Are you a perfectionist, realist, or surrealist?

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If you had to describe yourself as one of the following which would it be; a realist, a surrealist, or a perfectionist? It’s more than likely that you have attributes in common with all three of those personality types, but only one of them can describe you the best. To help you arrive at the most accurate answer, this visual quiz has been developed. It will tell you which category you fall under based on the patterns, colors, and images that you are attracted to the most in a series of visually compelling images. In the end, how you view the world around you, and your general outlook on life in regards to it, can be revealed simply by the choices you pick! How cool is that?

So that we are all on the same page, what follows is a basic breakdown of what a realist, a surrealist, and a perfectionist personality type entails, and the differences among all three.

First up are realists. They look around at the world and see everything in it exactly as it is and for what things truly are. They accept the situations which they are faced with and as such they turn their backs on overly positive or negative thinking. Instead, they prefer to think logically and rationally, relying mainly on reasoning and science to make sense of things. Realists employ a balanced, non-biased view when evaluating situations or other people and as such, they tend to give more weight to their calculations rather then their emotions.

Next up are perfectionists. They are the people you know in life who are extremely quick when it comes to noticing the slightest of details that most others would either overlook or completely miss altogether. Paying attention comes naturally to them and they often double or triple check things in order to avoid even the remote possibility of missing something that could end up being important. Perfectionists do not accept anything less than perfection, hence their name, and since they hate mistakes and failure they work extra hard at everything they do in order to always achieve their goals.

Finally are the surrealists. They differ greatly from realists and perfectionists because the way they see the world is through a unique perspective that’s full of abstraction. The line between reality and abstraction is often blurred for them as they are able to see and sense things which others cannot even begin to conceive.

This is all due in part to their imaginations which are powerful and enable them to dream up incredibly expansive, detailed, and complex creations with it. Surrealists are natural born creative-types, like artists and writers, who love throwing themselves fully into their work, passions, and interests. In the end, they always go above and beyond what’s expected.

With that in mind, take the test below and find out which personality type fits you the best. It uses a combination of methods, from color psychology to inkblot type-tests, to examine your thought process and determine what kind of person you are. So without further ado, have at it now and figure out if you’re a perfectionist, a realist, or a surrealist!

What type of person are you? 

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