This Guy Drops A Red Hot Ball Of Nickel On A Square Piece Of Foam. Then Things Get Unexpectedly Nuts!

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If you have ever seen any one of the 72 red hot nickel ball videos on YouTube channel carsandwater, then you should know what to expect from this clip. If not, then here is a short background on the red hot nickel ball (RHNB) phenomenon. Basically a super-heated, red hot, ball of nickel is placed on a variety of materials, from eggs and jaw breakers to dry ice and Elmer’s glue. The reaction that takes place is recorded, uploaded, and everyone can then share the knowledge of what happens with their friends and family.

The latest, and easily one of the best reactions thus far, is the red hot nickel ball dropped onto a piece of floral foam. Floral foam is that green, spongy, block packaged stuff that craft stores sell and it’s used by florists to support flower arrangements and to help keep them fresh.

When the RHNB is dropped on top one of the floral foam blocks a sort of strange magic quickly begins to occur. The foam turns from green into yellows, vibrant purples, brown, and finally charred black.

It seems like the foam is burning down, from the inside core outwards, as it shrinks and shrivels. You’ll have to check out the video to see what else happens and how fast the RHNB destroyed it, and this is definitely something you will want to see!

If you have an object, material, or substance that you would like to see tested, there is a safe way for that to happen. Viewers, commentators, and anyone who so desires can send in things to undergo the RHNB experience. Simply follow the instructions and refer to the PO address provided on the video link.

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This Is Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People and Don’t Touch Others!

Mosquitoes are nasty, irritating insects whose presence can easily ruin an otherwise perfect time. The way they buzz and swarm all around, waiting to land on some warm body to bite, is enough to drive anyone insane. The worst part about the pesky blood suckers are the diseases they carry, which they transmit straight into your body and bloodstream when they bite!

Every year worldwide almost 700 million people end up contracting a mosquito borne illness resulting in over a million deaths. That number keeps growing and the scary fact is what makes them the #1 killer of humans.

The current ongoing public health crisis surrounding the Zika Virus, which is spread by mosquitoes, is causing all sorts of health issues. It’s only the latest international health threat that’s related directly to mosquito bites and it’s in good company.

Many diseases are spread mainly or exclusively by mosquitoes including malaria, dengue, encephalitis, West Nile virus, and more. While it’s best to avoid the flying terrors all together, that’s basically impossible because if they want to bite you they will, or die trying.

One way to lessen the amount of bites is knowing what attracts skeeters in the first place. Basically, it depends on how you smell and since mosquitoes have excellent scent receptors in their antennae, they can smell any human within 100 feet easily.

Unfortunately, it also comes down to genetics and 85% of the reason why mosquitoes prefer some people over others is due to their genetic makeup. Here are some of the main factors that make someone a mosquito bite magnet:

1) Exercise and Lactic Acid Production- The sweatier and smellier a person in the more attractive they are to a mosquito. Individuals who produce more lactic acid, which is emitted from our bodies via sweat glands, will draw in more of the pests to their general vicinity. Also, the more perspiration and the older it is, the greater the buildup of lactic acid, meaning your a tasty meal.

Research has proven that fresh sweat isn’t as attractive to a mosquito as day old sweat appears to be, so taking a shower after working hard or exercising can make a huge difference on how many bites you’ll end up getting.

2) Bacteria- Our skin is literally crawling with bacteria and it’s estimated that the average human has about one trillion or so bacteria on their body. The types of bacteria living on our skin can vary greatly from person to person and some varieties affect how much an individual gets bit by mosquitoes.

For example, it has been found that if someone has Staphylococcus and Variovorax present on their skin, they’ll likely suffer more mosquito problems. The opposite is also true, other types of bacteria act to make our skin less attractive to mosquitoes. A few of those types of bacteria include Pseudomonas, Delftia, and Actinobacteria. You definitely want those crawling on your body!

3) Blood Type- The type of blood you have coursing through your veins factors greatly into the risk of whether or not you’ll end up suffering from more bites than others. Studies have found that people with Type O blood are bitten most often, followed by Type B, then Type A. In fact, Type O’s are so appealing to mosquitoes that they’re twice as likely to suffer bites than Type A.

In addition, if you happen to be among the estimated 85% of people who emit a certain chemical that gives away your blood type through your skin then mosquitoes will bite you long before they bite those who lack that chemical. It’s as if the pesky insects like to know exactly what type of blood they’ll be sucking, eek!

4) Carbon Dioxide- Even just breathing is enough to attract mosquitoes because they are drawn to the CO2 you exhale. Individuals who produce more CO2 get bit more frequently, thus pregnant women and heavy-set people who tend to breathe heavier need to take extra precautions to keep from getting bit. Another factor in relation to carbon monoxide is that beer drinkers have been found to get bit more frequently because they too breathe more heavily when under the influence of a few beers.

While people commonly use bug zappers, horrible smelling chemical repellents, and mosquito nets to try and combat the pests, they’re mostly ineffective or plain gross. Fortunately, there’s an easy and highly effective way to keep your surroundings mosquito-free. This video shows how to make a trap to catch the suckers using old soda bottles. It takes just a few seconds and you can make a bunch of them for less than a couple of bucks.

