Guilty Dog Gets Caught In The Act. His Reaction When His Human Finds Out Priceless!

How do you react when you get caught doing something that you know you really should not be doing? Are you the type who denies any wrongdoing to the bitter end even if it’s obvious how busted you truly are, or maybe you slink quietly away; out of sight, out of mind. If you’re anything like this sweet yellow lab, you tuck your tail between your legs and beg for forgiveness!

The adorable clip of Ettore the Labrador has touched the hearts of millions around the globe and it’s easy to see why. She had just been caught doing something very naughty by her owner, Anthony Federica Granai, and desperately wanted to get back in his good graces again. Apparently she made a hole in his sofa and he was understandably upset about the furniture being ruined so he scolded her.

As soon as he sat down on the couch Ettore lowered her ears and began to slowly crawl up into his lap to begin her grovelling. She went straight to work, giving him her most sorrowful and needy puppy-eyed look. Even so, Anthony continued to admonish her behavior which only seemed to make her try even harder for his love. She switched up her tactic and started to nuzzle her head fondly against him while snuggling closer and closer, but he was still upset.

That’s when Ettore kicks her apology up a notch by placing both her front paws on her owner’s shoulders and giving him a big warm hug. The move wins Anthony over and he can’t help but hug her back, it’s the cutest scene! Clearly her apology was accepted and the two made their peace. How could anyone stay mad at a dog like that for more than 30 seconds?!

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Tiny Baby Elephant Notices People Watching Him On Safari. But Seconds Later He Does The Most Adorable Thing Ever.

When on safari, expect the unexpected. There’s absolutely no way you can ever know what you’re going to come across which is all part of what makes the experience so awesome and exciting. Venturing out into the wild where some of the planet’s largest, most fierce animals roam freely is simply guaranteed to be action packed and filled with one thrilling adventure after another.

Of course, sometimes the most memorable thing that you end up witnessing on a once in a lifetime safari vacation isn’t necessarily going to be a pack of lions taking down a Wildebeest. Nature works in mysterious ways and as the tourists in this video found out, those ways can be quite adorable and endearing!

The group had stopped on a dusty beaten path near a watering hole to allow a family of elephants to pass. The larger mother was leading in front and trailing closely behind her were two smaller elephants. The smallest one of the bunch was just a baby and as the people in the group fawned over how adorable the calf was he turned and looked right at them. The glance was the perfect photo opportunity, but it only lasted a few seconds before the little guy suddenly seized up and let out a big sneeze! The force rocked his body and caused him to let out a mini-trumpeting noise that sounds absolutely adorable.

Just as cute as the actual sneeze was the baby elephants reaction to it. While the noise he made caused everyone else to laugh and giggle in delight, it ended up spooking the poor baby! He took off running, his little feet moving double time to help him skedaddle on over to his mama, where he proceeded to hide behind her massive frame. You just have to see and hear this baby elephant sneeze, it’s nature in its most lovable and comical state!

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The Dog Is About To Meet His New Little Sister. But His Reaction Is Unexpectedly Hilarious and Strange!

A dog is often a couple’s first “baby”. They coddle it and talk baby talk and cherish it, much as they would a new baby. Then one day it’s time for the new child to arrive. Dogs can vary in their reactions, much as a brother or sister does to a new offspring. The dynamics aren’t really that different.

Dogs may often feel that they are being replaced by the new baby, and sibling rivalry may ensue. Battling for their parent’s attention is normal, and may bring out negative or even aggressive behavior toward the new little one. As with siblings, parents often try to prepare their dog for the baby who is about to enter their world. It is a little more difficult as dogs don’t possess the language that a child does.

The expectant mother, in the video you are about to watch, is sweetly and cleverly trying to prepare Charlie, the family dog, for the birth of the baby that is coming the next day. She employs the dog’s use of scent, by presenting the new baby’s clothes and letting him sniff them. All the while she is explaining that these are the new baby’s things who will be coming soon.

Hoping to prevent some of the potential rivalry, she encourages the dog to explore the baby’s things. Unfortunately, she does not get quite the reaction she had hoped for. Charlie’s reaction is priceless! He lets her know exactly where he stands about the baby. Here’s to hoping that Charlie and his new “sibling” will eventually become good buddies!

