The UNTHINKABLE and Disturbing Reason Why You Should Never Refrigerate Your Potatoes!


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Back in the day, people used to put everything in the refrigerator, to keep foods from going bad.  Although, there are more foods than not that benefit from refrigeration, there are some that don’t.  Not only do they not benefit, but refrigeration of some foods spoil their taste, health benefits and in the case of potatoes actually can be damaging to your health.

According to the Food Standards Agency website, it is quite important NOT to refrigerate POTATOES.  The temperature in the fridge causes conversion of it’s starch into sugar.  Once this occurs and the potato is then cooked, a chemical reaction occurs which is believed to be harmful; the sugars join with the amino acid asparagine, which results in the chemical acrylamide being present in the potato. Studies indicate that this chemical is carcinogenic!

Storing potatoes in a cool, dry place will prevent this chemical conversion from occurring.  The video you are about to watch below will surprise you with information about other common foods that are negatively affected by refrigeration.  I was actually shocked by two of the items; let us know which foods you knew about, and which surprised you.

Watch the video below for more food you should never refrigerate:

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This Guy Drops A Red Hot Ball Of Nickel On A Square Piece Of Foam. Then Things Get Unexpectedly Nuts!

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If you have ever seen any one of the 72 red hot nickel ball videos on YouTube channel carsandwater, then you should know what to expect from this clip. If not, then here is a short background on the red hot nickel ball (RHNB) phenomenon. Basically a super-heated, red hot, ball of nickel is placed on a variety of materials, from eggs and jaw breakers to dry ice and Elmer’s glue. The reaction that takes place is recorded, uploaded, and everyone can then share the knowledge of what happens with their friends and family.

The latest, and easily one of the best reactions thus far, is the red hot nickel ball dropped onto a piece of floral foam. Floral foam is that green, spongy, block packaged stuff that craft stores sell and it’s used by florists to support flower arrangements and to help keep them fresh.

When the RHNB is dropped on top one of the floral foam blocks a sort of strange magic quickly begins to occur. The foam turns from green into yellows, vibrant purples, brown, and finally charred black.

It seems like the foam is burning down, from the inside core outwards, as it shrinks and shrivels. You’ll have to check out the video to see what else happens and how fast the RHNB destroyed it, and this is definitely something you will want to see!

If you have an object, material, or substance that you would like to see tested, there is a safe way for that to happen. Viewers, commentators, and anyone who so desires can send in things to undergo the RHNB experience. Simply follow the instructions and refer to the PO address provided on the video link.

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Husky Is Terrified of Julia Roberts and Runs When She Sees Her. Her Response Is UNEXPECTEDLY Hilarious!

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Out of all the billions of things in the world to be scared of, one Husky dog is afraid of Julia Roberts! For some odd reason the silly pooch named Achmed is absolutely petrified of the actress and when he catches even just a brief glimpse of her it’s enough to send him fleeing in terror.

The short clip below is the original video which shows Achmed’s strange reaction. According to Kayla R, the dog’s owner, she had been the couch reading through Brides magazine and watching TV with her fiance when her dog suddenly freaked out. She noticed that it was in response to something he had seen in the magazine and after a little investigating the source of his fear was found, a Lanôme advertisement featuring Julia Roberts!

Kayla told her fiance and they set about capturing Achmed’s unusual reaction. When the magazine is held up for the dog to see he immediately starts to cry and whine before running far, far away from the offending picture. As soon as the magazine is lowered and Julia is out of sight, Achmed feels safe enough to return. The rest, as they say, is history!

Fast forward a few years to when Julia Roberts was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He played the clip for her and then suggested that she “say something nice to him in the camera and maybe he’ll be your friend.” Julia agreed and after figuring out which camera to look at she smiled broadly and gave him something to really be scared of!!

Watch the video below and enjoy!

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Mom Confronts THIS Guilty Dog Who Trashed The House. But She Never Expected THIS To Happen!

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Getting caught red handed can be a stressful experience, depending on what it is you were caught doing. We each respond differently when we get called out for doing something that we know is plain wrong. Some people deny they were doing anything bad, regardless of how obvious it may be.

