Bikers Get Word That A Child Is Being Abused Here. They Arrive and Have The Perfect Response.

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I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve seen a group of bikers my instinct is to recoil, because their look and typical reputations are of being really tough men and women.  Some groups of bikers have been known to be violent, which has supported the negative stereotype.  The truth is that biker groups are all different, often brought together by not only a love of motorcycles, but a need for an extended family.

The VIDEO you are about to watch below, is about a young girl who was the victim of child abuse at the hands of her stepdad.  Initially, a very well adjusted, happy and fearless child, “Fa” was diminished to a withering ball of fear.  Hearing about the circumstances that had occurred, a group of bikers called BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse), appeared to become her guardian angels.

In interviews with the bikers, the girl and her mom you will be so moved and inspired by this story, and the work that BACA does.  Their commitment to each individual child of abuse, is demonstrated by not only physically presenting protection, but inspiring the courage to face and prosecute their abuser.  They stay on in close contact with the child until they are able to internalize this caring and vigilance; eventually overcoming their fears and victimhood to build the confidence to rely on themselves.

What BACA did to change the life of this girl is beyond remarkable.  Her story is an incredible example of how this dedicated and loving group of men and women, can turn a victimized child’s life around completely.

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Meet The “BACA Crew” – The Bikers Who Have Dedicated Their Lives To Protect The Victims Of Child Abuse

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You are about to watch a video about a group of bikers, who will truly restore your faith in the goodness of humanity.  Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA) is an organization of “tough guys”, whose sole purpose is to provide a sense of safety, and ultimately restore a belief in themselves for children who are victims of sexual abuse.

In the footage below, filmed by Crime Watch Daily, you will hear interviews of the “BACA Crew” and some of the victims they have worked with, to give them the courage to prosecute their perpetrators.  They are so devoted, that they give these traumatized kids 24-hour-support, until they are unafraid and ready to go on and live full lives.  This support comes in the form of constant physical presence, as well as phone support to talk at any time of day.

BACA members are carefully screened before they are trained for a years time, to fulfill their complex duties, which require all forms of stamina, sensitivity, and psychological understanding and skills.  The devotion of this group, which is solely funded by donations (some of which comes from their own), is such a powerful example of decency, caring and devotion.  Often, the abused won’t go to court for fear of facing their perpetrator.  BACA members not only escort them there, but sit in the courtroom, lending a show of strength and power that fills the frightened and intimidated child with the courage  needed to testify.  As one of the BACA members explains about the effect of looking out at their powerful leather-clad friends, “The kid looks at us, concentrates on us, knows we’re there for them”; they continue to be physically on call for the traumatized kids after testimony for as many months or years that they are needed!

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QUIZ: This Inkblot Test Will Reveal If You Still Think Like A Child!


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We each have our own style and way of thinking that comes easily and naturally to us. Rarely do we ever have to stop and think about what we’re thinking! Instead, our brains are constantly processing information and breaking it all down for us to make sense of. If we didn’t have the ability to think and form our own thoughts, mankind would likely have gone extinct long ago.

The human mind is deeply complex and unbelievably intelligent, it gives us our ability to reason and think unconsciously, which in turn is part of what gives us personality and depth. It follows that how a particular individual thinks can be broken down along the lines of their general personality type. More specifically, different styles of thinking have been linked to several categories, each of which correspond to an approximate age level. For example, some people think like teenagers. They question everything and act in their own self-interest when making decisions. In comparison, people who think like adults question things less and stick with the facts to make rational decisions based on logic and reasoning. There are even some who think in a more unique, creative, and flexible manner, they’re the ones who think more like how children do. In addition, there are all of the different combinations as well, that fall somewhere in between these base-type groups.

Do you think like a child, or does your thinking style match that of an older type better? This visual quiz has been developed to answer that question for you. It looks at the associations you instinctively make in regards to a given image and what you choose to represent what you see. The pictures are similar in style and composition to the Rorschach inkblot tests, but they’re a lot more colorful. The specific words you’re asked to identify with each inkblot vary and will help to reveal if you think like a child or not. Try it now and see where you fall on the spectrum, enjoy!

