Angry Neighbor Confronts Boy and Tries To Destroy His Lemonade Stand Then The Cops Show Up.

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Setting up a lemonade stand and selling the delicious ice cold drink to people who pass by during the summer is a childhood tradition that many of us have partaken in.  It’s a fun way for young kids to interact with the neighbors and learn about business all while making a little bit of money.  This was especially true for one 8 year old boy in Missouri named Jacob. 

All he had wanted for his birthday was a lemonade stand so that he could raise money to help buy his mother an air conditioner for her car. While she loved the idea, she urged him to use any money he earned for a more meaningful idea that was closer to his heart, and so he chose to donate it to a local church missionary group instead.

According to Gina Martin, Jacob’s mother, as soon as his lemonade stand was finally set up, he busied himself selling 50 cent cups of freshly squeezed lemonade.  From the start his business was going well and everyone was happy. That all changed one Friday afternoon when an angry looking man approached Jacob’s stand. The man aggressively demanded to know whether or not they had a food handler’s permit.  

Sensing the man’s hostility, Gina sent her son inside while she talked to the man.  She asked him if he worked for the city, to which he replied that he did not, but that as a customer he wanted to know who he should go to in case he got sick from drinking the lemonade. 

As she dealt with the irate man, Gina was told that in Clay County Missouri, where she resided, a temporary food permit is needed for anyone who is preparing, serving, or selling food. The cost for a permit lasting 1-3 days is $50, but that’s only if you apply more than 2 weeks in advance.  

Even though the customer wasn’t a city employee, he nonetheless insisted that Jacob needed a permit to sell lemonade from his stand.  If he failed to get one, the man warned Gina that he’d call the police and have them it shut down. Meanwhile, another person had joined the man and they both started to get angry and more confrontational over the issue. 

Not sure what she should do or whether the man was even telling the truth, Gina turned to Facebook and posted about the issue to see if anyone could help her out. People saw her post and shared it with their friends and family, and before long the community had mobilized behind Jacob and his mother.  

The next day Jacob woke up to a bunch of people in the street outside of his house.  At first, he thought there was an emergency but then he realized that all the people were actually customers who had come to buy lemonade from him! 

Not only had the entire fire department come with their ladder engines, so had the county sheriff, local police, metro security, EMTs, and ambulances.  All the emergency responders in the area had come out in full force to support him!

Before they left, they even gave Jacob a seal of approval and temporary permit.  It was really just a piece of paper with the word “permit” written on it next to pictures of police and fire department badges, but it meant the world to Jacob and his mother. 

By the end of the summer, he raised an impressive $343 which he donated to missionaries at his church. Perhaps more importantly, he learned that he had a whole lot of support behind what he was doing and that no single angry busy body could shut him down for purely hypothetical and spiteful reasons.  

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Lady Is Stunned After She Swings Open Her Door and Sees Her 5-Year-Old Neighbor As He Clutches His Baby Sister In Fear!

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When most people hear a knock at their door at night, and they’re not expecting anyone, they ignore it and hope whoever it is goes away.  Many don’t even bother opening the door for obvious reasons, it can be very dangerous and lead to terrible things.  

When Jessica Penoyer heard a knock on her door after dark, she initially thought to ignore it, but something told her to check and see who it was.  When she looked out the window, she saw her 5 year old neighbor Salvador Cicalese, who everyone calls Sal, clutching his 2 month old sister in his arms.  It was late and she was surprised to see the children out by themselves, so she immediately opened the door to see what the matter was.  

At first Jessica thought she heard Sal tell her that his dog died, but when she repeated what she’d initially heard back to him he said “no, my mom died in the shower, can you take care of us?”  Shocked, Jessica called 911 and ran over to the neighbor’s house to check on Sal’s mother, Kaitlyn Cicalese. She found her in the bathtub unconscious with the water still running. The tub had been filling up and if Jessica hadn’t arrived when she did, Kaitlyn could have drowned.  

It turned out that Kaitlyn had suffered a seizure in the shower after she had put her children to sleep.  All she remembers is turning the water on and then waking up in the hospital, it’s the second time she has had a seizure since she gave birth to her infant daughter.  When she fell, Sal had been in his room when he heard the loud thud and went to see what happened. That’s when he found his mother lying in the tub unconscious with blood coming from a wound in her head.  

Thinking she was dead, Sal tried his best to stay calm and get help.  He went and got his 2 month old sister and wrapped her snugly in a blanket before placing her on the couch.  He couldn’t get the front door unlocked so he headed to the garage. Since he was too short to reach the garage door opener, he had to use a stool and on his first attempt he fell over.  Thankfully he landed on a pile of shoes so he didn’t get hurt, and on his second try the door opened. He went back and got his little sister then headed over to Jessica’s house, and the rest is history.

