and varies wildly from one individual to another. Some people approach new things and problems in a creative or hands on manner, while others are more logical.

Then there are those people who analyze every situation and possible outcome to it. And don’t forget their polar opposites, the rare few who panic and shut down in the face of an unfamiliar challenge.

Test to see what your strongest mental ability may be. Go explore beyond whether or not you’re right or left brained, and plumb the deeper parts of your vastly complex mind, who knows- the results may just surprise you!

What is your strongest mental ability? Let us know!

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This Ink-Blot Test Will Reveal Your Biggest Fear In Life

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Fear is an emotion that every single one of us has experienced at many points in our lives. It’s a natural reaction to feel afraid and no matter what you call it; dread, horror, alarm, terror, panic, distress, fright, or threatened, it’ll always have a negative connotation. However, not all fears are bad and it’s actually quite healthy to feel afraid every now and then.

For most people, things like creepy crawlies or heights freak them out. According to various surveys on the topic the most common fears and phobias have to do with snakes, spiders, cockroaches, public speaking, needles, tight spaces, flying, dogs, water, germs, and death. While people can be afraid of virtually anything and everything, they can only fear on thing the absolute most.

What are you the most afraid of in this world? Put another way, what’s the one singular thing, thought, or idea that is truly capable of filling your mind, body, and soul with dread? No one likes to admit it, yet we all have to face what it is that we fear the most. While it’s natural to instinctively repress and avoid the unpleasant thoughts, we eventually need to deal with it and what better way to do just that than with some basic psychology!

This quiz uses ink-blot images to draw out and assess your deepest, darkest subconscious fears and thoughts. What you end up seeing in each picture ultimately depends on your perception of the world. In turn, part of what molds and shapes your interpretation of all the things that you see and come across in life is your unconscious mind.

It’s usually inaccessible, which is why psychologists have developed tests like the one featured here to draw out and uncover the ideas and information it holds deeply hidden. Projective tests, which include ink-blot tests, are psychological tools that use images, words, or situations to analyze how people respond to them.

An individual is assessed in terms of the unconscious personality traits they exhibit towards the stimulus, in this case the image, and from their response hidden emotions are brought to light. In other words, how you view the ink-blots here will reveal what you fear the most.

With that in mind, are you ready to face your biggest fear? Take this projective ink-blot quiz now and see whether or not you agree with the end results. Enjoy!

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