Pick a Key To Determine What It Reveals About Your Personality

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Life is one big series of choices, at least that’s one way to look at it! Think about how many choices we make throughout the course of one single day. We pick and choose our way through options all day long and it doesn’t stop. From the moment we wake up to when our minds go to sleep at night we are faced with thousands of decisions. Many of the selections we make come naturally and most of the time we’re not even aware that we are making them.

Oftentimes we need to decide what to do in a split second, life just comes at us at a rapid fire pace. In fact, usually we are not even consciously aware of all the micro-decisions we’re being forced to instinctively make. Even still, they add up and may end up affecting different areas of our lives immensely. The truth is that it’s all but impossible to tell how our decisions will play out in the long run, but there are ways to determine what our choices have to say about who we are.

This short and simple image quiz uses pictures of keys to find out what design catches your eye and in turn what it reveals about your personality type. To be completely honest, there is no scientific basis to this quiz, but it’s insightful and revealing nonetheless. It’s also not completely random or made up.

Each of the key images have been chosen for specific reasons and are reflective of some very broad characteristics and traits that the people who choose them often seem to share in common. The descriptions provided are based more on observations and general psychology ideas, and whether you agree with them or not, at the very least this quiz will get you thinking about how your choices may reflect on your life.

All that you need to do is scroll through the images of the keys below and then choose the one that appeals the most to you above all the rest. Once you have made your decision, click on the key image to unlock what it says about your personality type. Enjoy!

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What Psychic Ability Do You Have Based On The Colors You Are Drawn To?

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When most people hear the word ‘psychic’ it brings up thoughts of crystal globes, the future, fortune telling, even Miss Cleo comes to mind! The true spirit of the word has been lost over the years in all of the mumble jumble surrounding it. What it really means to be psychic is to possess an extraordinary mental power or ability. These are accessed by tapping into and using extrasensory perception, or ESP for short, which is akin to having a 6th sense.

You’ve likely fantasized and imagined how it would feel and what it’d be like if you had a real life psychic ability. It’s on the same level as having a super power and who hasn’t dreamed of being able to know exactly what someone else is thinking at any given moment, or of seeing the future!

While many skeptics are of the opinion that extra-ordinary super human powers have yet to exist, they are flat out wrong. There are certain psychic abilities that many people do in fact possess. Time and again people have experienced things that are extraordinary and seemingly miraculous, and while they may be inexplicable, they are out there.

As it turns out, you have within yourself a psychic ability, everyone does. The simple fact of the matter is that the vast, overwhelming majority of people have not yet realized, let alone even recognized, their true psychic potential. However, there is a way to tap into what type of psychic ability you’re blessed with.

This quiz will tell you which of the following metaphysical gifts you possess; clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis, astral projection, and aura reading. It examines the colors that you’re drawn to the most and above all else in a series of beautiful images.  Good Luck!

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Are you a perfectionist, realist, or surrealist?

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If you had to describe yourself as one of the following which would it be; a realist, a surrealist, or a perfectionist? It’s more than likely that you have attributes in common with all three of those personality types, but only one of them can describe you the best. To help you arrive at the most accurate answer, this visual quiz has been developed. It will tell you which category you fall under based on the patterns, colors, and images that you are attracted to the most in a series of visually compelling images. In the end, how you view the world around you, and your general outlook on life in regards to it, can be revealed simply by the choices you pick! How cool is that?

So that we are all on the same page, what follows is a basic breakdown of what a realist, a surrealist, and a perfectionist personality type entails, and the differences among all three.

First up are realists. They look around at the world and see everything in it exactly as it is and for what things truly are. They accept the situations which they are faced with and as such they turn their backs on overly positive or negative thinking. Instead, they prefer to think logically and rationally, relying mainly on reasoning and science to make sense of things. Realists employ a balanced, non-biased view when evaluating situations or other people and as such, they tend to give more weight to their calculations rather then their emotions.

Next up are perfectionists. They are the people you know in life who are extremely quick when it comes to noticing the slightest of details that most others would either overlook or completely miss altogether. Paying attention comes naturally to them and they often double or triple check things in order to avoid even the remote possibility of missing something that could end up being important. Perfectionists do not accept anything less than perfection, hence their name, and since they hate mistakes and failure they work extra hard at everything they do in order to always achieve their goals.

Finally are the surrealists. They differ greatly from realists and perfectionists because the way they see the world is through a unique perspective that’s full of abstraction. The line between reality and abstraction is often blurred for them as they are able to see and sense things which others cannot even begin to conceive.

