If You Ever Notice Your Kids Sitting Like THIS Stop Them Immediately! The Reason Is Scary!

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It is really common to see children sitting in the “W” position, and I have to admit that I always thought that indicated good flexibility.  However, this position can lead to some really serious orthopedic conditions, as it prevents kids from being able to shift their weight and achieve what is called “trunk rotation”.

Not only will this inability to rotate prevent a child from stretching to grasp things out of their immediate reach, but it will have long-term serious consequences.  In order to develop adequate balance reactions, such as the ability to catch a fall, a child needs to have developed this weight-shifting and rotating ability.

These abilities are also integral to crossing the midline, which is necessary for writing. As children develop, each motor skill that gets mastered is necessary to go on to the next one. If bilateral coordination is interrupted because of constant sitting in this “W” position, this can very well lead to significant delays in achieving other skills, such as: developing hand dominance, skipping, throwing, kicking etc.

Additionally, W-sitting causes actual shortening and tightening of the hip and leg muscles, causing the child to be “pigeon-toed” when he walks.  This will eventually lead to complications of back and pelvic pain as they grow.  The video you are about to watch below will help to explain both the physiological dangers of allowing your child to sit in the “W” position, as well as the impairment to properly developing  motor skills.

I for one never knew this and I wish somebody told me about this earlier! Watch the video below to learn more..

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What Does The Position You Sit In Reveal About You?

Are you one of those people who wears their heart on their sleeve? If you are, then you’re definitely the type who shows all of the feelings and emotions you’re experiencing through your body language. A person’s body language can reveal so much about them and it often takes just a single glimpse or gesture to immediately convey what words sometimes cannot. You don’t need to be an expert on the subject to read others and understand the basics, but there is a whole lot more to it than what you’d ever imagine!

While we are rarely ever aware of it, our body language often mirrors how we are feeling and it reflects who we are deep down inside. Think about it, when a person feels defensive or like they’re under attack, they tend to close themselves off not only mentally but also physically. They will cross their arms and bunch up tightly, as if they’re retreating back into themselves, and they most definitely will not look relaxed or open. It’s an instinctive and universal part of human nature and because of that there are a number of reliable ways in which we can read into a person’s body language.

There are many sub-categories covered under body language, ranging from breathing and facial expressions to physical gestures and postures. However, the quiz featured here is focused on the particular pose that you prefer to sit in above all the others. When it comes to sitting on our behinds, almost everyone falls under one of the following descriptions;

A) Knees together, feet apart
B) One leg over the other
C) Feet together, knees apart
D) Legs together
E) Legs together, tilted to one side

As it turns out, whichever position that you believe is the most comfortable and that you oftentimes find yourself sitting in by default, can reveal some pretty interesting things about your personality. So if you’d like to find out what the way in which you sit reveals about who you are on the inside, simply pick the picture below that best corresponds with the position you favor and read all about it!

Which position do you sit in? Let us know in the comments

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6 Simple Ways To Get Rid of That Stubborn Belly Fat On Your Chair At The Office or At Home.

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Would you be happy to strengthen and flatten your abs without doing hundreds of crunches? There is a much more effective way to get results!  Most of us sit during a large part of our day.  It is often hard to fit in a workout before we leave for the office, or even if we work from home, frustrating our desire to get in shape.

The VIDEO you are about to watch below, offers a logical solution which focuses on those abs that we’d like to flatten and firm…ALL WHILE SITTING IN A CHAIR!  Denise Austin, from the YouTube channel BeFit, demonstrates 6 easy-to-follow moves that focus on: SCULPTING AND SLIMMING THE WAISTLINE AND TIGHTENING THE OBLIQUE MUSCLES.



You pull one knee at a time into your abs, feeling the pull from the navel to the spine.  This move TARGETS THE LOWER ABS.


This more advanced move works the entire abdominal area.


Leaning slightly to the side, you do the same move as #2, alternating sides, using your ab muscles to lift your knees into your stomach.  Repetitions of this exercise SLIMS THE WAISTLINE.


With your arms bent up at the elbows, you twist from side to side.  This move KEEPS YOUR CIRCULATION GOING THROUGH TO THE SPINE.


Alternate reaching across and touching the floor, while keeping your feet flat on the ground. This move works those stubborn LOVE HANDLES.


Holding onto the arms of the chair, pull your knees into your abs and lift your whole body off the chair, and hold yourself up as long as you can.  This not only STRENGTHENS YOUR CORE (which is so important to keeping your back pain-free), but WORKS YOUR ENTIRE ARM.

Watch these moves demonstrated in the footage below, to achieve the results you want!

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