THIS Boy Was Dying and Didn’t Have Much Time Left. Then He Whispers To His Mom 4 Words That Break Her Heart!

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For any mother or father losing a child is probably the most devasting and horrible thing someone can experience. The loss, pain and sadness is more than most can handle. It is truly something that no amount of time could ever heal.

Which brings us to today’s story which features a young boy named Nolan Scully and his mother. Nolan was terminally ill and his disease called Rhabdomyosarcoma was progressing rapidly. It is an extremely rare form of Cancer and the poor boy was diagnosed when he was a mere 3 years old. Life was quickly coming to an end for the young boy as he knew he was going to die and began to speak openly about it.

Nolan although, quickly detoriating showed so much courage, strength and bravery during his battle with this horrible disease. Even as he knew he was going to be leaving this earth, he faced it head on and fearlessly. Nolan only had one wish before he passed onto the other side.

He wanted to protect and serve his community and become a police officer. As he laid in the hospital, the chief of police came to visit him and swore the young lad in as he became Sargeant Roland Nolan! The fire departments also made him an honorary fire man as he laid on his death bed.

Nolan’s fighting spirit and attitude in the face of the worst possible adversity struck a nerve with so many people as his story went viral and his facebook page gained over 300,000 followers!

Watch the video below for Nolan’s Full Story:

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THIS 3-Years-Old Boy Died After He Ate a Grilled Cheese At School. His Mom Reveals The Terrifying Reason Why!

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Food allergies seem to be popping up more and more within the human population. Whether it’s a gluten allergy, lactose intolerance or a nut allergy it seems like almost everyone you meet has at least one of these allergies. Now this is a bit of an exaggeration but almost 8% of kids under 18 years old have at least 1 food allergy.

This has caused a massive increase in awareness among restaurants, schools, hotels and just about anywhere you can grab some food. Many of these places just doing a full ban on foods such as peanuts,  shellfish and tree nuts. These 3 and the following are the most common food allergies in kids: wheat, milk, soy fish and eggs.

Even with these proper precautions in place, food providers being vigilant, careful and following exact protocol, accidents can still easily happen. Although the majority of the food allergies are the ones named above, some people have more rare food allergies that they may or may not even know about until it’s too late.

This being said, many older kids and adults are aware of their food allergies and if they accidentally consume a food that contains their allergy trigger, they sense the signs and symptoms as they are coming on and know exactly how to proceed in order to avoid a tragedy.  Some people carry Epi-Pens and/or other anti-allergy medications just in case. If they sense this is a really bad allergy attack they know when it’s time to call the EMS and hospital to get it treated properly before it is too late.

This brings us to younger children who really can’t grasp the concept of food allergy and rely on their caregivers and other trusting adults to give them the right foods that won’t cause an anaphylactic reaction. Many schools and their faculty are fully prepared just in case a student needs help immediately.

The problem is sometimes, adults forget or just don’t know that the child they are caring for has a food allergy. Which brings us to today’s story which features mom Deana Silveira and dad Thomas Silveira and their little 3-year-old son Elijah Silveira. Their young boy Elijah was attending the 7th Avenue Center for Family Services which provides care for children who are under the age of 4. Some of the perks of the center are tasty and healthy meals, care for kids with special needs and just an overall good environment for your child to spend the day.

On one morning in November something happened that nobody saw coming. Elijah was off to his Pre-K classes at the Family Services Day Care just like any other day normal day of his young life. The morning ran smooth, nothing was out of the ordinary until lunch time. One of the faculty gave Elijah a grilled cheese sandwich that fateful day in November. Allegedly the employee was aware of Elijah’s dairy and other food allergies but it must’ve just slipped their mind that day.

The child ate the grilled cheese sandwich and minutes later fell to the floor in anaphylactic shock! The center had a full protocol in place if this situation ever occurred. First, inject the child with an Epi-Pen, Call 9-11, do CPR if the child is unresponsive until the medics show up and finally call the child’s parent and let them know about what is happening!

