A Random Guy Hits This Lady On The Street And Runs! Now Watch The Guy In White Do The UNTHINKABLE!

image via – youtube.com

I started watching the video you are about to view below, with no idea about what this social experiment involved.  Was I about to see some act of cruelty or perhaps something else.  You will see why this footage has gone viral. It really is an incredibly intriguing video, that really tests human nature!

Taking to the streets of London, Action Productions set up scenarios to see whether complete strangers can be expected to show acts of compassion or negligence.  Would anyone be inspired to take positive actions in helping others.

You will see an elderly, disabled woman dragging a large suitcase up to a steep staircase.  Will anyone notice she needs help?  A man on a train who has fallen asleep has written a sign asking for someone to wake him when he reaches his stop…will anyone take the time?  A man bumps into a woman carrying groceries and her package falls to the ground, spilling everything out.

Will anyone stop to help her?  You will be surprised…in more than one way!

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