The Dog Is About To Meet His New Little Sister. But His Reaction Is Unexpectedly Hilarious and Strange!

A dog is often a couple’s first “baby”. They coddle it and talk baby talk and cherish it, much as they would a new baby. Then one day it’s time for the new child to arrive. Dogs can vary in their reactions, much as a brother or sister does to a new offspring. The dynamics aren’t really that different.

Dogs may often feel that they are being replaced by the new baby, and sibling rivalry may ensue. Battling for their parent’s attention is normal, and may bring out negative or even aggressive behavior toward the new little one. As with siblings, parents often try to prepare their dog for the baby who is about to enter their world. It is a little more difficult as dogs don’t possess the language that a child does.

The expectant mother, in the video you are about to watch, is sweetly and cleverly trying to prepare Charlie, the family dog, for the birth of the baby that is coming the next day. She employs the dog’s use of scent, by presenting the new baby’s clothes and letting him sniff them. All the while she is explaining that these are the new baby’s things who will be coming soon.

Hoping to prevent some of the potential rivalry, she encourages the dog to explore the baby’s things. Unfortunately, she does not get quite the reaction she had hoped for. Charlie’s reaction is priceless! He lets her know exactly where he stands about the baby. Here’s to hoping that Charlie and his new “sibling” will eventually become good buddies!

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