Take a 2 liter soda bottle and carefully cut a third of the top part off it with a serrated knife. Place ¼ cup of brown sugar, 1 cup warm water, and ¼ teaspoon of yeast in the bottom two thirds portion of the cut soda bottle. Place the top of the soda bottle upside down into the bottom half of the bottle and make sure the cap is off and that it fits tight and snug all around the sides. Place the soda bottle trap outside near wherever you plan on sitting and let it do its magic.

Mosquitoes will be attracted to the brown sugar and yeast mixture and won’t be able to resist the sweet, sticky aroma it puts off. When they fly down inside the bottle they become trapped and can’t escape, leaving you with a comfortable, relaxing, mosquito-free atmosphere to enjoy and kick back in. Check it out, the video is definitely worth a one minute view!

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The Strange and Surprising Reason Why People Unexpectedly Twitch As They Try To Fall Asleep!

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Do you know what I love?  Getting answers to questions that you have always wondered about, but never thought to ask!

The video below, that you are about to watch, explains the fascinating theories related to the strange phenomenon that we have all experienced throughout our lives; that sudden jerking movement or FEELING OF FALLING, as you are going from consciousness into sleep.

So, What is that all about?  This scary, loss of control feeling, of trying to avoid falling, is referred to as a ‘hypnic jerk’ or ‘sleep start’.  Although many doctors believe this is just an “almost asleep” transition from wakefulness into unconsciousness, there are really interesting reasons to explain this transition.

The video explains the theories that have to do with the brain defending against the paralytic state of our organs,that keep us from running around when we sleep, in the transitional period.

As it is noted that this phenomenon occurs early on, when we are babies, the ‘hypnic jerk’ may be a developmental feature that we go through to learn how to control our limbs.

Our brains may continue to register this as a failing of our organs, as we get older, and continues to compensate by jerking us awake.  There is even a theory that incorporates our primate ancestors, the apes, as the origins of this bizarre phenomenon.

These and other explanations are explained in detail in the following footage, which I found to be really fascinating.

Watch the video below for further information. Let us know what you think.

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If You’re Using Black or Red Sheets On Your Bed Throw Them Out Right Now. THIS Reason Is Scary!

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Bed bug infestation is truly one of the worse experiences I’ve ever gone through.  My daughter came home from a college dorm and brought these horrid critters in her suitcase.  Because they have developed a resistance to insecticides, they are getting harder and harder to get rid of.  We had to get rid of two beds in our house!

Recently researchers who study bed bugs, found that they consistently have an amazing preference, that could prevent the breeding of bed bugs in your home to begin with.

In the video you are about to watch below, from the Mayo Clinic, one of the researchers explains the finding…bed bugs have a definite preference for certain colors, while they show no interest in other ones!

The original study was done by researchers at the University of Florida and Union College in Lincoln. Some of the details of how color preference was tested will be shown in the footage below.  The results showed that bed bugs have a strong preference for RED AND BLACK, while they actually avoided GREEN and YELLOW.

As you will hear, this preference is believed to be evolutionary and based on adaptation.  This will also be explained, but for now all I have to say is that my RED SHEETS won’t be seeing any of the beds in my house, and although I don’t have Black sheets I will not be using the dark navy or dark brown ones.

Having been through a bed bug siege, I will go to any lengths to avoid the chaos that ensued.  Let us know what you think after watching the video.

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They Walked Past This Strange Plant But What Explodes Out Is UNTHINKABLE!

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When truly amazing videos come out on the internet from reputable institutions, such as the Smithsonian, showing us the proliferation that exists in nature, it is mind-blowing.  This video footage, never seen before, from the Puerto Rico Trench is an example of such astounding actions within Mother Nature, that we would think we were watching science fiction.

What you are about to view just sounds impossible, but it is real!  Exploding plants!!  You are about to see how the smallest impetus in nature sets off explosions within certain plants that lead to their reproduction.

The main biological purpose of all living things is to reproduce.  Nature makes that happen by the distribution and replication of seeds so that living things have the chance of having a legacy from generation to generation.

In the plant world the spreading of seeds occurs in many different and creative ways, fruits rely on animals and humans to be enticed by their sweetness, plucking them and then transporting them to another place to be replicated.  Some plants rely on bees or wind to spread their seed.

The unique plants you are about to witness are not reliant on something else.  Instead they are self-reliant; pressure within their own leaves allows them to be autonomous, by exploding their seeds out into the world.

This slow motion video of the action of several different varieties of such plants is truly amazing to behold.  Enjoy this magnificent footage of nature in action.

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This Guy Puts A Bar Of Soap In His Microwave. The Results Are An Unexpectedly Wild Surprise!

This video shows us  6 science tricks that will be loved by adults and kids alike.  Using everyday products the video you are about to watch is so important, because it makes science fun!  If you include your kids in the fun, it will increase their curiosity and creativity without incurring danger.

One such experiment is what happens when you put raw eggs in distilled vinegar.  There is a reaction that occurs, and within 48 hours something really surprising happens!  Not only do the shells dissolve, but the eggs actually bounce!!  Then the making of an actual homemade bouncy ball is illustrated, as well as an ivory soap soufflé.

The fun continues as we are shown how to change the color of a flower!  Within one hour, before your very eyes, the flower changes it’s color through the process of transferring food colored water through the stem.  These, and other fun science experiments are perfect to try with your kids during the upcoming holidays or on a rainy day.  Making science awe-inspiring for your kids is the gift of a lifetime!

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