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Abused And Neglected Dog Is Rescued. Her Reaction When She Picks Out Her First Toy Ever Is PRICELESS

When it comes to dogs and toys, you just never know what they might love, or hate, to play with. Some dogs love nothing more than to go after tennis balls, others prefer a nice hardy stick they can chew on and fetch, while others enjoy toys they can play tug of war with.

These days there are thousands of different play things available for every type of canine need or desire. There are ones that squeak or are indestructible, some are specially designed for small or large breeds, and a few are even highly interactive.

It can be really hard to choose one toy when you are staring down aisle after aisle of potential ones for your pet. No one wants to pick out one and excitedly bring it home to a dog who could care less about it. Toys are not cheap and many have wasted their money searching for something they think their dog would love.

That’s why it’s best to leave the picking and choosing up to your four legged friend, which is exactly what one thoughtful owner did. He took his best friend Roo to the pet store and let her check out the selection first hand. The excited Golden Retriever spent some time roaming the aisles, sniffing through the goods, as she looked for something that caught her eye.

It was only when she came across a bin of stuffed animals that she knew what she wanted. After hopping up on her hind legs she reached her mouth in and made her selection by grabbing one of the plushy animals. Mission complete, toy acquired, now time to play!

According to Roo’s owner, Brian Beker, this was her first time experiencing a pet store environment and all it has to offer. He rescued the one year old Golden Retriever from a horrible living situation that no dog or animal should ever have to suffer through.

Roo spent the beginning of her life growing up starved of food, deprived of love, imprisoned, and neglected. Now that she is with him all that he wants to do is give her a second chance at leading a normal, happy, and love filled life.

Naturally, any beloved pet needs a few toys, especially one that has never had any her whole life to chew on or chase around. Since Roo picked out the one she liked the best, it’s safe to say that she will be enjoying it and Brian can rest assured that he didn’t waste his money!

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Daddy Tells His Little Girl She Isn’t Allowed To Have A Boyfriend. Now Watch Her Adorable Reaction!

Dads always tend to be very protective of their daughters when it comes to boyfriends, and girls usually prefer that their dads to stay out of the matter.  Apparently this controversy can start at a really young age as you are about to see in this adorable video, that will tickle you.

Little two-year-old Kennedy announces to her parents that she has a boyfriend named Jared.  The Copeland, Alabama toddler’s dad, is none too happy to hear about this.  The parents video their conversation with Kennedy.

Dad keeps teasing Kennedy that she doesn’t have a boyfriend…she’s “not allowed to have a boyfriend till [she’s] fifty!”  All that little Kennedy hears is that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and the adamant little girl is a bit crushed and defiant!

No matter what her dad says she insists that Jared is her boyfriend and she is not pleased with her dad’s denial of this fact.  This is serious emotional business to Kennedy, and she sticks to her story.  Although her parents were really amused at her reaction at such a young age, dad may have to learn not to push it once his daughter gets emotional about her beloved!

It’s no wonder this video has gone viral, as she so emotionally let’s her dad know this is no joke and he’d better watch his teasing in the future!  What do you think? Did Dad go too far in his teasing given how  she reacted?

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Video: The Caught Their Dog’s Priceless Response To Her Cancer Test Results On Video. That Face!

Dani and her husband have a beloved  Golden Retriever named Lily who got sick overnight.  They rushed her to the veterinarian and received horrible news that she had a giant tumor on her spleen. “She was so anemic her breathing was affected and we had to make a fast choice.

They told us it was hemangiosarcoma, that more than half of Golden Retrievers die from it,” Dani wrote. “It comes in fast and she only had hours to live if we didn’t do surgery. Even if we did, she’d still only have months. There was only a 10% chance that it was the benign kind and they said in 25 years it’s never happened.”

Without a second thought Dani and her husband used most of their savings to go ahead with the surgery, even though they were warned of the slim chances of saving her.  A 6 pound tumor was removed during the surgery.  Lily seemed to be feeling remarkably better after the tumor removal, but Dani and her husband were warned that his newfound health would only be temporary.

One week later they got the results. The video is of Dani explaining the situation to Lily.  She tells her to sit down as she explains the details of the type of cancer and what the doctors have explained to them.  A truly remarkable moment is recorded that will change your day.

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