A Random Guy Hits This Lady On The Street And Runs! Now Watch The Guy In White Do The UNTHINKABLE!

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I started watching the video you are about to view below, with no idea about what this social experiment involved.  Was I about to see some act of cruelty or perhaps something else.  You will see why this footage has gone viral. It really is an incredibly intriguing video, that really tests human nature!

Taking to the streets of London, Action Productions set up scenarios to see whether complete strangers can be expected to show acts of compassion or negligence.  Would anyone be inspired to take positive actions in helping others.

You will see an elderly, disabled woman dragging a large suitcase up to a steep staircase.  Will anyone notice she needs help?  A man on a train who has fallen asleep has written a sign asking for someone to wake him when he reaches his stop…will anyone take the time?  A man bumps into a woman carrying groceries and her package falls to the ground, spilling everything out.

Will anyone stop to help her?  You will be surprised…in more than one way!

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Strangers Were Asked To Write Their Biggest Regrets. What They All Had In Common Tore My Heart Up!

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What is your biggest regret?  This is a question that was posed in a social experiment.  A blackboard was erected on a sidewalk in the middle of New York City where this uncomfortable question was written.  Passersby were given the opportunity to answer it by writing a short response on the board.

The question touches a nerve in many people, because most human beings have some regrets; interestingly, many who passed this blackboard that posed this question, felt the need to unburden themselves.

Regrets about the big choices in life are sometimes hard to pinpoint;  are we regretful because we fell short in a relationship?; do we regret not having reached a goal?; are our regrets truly our own, or are they about not having reached someone else’s expectations of us?

There is a Robert Frost poem titled, “The Road Not Taken”; the most famous quote from it is: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, … I took one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”  This line seems particularly apropos for this experiment.  When people wrote on the blackboard about their regrets there was one dominant word that stood out, and that was NOT.

Many seem so broken from the “NOTS” in their life.  People who wrote their regrets, came back some time later to see something new written on the board, that turned on a metaphorical light.  Watch the video below to see the process of the experiment and the message of hope that is brought home.

Let us know what you think about this message.

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This Man Approaches A Kid On The Playground With a Puppy. What Happens Next Is Scary.

This is an alert to all parents!  This video is a must-see for parents of all young children.  Most parents these days drill it into their children not to talk to strangers; never go with a stranger who offers you candy, playing with a puppy etc.  We all believe that because we tell our kids this over and over again, that they digest this information and will never go with a stranger that entices them.

Well think again!  JoeySalads, a Youtuber, decided to do a social experiment on a local playground.  He has an adorable puppy with him that any child would be enchanted with.  As the children are busy playing on the playground equipment, Joey approaches different moms who are sitting on the park benches.  He asks if they think their child will go with him, a stranger, if he shows them his cute pup and tells them he has others to show them.

All the mothers believe that their kids will check with them before going with this stranger.  After they give him permission to approach their child to test out whether they have learned the stranger lesson, he goes to each child and offers to show them his other pups.

Every child fails the test!  Without a second thought they take Joey’s hand and walk off with him, without a glance in their mother’s direction!  Towards the end of the video we see one mom holding her son and explaining to him that Joey is a stranger.  If he had been a bad stranger “you would never have seen mommy again.”  You can see how this “experience” really impacts the little boy as he clings onto his mom.

Perhaps the lesson of this video is that children learn more from experience than from mere words that go in one ear and out the other.  I bet that little boy will remember what happened and what his mom said about his never seeing her again, because of having actually gone off with this “staged” stranger.

The results of this social experiment are truly terrifying.  In order to protect our children from possible abduction, more needs to be done than simply telling them not to talk to strangers. Please comment and let us know if you have some ideas about what would be most effective for your kids.

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She Was On Facebook Browsing When She Came Across An Unexpected Stranger That Looked Exactly Like Her!

Could it be that we all have a nearly identical twin somewhere in the world who is a complete stranger? It seems almost unbelievable until you watch this video in which one woman found hers through Facebook after only two weeks of searching!

Niamh Geaney and her two friends Harry English and Terence Manzanga challenged each other to a competition to find their “twin” in the fastest amount of time. Calling the contest Twin Strangers, they used various social media networks to spread the word about their search. The friends got their inspiration from Sophie Robehmed, a journalist who revealed the doppelgänger concept, that we all have people in the world who bear astonishingly identical looks to our own.

Geaney won the challenge after a woman named Karen submitted her photo that bore an almost identical likeness to Niamh. She made the announcement about her discovery on Facebook, writing, I found Karen through the power of social media and this weekend, we met up in real life. Not going to lie — we were both pretty freaked about seeing our double in the flesh.

Check out the surreal entries at Twin Strangers, and this amazing video of the two women meeting. It’s as intense and mind-boggling as finding a biological twin you never knew you had! Watching this makes you really want to find your own twin stranger!

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