A Random Guy Hits This Lady On The Street And Runs! Now Watch The Guy In White Do The UNTHINKABLE!

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I started watching the video you are about to view below, with no idea about what this social experiment involved.  Was I about to see some act of cruelty or perhaps something else.  You will see why this footage has gone viral. It really is an incredibly intriguing video, that really tests human nature!

Taking to the streets of London, Action Productions set up scenarios to see whether complete strangers can be expected to show acts of compassion or negligence.  Would anyone be inspired to take positive actions in helping others.

You will see an elderly, disabled woman dragging a large suitcase up to a steep staircase.  Will anyone notice she needs help?  A man on a train who has fallen asleep has written a sign asking for someone to wake him when he reaches his stop…will anyone take the time?  A man bumps into a woman carrying groceries and her package falls to the ground, spilling everything out.

Will anyone stop to help her?  You will be surprised…in more than one way!

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He Places A New Bar Of Soap In His Microwave. The Result Is An Unexpected Crazy Surprise!

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This amazing video below reveals six awesome science experiments that are great for kids and their parents or anyone else who loves cool stuff!  Using stuff you already use every day that is in your house you can do some pretty incredible science experiments with little to know money needed! If you are into creative and incredible to do with your family on a rainy day this is the perfect thing for you!

First they place eggs in some distilled vinegar for the first experiment. The reaction and end result is super unexpected and surprising!  The shells completely dissolve but the best part is you now have bouncy eggs! The next experiment is how to make a homemade bouncy ball to play with your kids or grandkids. The best part of the video for me personally is the ivory soap soufflé!

Then coloring a flower into rainbows is covered which is great for any occasion! The flower changes color with speed and will fully change it’s color within 6o minutes. The food color in the H2O travels up the stem through the power of nature and it’s absolutely fascinating and mesmerizing to watch.

These experiments are perfect for a rainy day at home with your nieces, nephews, kids or grandkids or even to do by yourself if you are just bored. The power of science is just so inspirational. I can’t wait to try these out with my own children. Teaching and learning doesn’t have to be all boring and dull and this video proves it!

Your kids will totally love this, try it out this weekend and let us know how it turns out! Enjoy and watch the video below for instructions!

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This Guy Adds Butane To a Bottle Of Coke. The Result Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Although we wouldn’t call this video a DIY, as it is too dangerous to try at home, we would certainly call it a hack. It comes to you from a YouTube channel, Kreosan, which is a place where experiments are done that have the potential to be quite dangerous.

Kreosan is inhabited by two crazy Russian “scientists”, who mix incredibly creative scientific concoctions, with a twist of quirky humor, that is both entertaining and fascinating for the world to watch. Some of their videos are fully subtitled, but this one just includes funny one or two word written exclamations that accompany the different steps of the experiment.

The underlying concept to their “mad science” is pretty self-explanatory, but offers some crazy entertainment! Their comedic timing is priceless as they demonstrate the making of a Coca-Cola rocket. One of the main things lacking in making science is interesting is comedy and entertainment to make the experiments fun to watch and educational!

Mixing butane and Coke in the soda bottle, the hilarious “mad scientists” take it outdoors in different locations, to demonstrate the sheer power of this simple mixture.

A coke rocket is created! Enjoy this wildly amusing video! and remember don’t try this at home or under professional supervision!

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VIDEO: THIS Crow Stares At A Stick 8 Moves Later Every Single Scientist Is Stunned In Disbelief

The term ‘counting crows’ isn’t just the name of a rock band, it’s also an old saying dating back to the 1700’s. It was based on an account of a farmer who figured out a crow could count to 4 or 5 after he set up a logic test and observed the bird working through it.


Crows are known to be incredibly intelligent and crafty animals, they score very highly on intelligence tests, and top the avian IQ scale. Besides counting, they also like to play and are known to use tools, both of which are behaviors associated with intelligent animals.