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Mom Buys Her Baby A Toy, Then Notices A Symbol On It. THIS Is What The Sickening Symbol Means..


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Nicole O’Kelly had taken her two kids to the Monster Jam show in Syracuse.  When her son lovingly wanted to buy his 2-year-old baby sister a present he spotted, Nicole was touched.  He spotted a plush pink monster truck, which she thought was a cool idea for little girls attending the show.

She bought the toy for her son to give to his sister, but it wasn’t until they got home that she had the sense that something was off about the pink truck.  In the video that you are about to watch below, she speaks to WHEC about what happened. She discovered through her older daughter, a big fan of the show “Law and Order: SVU”, that the double heart imbedded on the truck had a sick and disturbing hidden meaning.

Her daughter insisted that she had seen an episode about sexual predators, and that the double heart emblem was a “Girl Lover” logo, that signaled  that the pedophile liked to abuse little girls.  She tracked down the episode, and felt horrified and infuriated.  She had inadvertently bought her little girl a toy that had an insignia that was a secret code for online predators. “Immediately, I went into mama bear mode”, O’Kelly said.  You will hear how her determined efforts stopped the selling of these trucks, and her desire to go further in getting to the bottom of who was behind this heinous act.  She felt it was important to make other parents aware of this symbol as well as the ones below that indicate other sick proclivities of child predators.

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This Boy Felt Sick And Doctors Thought He Just Had A Bad Cold. Until They Noticed THIS


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This is a cautionary tale for all parents, grandparents and any childcare giver. When we have kids we are careful to childproof our homes, hoping to safeguard our children from getting into anything harmful. Children fill our lives with so much love; the downside of loving someone so much is the fear that anything could hurt them.

The Rauch family tragically discovered that there is no way to avoid all risk of danger despite the fact that they had tried to do so. Four years ago, their then 1-year-old son Emmett, became ill with what they initially thought was a bad cold. Strangely his condition kept getting worse until this sweet little boy ended up in critical condition fighting for his life.

The video you are about to watch below was made by Emmett’s parents so that they could make other parents
aware of a little known danger that lurks in remote controls and other electronics. They never thought twice about their little boy playing with the remote control until the unthinkable happened; he swallowed a small button-like lithium battery after he easily removed the back of the TV remote. They want to share this danger with everyone, as Emmett nearly lost his life from this tragic accident.

Emmett’s condition went from cold-like symptoms to a high fever and lethargy that led his parents to bring him to
the ER. An x-ray revealed the swallowed battery which had leaked acid, severely damaging Emmett’s esophagus and digestive tract. This courageous little boy has survived 65 surgeries in the past four years; his condition has improved greatly, but as you will hear his mom discuss in this video, Emmett will have a lifetime of physical problems, due to the damage suffered from the battery.

The Rauch’s have told their story in this video, in the hopes that it will be shared with many people and perhaps save a child’s life. That is also why they started an organization, “Emmett’s fight”, to help raise awareness of the danger that lurks in these tiny button like batteries, that are so attractive to a curious young child.

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The Little Known Health Risks Of Sitting In The ‘W’ Position

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It is really common to see children sitting in the “W” position, and I have to admit that I always thought that indicated good flexibility.  However, this position can lead to some really serious orthopedic conditions, as it prevents kids from being able to shift their weight and achieve what is called “trunk rotation”.

Not only will this inability to rotate prevent a child from stretching to grasp things out of their immediate reach, but it will have long-term serious consequences.  In order to develop adequate balance reactions, such as the ability to catch a fall, a child needs to have developed this weight-shifting and rotating ability.  These abilities are also integral to crossing the midline, which is necessary for writing.

As children develop, each motor skill that gets mastered is necessary to go on to the next one. If bilateral coordination is interrupted because of constant sitting in this “W” position, this can very well lead to significant delays in achieving other skills, such as: developing hand dominance, skipping, throwing, kicking etc.

Additionally, W-sitting causes actual shortening and tightening of the hip and leg muscles, causing the child to be “pigeon-toed” when he walks.  This will eventually lead to complications of back and pelvic pain as they grow.  The video you are about to watch below will help to explain both the physiological dangers of allowing your child to sit in the “W” position, as well as the impairment to properly developing  motor skills.

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