This is all due in part to their imaginations which are powerful and enable them to dream up incredibly expansive, detailed, and complex creations with it. Surrealists are natural born creative-types, like artists and writers, who love throwing themselves fully into their work, passions, and interests. In the end, they always go above and beyond what’s expected.

With that in mind, take the test below and find out which personality type fits you the best. It uses a combination of methods, from color psychology to inkblot type-tests, to examine your thought process and determine what kind of person you are. So without further ado, have at it now and figure out if you’re a perfectionist, a realist, or a surrealist!

What type of person are you? 

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The Number Of Watermelons You See In this Photo Can Determine Whether You’re Left Or Right Brained

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Take a look at the image below and count how many watermelons you are able to see in it. Not everyone arrives at the same answer because different people use different sides of their brains to analyze and process the photo.

It follows that, depending on how many watermelons you counted, you can figure out whether you happen to be left-brained or right-brained. Each side is associated with different abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and ways of thinking that can be further matched up with ideal careers and more for you! The following is a general breakdown of some of the characteristics that each side of the human brain is connected with:

Left-brain dominant: People who use their left brain are said to be more logical, analytical, and objective thinkers. They’re good at solving math and logic problems, which often leads to them quickly learning and excelling at new things. They like to delve deep into scientific pursuits and plan things out in advance, making to-do lists and checking up on their progress as they go. The best careers for a left brain thinker include engineer, scientist, and lawyer.

Right-brain dominant: Those who use their right brains are usually more creative and expressive thinkers. They tend to be more spontaneous and emotional and often act on their feelings and intuition. Since they’re more expressive they excel at artistic pursuits like painting and music. The best careers for a right brain thinker are writer, designer, and artist.

People often self identify as being either left or right brained depending on whichever side they think they match up with best, in terms of the traits they believe they exhibit. However, there are much less biased means that are better able to determine how your brain is truly wired and this quick visual test is one of them.

It can easily reveal your dominant brain side and all you have to do is see how many watermelons you can spot in the photo, then pick the option that reflects your count. After you read about it you’ll know exactly what side of your brain, left or right, you relied on to arrive at your answer. It’s a fun way to exercise your mind and test your senses, so have fun and enjoy!

How many watermelons do you see? Let us know

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What Is Your Biggest Fear According To This Ink-Blot Test?

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What are you most afraid of in the world? There are many scary and unsettling things found all over the place, but only one of them qualifies as your absolute biggest fear. It’s that singular thing or feeling, maybe it’s an idea or a thought, that is capable of instilling real dread in your soul.

No one really likes to admit it, but at some point in life we all face the fact that we truly fear something. Even though it’s completely natural, we instinctively avoid and repress any thoughts of it. That’s just part of our human nature but it’s actually healthy to have and experience fear, at least in small doses.

What isn’t healthy is to not face up to our fears. Rather than shove them deep down inside or completely block them out, we need to identify and expose them. That way we can analyze and better understand what it is we fear, which is what this ink blot test will help you to achieve!

It uses different forms of projection and basic psychology to asses what your darkest fears may be. In the end, how you view and interpret the abstract images is highly revealing. Take it now to see what your perceptions say about what your biggest fear in life is, and let us know if you agree or disagree with the results.


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Only 10% Of People Can Find All 9 Faces In This Painting. How Many Did You Find?

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Take a look at these images and test your powers of perception. If you can’t believe your eyes or get stumped, it’s because you’re looking at five optical illusions. By definition, illusions are images and sights which strongly disagree with physical reality.

When we suddenly realize that not all is as it appears, our brains light up, forcing us to pay extra attention to whatever it is that seems to be playing tricks on our eyes. It’s our brains that interpret and make sense of all the incoming sights and people love looking at optical illusions because they’re new challenges for us to figure out.

According to Aude Oliva, a cognitive research scientist at MIT, “Anything that is new and surprising is something we naturally like because it means that we may learn something from it.” It’s no wonder so many of us enjoy illusions, and the ones here are no exception!

Here’s a little background information about the interesting visual phenomenons we experience. When it comes to optical illusions, they are all about the eyes, our brain, and perception. Specifically, the eyes visually perceive an image which the brain then processes as either not fitting in line with or matching the stimulus source that it’s emanating from.

In other words, it is when you look at something and end up seeing something else that is completely different. You look at X but think you’re seeing Y. There are many different types of illusions and optical ones, also known as visual illusions, happen to be the most well known sub-category.

To experience some right now, check out the images below. They’re a fun way to exercise your mind and fool your senses, so have fun and enjoy!

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