More studies on crows are needed to establish exactly how smart and advanced they really are and animal researchers are working hard at that. One fairly recent experiment that tested a wild crow’s intelligence proves that they definitely are not bird brains, in the derogatory sense of the term.

A complex puzzle was set up and the crow had to work through it in order to solve the difficult problem. There were 7 different pieces or stages of the puzzle that the bird had seen before individually at different stages.

However, the video shows the first time the bird is seeing all the pieces together in one area. The crow has to asses and work with all the pieces in order to retrieve a stick that’s long enough to reach a piece of food. Once he digs the morsel out at the end he earns the treat and proves his mental agility.

Check out the video to see how complex the task really was and to see if the wild bird figured it out. Crows may just be smarter than young kids and this video makes me wonder what else are they capable of?

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Video: Apparently If You Throw a Big Bucket Of Dry Ice In The Pool THIS Happens!

Dry ice has been used in many interesting endeavors and the hunks of frozen carbon dioxide never cease to amaze us. While it’s most widely known and used for keeping perishable food items frozen during transit, that hasn’t stopped inventive humans from incorporating it into everything from school science projects to chemotherapy, rockets, bug removal, fire extinguishers, fog machines, removing skin tags or moles, and so much more.

While the majority of these alternative types of uses play a specific role and serve a higher purpose, some dry ice tricks are simply for fun and entertainment. That’s exactly what this video of dry ice being tossed into a swimming pool is about; good old-fashioned fun!

The interesting concept was dreamed up and brought to light by one of YouTube’s most hilarious personalities, the Crazy Russian Hacker. He’s full of cool ideas and whether it’s conducting random experiments, testing out new gadgets, or sharing his favorite life hacks, he’s always up to something wild and strange.

For this particular project he decided to see exactly what would happen if thirty pounds of dry ice were dumped straight into a backyard swimming pool. Long story short, it’s pretty awesome!

The clip opens with the Crazy Russian hanging out poolside with an empty cooler, a pair of insulated gloves, and several bags of dry ice. He gets right down to it and starts breaking up the ice blocks into smaller chunks over the empty cooler.

Since his motto is “safety is the number one priority” he works with gloves on both hands to protect his skin against dry ice burns. Once the container is full of dry ice he picks it up and dumps it directly into the pool!

As soon as the dry ice hits the water it immediately reacts and the pool begins to bubble up. The warmer water in the pool starts to melt and break down the ice and soon a dense, thick white fog drifts off the surface before being carried away in the breeze.

The combined effects make it look as if the pool is boiling and you can hear the water bubbling as all of the gasses get released. In the background you can hear the Crazy Russian Hacker commenting on how “beautiful,” “amazing,” and “awesome” it is. He’s hilarious and might be just as entertaining as the dry ice in the pool!

If you’re thinking that dumping 30 pounds of dry ice in a pool may be dangerous, it’s not but only if the proper precautions are taken. Above all else, the one thing you should never do is handle it with your bare hands. Always use insulated gloves because they will prevent hands and skin from getting injured and/or burned by frostbite which occurs on contact with the stuff.

One more thing to keep in mind is that if you plan on breaking it up like how the Crazy Russian Hacker did in the clip, make sure to use protective eye wear as well. I think we can all agree that it’s always best to be safe than to be sorry! Here’s more on the science behind dry ice and what it is:

Dry ice is super-frozen carbon dioxide, which is the gas we exhale whenever we breathe out. It forms when carbon dioxide is exposed to extreme temperatures of at least -109° Fahrenheit. At that temperature or lower it changes from a gas straight to a solid and there is no liquid phase whatsoever in-between.

The inverse of this immediate change also happens to be true of it, so when dry ice melts it goes from solid to gas. That is why and how it produces the cloudy, fog-like effect that it’s known for.

Now that you have seen what thirty pounds of dry ice does to a swimming pool you can try it yourself, should you ever need to! It’s the perfect way to make a pool party memorable and everyone will love the cool, hypnotic effects. Plus, it’s highly likely that no one has ever seen anything quite like this done before and so they’re going to remember it forever.

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