THIS Mom Put Up a Pic Of Her Child On Social Media. Then Her Friend Noticed a Disturbing Reflection In The Baby’s Eye!

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As soon as you log on to social media, there is a good chance you are going to be bombarded with 100’s of pictures of your friends babies, toddlers, grandkids exc.. Parents from all around the world love taking beautiful family photos and sharing their happy lives with everyone online. For the most part, this is a great way for friends and family from far and wide to get updates on their loved ones but sometimes it can lead to more serious consequences.

In today’s featured story we will discuss a story about a mom named Madeline Robb who is from Stratford, England. Madeline has a job as a business analyst for a company back in 2007. In that same year she and her spouse Doug found out the amazing news that they would be having their first child. The couple was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to start their family. Madeline being an analyst by trade also loves to carry this over into other parts of her life by researching and ‘analyzing’ things she is interested in.

As soon as she found out the great news about being pregnant she joined an online pregnancy group chat app called befit where expecting moms can talk and discuss everything they are experiencing and going through while receiving support simultaneously. She quickly hit it off with another mom on the chat app named Megan as they bonded and built up an amazing bond and wonderful friendship. As it turns out the two expecting moms and best friends ending up giving birth on the same exact day!

Megan gave birth to her daughter Rowan and Madeline gave birth to her daughter Lilith. After they both gave birth to two healthy babies they continued their friendship and exchanged messages, photos and videos of their new families almost daily for the next year. Everything was going incredibly well for both moms and their families until one day everything changed…..

On this fateful day Megan posted an adorable picture of her daughter Rowan. On the surface it just seemed like a really cute photo but Madeline saw the photo and instantly became a bit concerned about a strange whitish blurry reflection in Rowan’s eye. Madeline vaguely recalled reading a story about a similar whitish blurry shadow in a child’s eye which turned out to be a rare form of cancer. As she tried to remember exactly what the story was she googled it and then her memory became crystal clear.

Before Madeline decided to alert Megan of her findings she wanted to be 100% sure about the hunch she had before sending Megan into a total mommy melt down. She went through tons of stories and articles just to clarify what she thought could possibly be going on and finally she decided to tell Megan that Rowan should immediately go see an eye doctor because there was a good chance the young child may have a rare form of eye cancer called Retinal Blastoma….

Watch the video below for the full story and to find out what happened to baby Rowan:

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9-Year-Old With Terminal Cancer Tells His Father ‘I Gotta Quit’. But Then Makes Him a Promise That Left Him In Tears!

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Once you become a parent it quickly dawns on you that your life is no longer the most important thing to you but your child’s life now takes precedence over your own. Seeing your young kid sick is one of the hardest things for a parent to deal with especially when there is nothing you can do to make them better.

You will make any sacrifice you possibly can for your child and will do everything in your power to try and get them better, no matter what the cost. In a worse case scenario situation they can be able to survive their illness! Until you face this reality as a parent it is truly hard to grasp how sad, difficult, scary, and life altering this situation can be.

Even if your child isn’t sick having that initial conversation about death is one of the hardest thing a parent will ever have to do. How can you explain death to a kid when as an adult it’s almost impossible to grasp the idea of it yourself. Even worse what happens when you have to have this conversation with your son and it’s not a theoretical conversation, but a talk about his imminent death.

This brings us to today’s heart breaking story. Bill Kohler father of Aiden Kohler, was diagnosed with a very rare form of childhood cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or DIPG. This is a very dangerous form of cancer that forms a large mass or tumor in the middle of the brainstem. This form of cancer is almost impossible to treat because it grows around the nerves in the brain.

If these nerves are operated on the patient will almost certainly die. People diagnosed with this type of cancer usually can only live for at most 12 months after it is found. This form of cancer is so rare that only 300 humans are diagnosed each year and they are usually between the ages of 5-9 years old.

In Aiden’s particular case his diagnosis was even worse because they didn’t just find one tumor they found two! Even with the devastating news about his son, Bill a veteran and former army medic tried just about anything and everything he could to save his son’s life.

He tried to get him into multiple experimental trials that weren’t fully cleared yet in a last ditch effort to save the young boy. Unfortunatley Aiden didn’t meet the requirements for these test trials and was rejected over and over again. When Bill finally had to come to terms with the fact that there was absolutely nothing he could do, he made his boy a promise that he would make his final days on earth as fulfilling and special as he possibly could.

