They Walked Past This Strange Plant But What Explodes Out Is UNTHINKABLE!

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When truly amazing videos come out on the internet from reputable institutions, such as the Smithsonian, showing us the proliferation that exists in nature, it is mind-blowing.  This video footage, never seen before, from the Puerto Rico Trench is an example of such astounding actions within Mother Nature, that we would think we were watching science fiction.

What you are about to view just sounds impossible, but it is real!  Exploding plants!!  You are about to see how the smallest impetus in nature sets off explosions within certain plants that lead to their reproduction.

The main biological purpose of all living things is to reproduce.  Nature makes that happen by the distribution and replication of seeds so that living things have the chance of having a legacy from generation to generation.

In the plant world the spreading of seeds occurs in many different and creative ways, fruits rely on animals and humans to be enticed by their sweetness, plucking them and then transporting them to another place to be replicated.  Some plants rely on bees or wind to spread their seed.

The unique plants you are about to witness are not reliant on something else.  Instead they are self-reliant; pressure within their own leaves allows them to be autonomous, by exploding their seeds out into the world.

This slow motion video of the action of several different varieties of such plants is truly amazing to behold.  Enjoy this magnificent footage of nature in action.

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