For some reason that day in November none of the proper protocol was taken. Elijah wasn’t injected with an Epi-Pen, 9-11 wasn’t called, however all they did was call his mom Deana and told her to pick him up and bring him to a doctor or the hospital. His mother frantically ran out of the house, got to the center as soon as possible and drove her son to the hospital.

At the hospital the doctors and nurses tried everything they could, but because too much time had lapsed Elijah was beyond the point of no return. Elijah was pronounced dead at the hospital on that tragic and fateful day in November.

Next, an investigation began to try and piece together what happened that horrific day that led to this young boy’s untimely demise. Investigators quickly learned that all the protocols that were in place were ignored and that the center failed on every level! The Family Services Day Care Center was shut down indefinitely due to negligence and being the reason this family lost their child.

Elijah’s tragic story is a stark reminder that one simple mistake can lead to the death of a child.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Boy Felt Sick And Doctors Thought He Just Had A Bad Cold. Then They Noticed THIS

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This is a cautionary tale for all parents, grandparents and any childcare giver. When we have kids we are careful to childproof our homes, hoping to safeguard our children from getting into anything harmful. Children fill our lives with so much love; the downside of loving someone so much is the fear that anything could hurt them.

The Rauch family tragically discovered that there is no way to avoid all risk of danger despite the fact that they had tried to do so. Four years ago, their then 1-year-old son Emmett, became ill with what they initially thought was a bad cold.

Strangely his condition kept getting worse until this sweet little boy ended up in critical condition fighting for his life. The video you are about to watch below was made by Emmett’s parents so that they could make other parents aware of a little known danger that lurks in remote controls and other electronics.

They never thought twice about their little boy playing with the remote control until the unthinkable happened; he swallowed a small button-like lithium battery after he easily removed the back of the TV remote. They want to share this danger with everyone, as Emmett nearly lost his life from this tragic accident.

Emmett’s condition went from cold-like symptoms to a high fever and lethargy that led his parents to bring him to the ER. An x-ray revealed the swallowed battery which had leaked acid, severely damaging Emmett’s esophagus and digestive tract.

This courageous little boy has survived 65 surgeries in the past four years; his condition has improved greatly, but as you will hear his mom discuss in this video, Emmett will have a lifetime of physical problems, due to the damage suffered from the battery.

The Rauch’s have told their story in this video, in the hopes that it will be shared with many people and perhaps save a child’s life. That is also why they started an organization, “Emmett’s fight”, to help raise awareness of the danger that lurks in these tiny button like batteries, that are so attractive to a curious young child.

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If You Ever Notice Your Kids Sitting Like THIS Stop Them Immediately! The Reason Is Scary!

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It is really common to see children sitting in the “W” position, and I have to admit that I always thought that indicated good flexibility.  However, this position can lead to some really serious orthopedic conditions, as it prevents kids from being able to shift their weight and achieve what is called “trunk rotation”.

Not only will this inability to rotate prevent a child from stretching to grasp things out of their immediate reach, but it will have long-term serious consequences.  In order to develop adequate balance reactions, such as the ability to catch a fall, a child needs to have developed this weight-shifting and rotating ability.

These abilities are also integral to crossing the midline, which is necessary for writing. As children develop, each motor skill that gets mastered is necessary to go on to the next one. If bilateral coordination is interrupted because of constant sitting in this “W” position, this can very well lead to significant delays in achieving other skills, such as: developing hand dominance, skipping, throwing, kicking etc.

Additionally, W-sitting causes actual shortening and tightening of the hip and leg muscles, causing the child to be “pigeon-toed” when he walks.  This will eventually lead to complications of back and pelvic pain as they grow.  The video you are about to watch below will help to explain both the physiological dangers of allowing your child to sit in the “W” position, as well as the impairment to properly developing  motor skills.