Aiden got to meet his favorite wrestlers, celebrity chefs, go hunting in the woods and play with his favorite soccer team. Then came his tenth and final birthday where his parents tried their best and gave him an amazing final birthday. Time was quickly running out as the sand in the hour glass was almost empty, Aiden’s short life was coming to an end.

All his bodily functions were shutting down. He couldn’t swallow, breathe, walk and talking was becoming more and more difficult. He knew he was going to die soon and he looked up at his father and told him ‘Dad I gotta quit’. Bill the former army medic looked at his son with tears streaming down his eyes and told him, ‘if you fought as hard as you possibly could and you just can’t go on it’s okay to quit son’.

Aiden said to his dad after he’s gone he wants to be remembered as a fighter, filled with happiness, funny, a good athlete, smart, wise beyond his years and selfless. He also wanted to people to celebrate his life by dancing and singing and not be sad that he is now gone from this earth.

Aiden died soon after but his family, friends and community will never forget this special boy who will forever remain in their memories. To this day donations are still being given to John Hopkins in Aiden’s name to try and find a cure for DIPG.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Man Takes A Pregnancy Test As A Joke But Didn’t Know It Would It Would Accidentally Discover His Cancer.

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Every once in a while you come across a story that is truly a real miracle. A reddit user whose name is Cappnpoopdeck thought it would be a hysterical joke to pee on his x-girlfriend’s pregnancy tests she had left in his bathroom.  He took the pregnancy test urinated on it and to his surprise the test came back positive saying that indeed he was pregnant. He was confused and couldn’t understand how this was possible! What started out as a funny gag to mess with his x-girlfriend actually ended up saving this lucky man’s life.

Right after Cappnpoopdeck got word from fellow Redditors he immediately rushed over to his doctor. During the exam the doctor found a testicular-tumor!  If he never peed on this little stick, he probably would’ve died at such a young age.  Thank god for the internet, which on this day happened to save this guy’s life!

So with all the craziness on the internet these days, there is still amazing miracles that can happen! This is something everyone should be aware of. As it turns out pregnancy tests look for raised levels of HCG, which is a hormone produced by pregnant women and some men (not all) with testicular-cancer!

After I read this story, it inspired me to do some more research to find out why the same thing shows up in the placenta and when someone has cancer. In my research, I found out an important piece of information that may help this tool be used in a more effective manner.

Although it is accurate that many testicular-tumors do produce this marker, due to the wide variance of tumors and types of cancer, IT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN EVERY CASE. So if you think you might be sick or have cancer ALWAYS go see your doctor and don’t rely on a pregnancy test.

I had no idea that a pregnancy test could be such a lifesaver! The intended use of the test is very beneficial on its own, allowing countless women to determine if they are pregnant without ever having to go see a doctor. But who knew it would have another use that could be just as helpful, and even save lives.

However, taking the test and getting a negative result does not guarantee that a person is cancer-free, and it certainly does not substitute going to the doctor at regular intervals and performing regular self checks. That said, this commonly available test is a useful aid when used in addition to tried and true methods of early cancer detection. If you suspect something is wrong always go to a doctor to make sure..

Watch the video below for more information and remember this DOES NOT WORK IN ALL CASES only some like the man in this video. If you suspect something is wrong always go see a medical professional.

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15 Million Americans Are Undiagnosed For Thyroid Disorders. These Are The Symptoms You Can’t Ignore!

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People worry about various aspects of their health, such as the functioning of their heart, lungs and brain, but seem not to focus on the health of their thyroid. Despite this lack of attention to the thyroid, it’s impact on one’s overall health is significant. The video you are about to watch below importantly looks at the symptoms of an underactive thyroid and the best medical treatment for restoring proper functioning.

The thyroid, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the lower throat area. It’s production of two hormones, Triiodothyronine and thyroxine, are critical in the body’s ability in regulating many aspects of the body; carbohydrate usage, body temperature, and heart rate.

The failure of the gland to produce these hormones, known as Hypothyroidism, can be a result of side effects from pregnancy, certain medications as well as radiation therapy. Possible SYMPTOMS of Hypothyroidism include: Fatigue, Constipation, Sensitivity to Cold, Weight Gain, Depression, Muscle Aches, Thinning Hair, Joint Pain, Impaired Memory and Dry Skin.

Obviously many of us experience some of these symptoms, and don’t necessarily have a slow thyroid. However, if you do experience a combination of some of  these symptoms over a prolonged period of time, do not ignore them! As you will hear in the upcoming video, seeing a physician to test whether your thyroid is responsible for what you are experiencing is critical.