Others stop whatever they were doing, own up to their guilt, and apologize for any wrongdoing. And some just try to disappear and avoid any and all conflict. That’s what one guilty dog did when his owner awoke from a nap to find that her house had been trashed as she slept!

The big Great Dane named Seven had gone through the trash can and ended up spreading its contents all over the kitchen floor. Seven clearly knew he was in trouble when his owner started asking questions as he relaxed on the couch, his huge body spread out comfortably on a mess of blankets and pillows.

However, before she could finish her reprimand, he hurriedly got up off the couch and removed himself from the situation. With his head bowed low and tail tucked, he gingerly trotted over to a door. Then he ducked down and wedged himself headfirst through a tiny doggy door at the bottom of it and expertly shimmied his long, skinny body through it!

Seven disappeared in seconds and managed to escape outside in the most adorable and unexpected fashion. It’s unbelievable that his huge body can fit through the tiny opening, which appears to be for a much smaller dog or even a cat.

He definitely has been through the little door before because he knew he’d make it and didn’t stop or hesitate for one second. How could anyone be mad at him, or any dog, after seeing that.

It appears that the expression “out of sight, out of mind” is what Seven was going for, in the hopes that it would ring true and his owner would soon forget all about the trash fiasco! I still can’t believe he fit through that doggy door…

Watch the hilarious video below and let us know what you think!

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Baby Meets His Father’s Twin Brother For The First Time. THIS Reaction Made Me Spit My Drink Out!

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There is something so mind boggling about identical twins; as I am not one, I can only wonder what an unusual experience it must be to share the depth of a bond that you have with someone who is exactly like you genetically.

For those of us who have been blessed to experience deep sibling bonds, the bonds that twins express as seeing the other as part of themselves, seems like an amazing phenomenon.  To experience life so similarly must be such a unique way to go through life.

Then there is the fun of fooling people who can’t tell you apart.  Many truly identical twins enjoy the fact that people really have a hard time telling the difference between them as they are growing up, and love recanting tales of how they tricked people.

What you are about to see in the delightful video below, are two grown up identical brothers, Stephen and Michael Ratpojanakul.  Michael married Caryn, and it was through Caryn that Stephen met his wife, Carroll.  Caryn and Carroll are sisters…also identical twins!

Naturally they are all very close and are intertwined in each others lives.  Stephen and Carroll have a baby boy who has just started talking.  One of his first words, naturally, is Dada, and he is clearly a daddy’s boy…or is he?  Watch and see!

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They Thought There Was Something Odd About The UPS Guy. They Set Up A Hidden Camera and Caught THIS

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It’s that time of year again, when Christmas cards, packages, and all the stuff that we ordered online starts to arrive at our front doors. December is by far the busiest month for all mail services and workers are bustling around the clock, making sure that people get their stuff delivered on time. In fact, this month the post office expects to break a new record.

They’re expecting to deliver an estimated 12.7 billion cards, letters, and packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve alone, and a further 3 billion before the month’s end. All those parcels and cards need to be delivered and you’re bound to see all the mail trucks out and about, making their rounds all day long.

Drivers have to work extra hard to meet the heavy demand. They are out no matter what, rain or shine, and often have to work through snow and icy conditions. So this holiday season, show your appreciation for the men and women who deliver your mail and leave them a small gift or a nice tip. It means a lot to them to know that you care. Plus, who knows, from there on out they may just handle your packages with extra care!

One family did just that and left out a gift, but they got an entirely unexpected and unique response from their delivery driver. Their home surveillance camera was pointed right at the front door and captured the awesome moment in all its glory. The UPS truck pulled up to the house and the delivery man went to the door and dropped off two packages.

Then he picked up the present that was waiting for him, opened it, and had the best reaction ever. He started dancing an Irish jig, or step dance, before taking a bow and calmly walking off back towards his truck. He must have gotten a substantial bonus from the family, and chances are he knew that he was on camera, so he thanked them through his dance.

So if you get a lot of packages in the mail throughout the year or in this busy month, remember to tip the hard working men and women who deliver them, and spread the holiday cheer and generosity.

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