The UNTHINKABLE and Disturbing Reason Why You Should Never Refrigerate Your Potatoes!


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Back in the day, people used to put everything in the refrigerator, to keep foods from going bad.  Although, there are more foods than not that benefit from refrigeration, there are some that don’t.  Not only do they not benefit, but refrigeration of some foods spoil their taste, health benefits and in the case of potatoes actually can be damaging to your health.

According to the Food Standards Agency website, it is quite important NOT to refrigerate POTATOES.  The temperature in the fridge causes conversion of it’s starch into sugar.  Once this occurs and the potato is then cooked, a chemical reaction occurs which is believed to be harmful; the sugars join with the amino acid asparagine, which results in the chemical acrylamide being present in the potato. Studies indicate that this chemical is carcinogenic!

Storing potatoes in a cool, dry place will prevent this chemical conversion from occurring.  The video you are about to watch below will surprise you with information about other common foods that are negatively affected by refrigeration.  I was actually shocked by two of the items; let us know which foods you knew about, and which surprised you.

Watch the video below for more food you should never refrigerate:

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