I for one never knew this and I wish somebody told me about this earlier! Watch the video below to learn more..

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Hidden Security Camera Caught This Cat Rescuing A Little Child From The Babysitter!

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Over the years several pets have been caught on video trying to protect their family’s young children from potential harm. Most often the animals defending these children happen to be dogs. Such behavior is more instinctual and in line with a dog’s nature and their (often) larger sizes serve well to deter any attackers.

However, sometimes it is the family cat who comes to the rescue. Just last year a video went viral of a cat springing into action to help a small boy who was being attacked by a neighbor’s dog that had gotten loose and bit him. In this video, the family cat hears a commotion and runs downstairs to check it out.

In the moments preceding the cat’s arrival on the scene a woman, thought to be either a babysitter, nanny or mom, is bouncing a ball back and forth with a young boy. When the child throws the ball back at her it hits a glass cup on the coffee table causing it to fall and break.

Upstairs, the black and white cat had been lounging around and was likely startled by the sudden sound of glass breaking. The kitty jumps off his comfy seat and heads over to investigate the scene, whereupon he sees the woman starting to pick up the shards and gently push the child away from them.

The startled child’s crying, woman’s stress, and broken glass are all what the cat see’s and senses. At this point the kitty’s protection instinct kicks in and he starts to attack the woman, batting and pushing her away from the boy. The video clearly shows the cat only going after the woman and never the little boy.

While the child was likely not in any danger from the woman, the cat assumed that he was and reacted without hesitation. The protective feline likely heard the child crying and decided to defend him since he was the one defenseless person in the room. The cat seems to have judged the woman a threat and thus tried to keep her away from the boy.

If in the future the child is ever in real danger, it is reassuring to know that this cat will try hard to protect him.

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Mom Was Filling Up The Pool When Her Baby Got Splashed and Started Crying. The Reason Is Scary!

Summer officially starts on June 20th but much of the country has already experienced extremely high temperatures, especially in the Southwest region which is currently in the midst of a heat wave. Cities all across America will soon all be under the heat of a long summer,

When the thermostat is soaring people turn to all sorts of different things to beat the heat. They stay indoors and out of the sun, crank the air conditioning, drink lots and stay hydrated, and play in the water. Nothing cools you down faster like jumping in a pool can and floating around in the refreshing water is just about the most relaxing thing you can do on a super-hot day.

Residents in and around Phoenix, Arizona, aka the hottest city in America, know the simple joys a dip in the pool can bring. About a week ago Dominique Woodger, a mother who lives in San Tan Valley, Arizona, decided to set up a small kiddie pool for her 9 month old baby boy.

It was extremely hot outside and she thought her son would enjoy a nice cooling dip. She took him outside with her, grabbed the garden hose, and started to fill the pool up when she heard her son crying.

She told the local news station KNXV that at first “I thought he was crying because he was mad. He hates when he gets sprayed in the face.” However, after checking on her baby to see what was the matter she was shocked to find that his tiny body was covered with red, blistering skin. Realizing the seriousness of the situation she rushed him to the hospital where she later found out he’d suffered second-degree burns on over 30% of his body.

The water from the garden hose that Dominique accidentally sprayed on her son was what caused his burns. When a hose sits in the sun and the temperature is 115 degrees outside, close to what it was on the day Woodger’s son was injured, the water inside of it can reach temperatures as high as 150 degrees.

According to Phoenix Fire Department Captain Larry Subveri, it takes only about 10 seconds of exposure to waters at that temperature for a person to develop second-degree burns, and for a young infant, even less time.

Woodger is speaking out about what happened to her son in order to warn others about the hidden risk and to urge parents to be extra careful when turning the water on outside in the heat. Water trapped inside the hose can easily become super-heated and most people don’t stop to think about this, or even realize it, before it’s too late.

Test the water temperature first before letting any young children near it, and please pass this warning along to help spread the word. Stay safe!

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