After hearing what he did, Sal’s mother believes that he saved her life that day.  She could have drowned or bled out from her head wound if he hadn’t gotten help right away.  In the end, Sal was awarded for his heroism by the local San Tan Valley, Arizona fire department.  They gave him an honorary certificate, patch, shirt and helmet in recognition for what he did. He also got a nickname from the firefighters, “Super Sal” which is more than fitting. 

Watch the video below for the full story:

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THIS Cat Sneaks Into The Neighbors House To Steal His Favorite Toy. Now Watch What He Does With It!

Cats can be very sneaky and mischievous, especially when they are a little bored. Some will even go to great lengths in order to have a good time when they are feeling a bit under-stimulated. Our four legged furry feline friends love nothing more than to stick their pink little noses into everything they come across.

Many feel the urge to inspect whatever new object or nook and cranny that catches their fancy. But when their toys no longer interest them and all of the boxes around the house have been sniffed out and sat in, it’s off to new pastures and greener fields.

For one cat in Slovenia this meant heading over to the neighbors house. After scoping out the property the kitty came across a new, exciting, and wonderful stuffed animal tiger. Wanting the plush toy all to itself, the cat clamped down and scooped it up in its mouth.

Since cats don’t abide by human rules or law, it thought nothing of stealing the furry toy and set off towards home. The cute cats human friend stood by filming his fearless feline friend making his way back home with his new prize and it’s safe to say the video he captured is awesomely adorable.

The cat expertly negotiates a fence in his path, jumping up and through a hole in the top, before strutting across the road. He looks very proud and pleased with himself, as he should! The kitty takes his new tiger to a comfy looking patch of grass in the garden and only then does he release it from his teeth.

That’s when the playing begins, and the cheeky cat goes to town, happily biting and clawing the stuffed animal. All that work and illegal activity paid off since now the little kitty is no longer bored! A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do.

In this one’s case it meant stealing a toy from the neighbor to add a little fun and excitement into it’s daily routine. The clip is a prime example of how sassy and confident cats can be. This one literally could care less about getting caught doing something naughty. It’s a cat’s world and we just live in it.

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They Were Walking Through The Desert When They Noticed THIS Hole. What Was Inside Is UNBELIEVABLE!

There have been many different creative ideas and projections into the future, about where and how people will live.  Will there be civilizations living in space or under the water?  Currently people live in many unique ways throughout the world.  The town you are about to see and hear about in the following video is indeed unique and astounding.

In a South Australian town where temperatures reach an unbearable height of 120 degrees Fahrenheit,  the residents came up with a shocking solution to the unlivable climate. Coober Pedy is the name of the town that surprisingly is devoid of apartment buildings or houses.

The 2,000 inhabitants have made their home underground! They have escaped the unbearable heat of the Outback by creating miles of man-made tunnels, wherein an entire city of pretty normal homes exist for each family.  Unbelievably, visiting tourists even have hotels to stay in.  There are stores that meet their every need, and the homes themselves have all the modern amenities.

The town itself has a history whose roots go back to the soil of the area.  In the turn of the 20th century,  a father and son came hoping to find gold.  Instead they found opal, which to this day has a wide appeal worldwide.  Word of the abundance of opal brought miners who chose to live underground due to the excessive temperatures.

Today more than 1500 homes, called “dugout” houses exist in this underground city.  It is absolutely amazing to see.  It is interesting that generations of families have chosen to stay there and live underground, rather than moving to a more temperate climate.  Do you think you could live underground?  Let us know what you think.

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WATCH: Florida Homeowners Were Having Major Issues With People Luring Sharks Into Their Backyard!

Bonita Springs, Florida has the luxury of condos that are adjacent to the lovely backwater bay on Hickory Avenue.  What could be better than owning a condo where you can just jump into the ocean to cool off or just enjoying kicking your feet in the cool bay? Seems like the perfect place to live in paradise. Sounds relaxing right? Well not anymore.

Due to greedy fishermen “chumming”, that is throwing fish guts into the bay so they can catch bigger fish, an eight-foot-long bull shark has been sighted swimming right up to people’s docks!  The residents complained about this scary encounter. They requested some legislation against the fishermen’s chumming. So, was the problem resolved?

Safety wasn’t a priority for the city who told the residents its not our jurisdiction.  Take your problem to the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  The coastline is their jurisdiction and it’s not illegal to chum.  So the best laid plans of living right up near the peaceful bay isn’t so peaceful anymore.  If one shark is trolling the bay could there be more on the way?!  So much for a calm day by the water.  Check out the video in someones backyard!

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