No One Wanted THIS Abandoned Child With Silver Eyes. Then They Notice THIS In a Picture and They Realize The Truth!

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Today’s story features a unique and amazing little girl named Primrose from China. Primrose is a very special girl who was born with a very disease called congenital glaucoma. This rare disorder ended up turning Primrose’s eyes light blue to silver. For the first 2 years of her life her rare disorder went completely untreated and the poor child was in severe pain. On top of having this eye disorder which left her blind she also was born with a hearing disorder.

In China, her mother abandoned her because of her strange disorder and she ended up at an orphanage. The poor girl was now alone with nobody at an orphanage in the darkness and she could hardly hear a thing. At the orphanage for some reason they wouldn’t let her drink a bottle and basically neglected her. As Primrose suffered in the orphanage in China, a couple Erin and Chris across the world in the United States was on Facebook scrolling through their newfeed and randomly saw a post about this poor sweet neglected child.

Erin’s heart had completely broken as she read Primrose’s story and found out everything she could about the little girl. Something inside her gut, told her Primrose deserved a better life than this and she was determined to be the person to make it happen. Erin her husband and their children flew to China to meet Primrose and they planned on adopting her.

When they got to the orphange things were even worse than they thought, she was quickly deteriorating, had a high fever and had no strength left in her little body. They weren’t even sure she would be able to make it back to America on the planebecause she was in such bad shape. Somehow she pulled through got on the plane and made her way back to the USA with her new adopted parents brother and sister.

The little girl had never known love, never knew what it was like to be comforted and never knew that there were people out there that would actually take care of her. When she arrived back, due to spending her life being neglected she had a lot of trouble adapting to a new home and love. Slowly she has begun to regain her strength, they got her out of 3rd world hospitals and got her the care she desperately needed.

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