This Guy Puts A Bar Of Soap In His Microwave. The Results Are An Unexpectedly Wild Surprise!

This video shows us  6 science tricks that will be loved by adults and kids alike.  Using everyday products the video you are about to watch is so important, because it makes science fun!  If you include your kids in the fun, it will increase their curiosity and creativity without incurring danger.

One such experiment is what happens when you put raw eggs in distilled vinegar.  There is a reaction that occurs, and within 48 hours something really surprising happens!  Not only do the shells dissolve, but the eggs actually bounce!!  Then the making of an actual homemade bouncy ball is illustrated, as well as an ivory soap soufflé.

The fun continues as we are shown how to change the color of a flower!  Within one hour, before your very eyes, the flower changes it’s color through the process of transferring food colored water through the stem.  These, and other fun science experiments are perfect to try with your kids during the upcoming holidays or on a rainy day.  Making science awe-inspiring for your kids is the gift of a lifetime!

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He Places A New Bar Of Soap In His Microwave. The Result Is An Unexpected Crazy Surprise!

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This amazing video below reveals six awesome science experiments that are great for kids and their parents or anyone else who loves cool stuff!  Using stuff you already use every day that is in your house you can do some pretty incredible science experiments with little to know money needed! If you are into creative and incredible to do with your family on a rainy day this is the perfect thing for you!

First they place eggs in some distilled vinegar for the first experiment. The reaction and end result is super unexpected and surprising!  The shells completely dissolve but the best part is you now have bouncy eggs! The next experiment is how to make a homemade bouncy ball to play with your kids or grandkids. The best part of the video for me personally is the ivory soap soufflé!

Then coloring a flower into rainbows is covered which is great for any occasion! The flower changes color with speed and will fully change it’s color within 6o minutes. The food color in the H2O travels up the stem through the power of nature and it’s absolutely fascinating and mesmerizing to watch.

These experiments are perfect for a rainy day at home with your nieces, nephews, kids or grandkids or even to do by yourself if you are just bored. The power of science is just so inspirational. I can’t wait to try these out with my own children. Teaching and learning doesn’t have to be all boring and dull and this video proves it!

Your kids will totally love this, try it out this weekend and let us know how it turns out! Enjoy and watch the video below for instructions!

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This Guy Adds Butane To a Bottle Of Coke. The Result Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Although we wouldn’t call this video a DIY, as it is too dangerous to try at home, we would certainly call it a hack. It comes to you from a YouTube channel, Kreosan, which is a place where experiments are done that have the potential to be quite dangerous.

Kreosan is inhabited by two crazy Russian “scientists”, who mix incredibly creative scientific concoctions, with a twist of quirky humor, that is both entertaining and fascinating for the world to watch. Some of their videos are fully subtitled, but this one just includes funny one or two word written exclamations that accompany the different steps of the experiment.

The underlying concept to their “mad science” is pretty self-explanatory, but offers some crazy entertainment! Their comedic timing is priceless as they demonstrate the making of a Coca-Cola rocket. One of the main things lacking in making science is interesting is comedy and entertainment to make the experiments fun to watch and educational!

Mixing butane and Coke in the soda bottle, the hilarious “mad scientists” take it outdoors in different locations, to demonstrate the sheer power of this simple mixture.

A coke rocket is created! Enjoy this wildly amusing video! and remember don’t try this at home or under professional supervision!

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