Re-establishing a problem hormone balance with medication is the key to restoring your health and well-being. While homeopathic remedies are available, they should be used in conjunction with synthetic hormone replacement, for optimal results.

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These Are The 6 Most Common Signs Of Ovarian Cancer That Are Overlooked and Missed!

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I truly hate alarmist health reports, but when I came upon the video you are about to watch below, I did become a bit scared as I had been experiencing several of the symptoms discussed.  It is an unfortunate fact that generally speaking, most women are unaware, that OVARIAN CANCER does have symptoms associated with it.  More people do know that it is known as one of the “Silent Cancers”, that gets diagnosed too late to prevent death.

The truth is that approximately 22,280 women in the United States will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year and 14,240 women will die.  It is not, however, true that there aren’t any symptoms that can forewarn women to go see their doctor, and be tested to rule out the possibility of ovarian cancer.

This cancer starts in the ovaries, and if not caught in the early stages, can spread to the rest of the reproductive system.  The problem lies in the fact that symptoms of ovarian cancer get overlooked, because they can be associated with many less harmful health disorders.

If you have some of the symptoms that might be associated with Ovarian Cancer, ruling out the possibility, is a worthwhile action. Information is power!

There are 6 Commonly Missed Signs of Ovarian Cancer: 

The first is a SWOLLEN OR BLOATED ABDOMEN.  This bloating occurs as a result of a fluid, called “ascites”, getting trapped in the abdominal cavity.  Unfortunately, this symptom occurs in the later phase of the progression of ovarian cancer, and obviously can be a symptom of many less serious health problems.  If this symptom occurs along with a couple of the other ones discussed, it would be prudent to see your doctor.

The second potential sign is a PERSISTENT PAIN IN THE ABDOMEN OR PELVIS.  Severe and unrelenting pain in this area, that goes on for a few days, should not be ignored!  It is a clearer sign that could be indicative of OVARIAN CYSTS or OVARIAN CANCER.

Women have hormones that control metabolism.  If these hormones get disrupted by ovarian cancer, a woman will experience the third often missed sign, which is a FEELING OF BEING FULL FASTER that can lead to DIFFICULTY EATING AS MUCH AS USUAL.

A fourth potentially missed sign of ovarian cancer may be an INCREASED NEED TO URINATE.  This occurs as a result of the buildup of the fluid discussed above, which presses on the bladder.  The problem, yet again, of this symptom being missed (by patients and doctors alike) as a symptom of ovarian cancer, is that bladder problems are a “normal health issue” that so many women experience.

When ovarian cancer spreads to the Colon, it can cause constipation or diarrhea.  This fifth potential missed sign of a change in BOWEL MOVEMENTS can also be a result of the fluid buildup pressing on the bowels.

For women who are pre-menopausal, a sixth potentially missed symptom of ovarian cancer that can be associated with other health issues, is SPOTTING BETWEEN PERIODS.  This is never normal if it persists, and should be immediately looked into.

Having one or two of the symptoms, that have been discussed, can obviously be attributed to a health problem that isn’t as serious as ovarian cancer.  Having one or two of these symptoms is common for many women, which is why the diagnosis of ovarian cancer gets overlooked until it is too late.

The testimony of the women in the video below, speaks to the notion, that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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THIS Boy Was Dying and Didn’t Have Much Time Left. Then He Whispers To His Mom 4 Words That Break Her Heart!

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For any mother or father losing a child is probably the most devasting and horrible thing someone can experience. The loss, pain and sadness is more than most can handle. It is truly something that no amount of time could ever heal.

Which brings us to today’s story which features a young boy named Nolan Scully and his mother. Nolan was terminally ill and his disease called Rhabdomyosarcoma was progressing rapidly. It is an extremely rare form of Cancer and the poor boy was diagnosed when he was a mere 3 years old. Life was quickly coming to an end for the young boy as he knew he was going to die and began to speak openly about it.

Nolan although, quickly detoriating showed so much courage, strength and bravery during his battle with this horrible disease. Even as he knew he was going to be leaving this earth, he faced it head on and fearlessly. Nolan only had one wish before he passed onto the other side.

He wanted to protect and serve his community and become a police officer. As he laid in the hospital, the chief of police came to visit him and swore the young lad in as he became Sargeant Roland Nolan! The fire departments also made him an honorary fire man as he laid on his death bed.

Nolan’s fighting spirit and attitude in the face of the worst possible adversity struck a nerve with so many people as his story went viral and his facebook page gained over 300,000 followers!

Watch the video below for Nolan’s Full Story:

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