His Neighbors Were Pissed When He Dug This Hole In His Yard. But What He Transforms It Into WOW!

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In terms of DIY home improvement projects, this one takes the cake. It’s a concept that’s catching on fast all across America and many a homeowner would love having one of these in their own backyard. It’s an underground room built right into the Earth so that when completed it’s hardly even visible.

You can use the extra space for whatever you’d like and turn it into an underground shelter or a storage area for food and wine, the possibilities are endless. Wayne Martin constructed one himself in his backyard and recorded each stage of the process so that anyone could see what it takes to make one.

It takes a lot of muscle, hard work, and it’s definitely not for beginners but the challenging project can be highly rewarding and last for years, if it’s done right. Here’s what he did…

First, he bought a 20 foot shipping container for a couple thousand dollars and sealed off the doors before installing a smaller, inward swinging door on one end. Next, he dug a large hole in the ground that was big enough for the container to sit in and left enough space all around it for adding in extra supports later on.

The next step he took was hiring a septic company to safely do the heavy moving and placement of the container down into the hole. With the box in place, he moved on to the entry way and put in concrete steps that gave him access to the underground door.

After a little more dirt removal it was time to reinforce the underground room. Even though the container is made out of metal, it’s very thin sheet metal, so it’s not as sturdy as most people think. If he were to simply pile on dirt it’d buckle under the weight and over time the entire thing would rust through and collapse.

That’s why Wayne reinforced the container by building a separate framework around it, upon which he placed heavy duty corrugated metal across the top. To strengthen the entry opening, he welded re-bar supports around the rim before putting down a row of cinder blocks and filled them with concrete.

Wayne also had to make the space livable and to ensure proper ventilation he installed two 12 inch air vents at each end. Several smaller PVC pipes were also installed to run wires and utilities through. With all that out of the way, the project was ready to be covered with 6 inches of poured concrete.

Then he finished the steps and filled the area back in with quality dirt so that he could eventually plant some trees and plants on top of it. There were also a couple of cosmetic and safety-related things left to do, like stuccoing the rock walls near the door and adding a handrail or some type of barrier around the entrance edges, but the major building was done.

All he had left to do was build whatever he wanted inside and he chose to turn it into a wine cellar with plenty of storage space, racks, wood floors, and overhead lighting. By the time he was finished the only visible part remaining was the entryway into the ground.

If a person were to glance over the area they’d never know what was in his backyard! The final cost of Wayne’s wine cellar project ended up being $12,500 for materials and hiring a couple of outside contractors. However, he did the majority of the work himself and used his own tractor, so that kept the cost down a lot.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know!

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Husband and Wife Purchased THIS Beautiful But Abandoned Estate Then They Discovered The Hidden Secret In The Backyard!

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In the 1970’s Jane and Steven Frye met and fell in love while studying pottery in art school.  Soon after they graduated, they got married and then moved to Elk Falls, Kansas where they bought a house in the small, quaint town.  It was there that the couple set up shop and began their own business, Elk Falls Pottery, where they made all sorts of ceramic goods. Business was good and they became well known throughout the Midwest for their well-made, hand crafted, high quality pottery.

In 2004 the couple were in the market for a larger property and wished to expand both their house and their business.  When they came across Maude Frakes estate, they jumped at the chance to buy it. Comprised of a house, barn and a couple of outbuildings on 600 acres of land, the estate was big and exactly what they were looking for.  There was only one problem; it had been sitting vacant for decades and was in a state of complete disrepair.

Originally built in 1896, Marian and Maud Franks had bought the house in 1904 and lived there happily for years until Marian died in 1930, at which time Maude turned into a local philanthropist of sorts.  She would hire farmers and others down on their luck during the Great depression, employing them to make ornate stone and concrete sculptures which she placed throughout the gardens on the property. By the time she was done there was folk art and ceramic sculptures scattered all over the estate.

Most of the sculptures are of elephants, Maude absolutely loved them and incorporated them into just about everything.  There were an estimated 1500-1800 elephant statutes, from ones climbing on stone trellises to others carved into trees and stones, there was even one that sprayed water into the swimming pool with its trunk.  In 1954 Maude passed away, the house was boarded up and sat vacant for years. Nature started to reclaim the gardens and statutes while the house slowly fell apart.  

Once the Frye’s came onto the property the first thing that they did was dismantle all the destroyed buildings and use the wood to help rebuild the house and barn.  It was during this construction that they found something in the yard that they took to the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, Kansas to have checked out.

The Art Center’s experts believe that the rounded statute is among one of the first pieces of folk art ever made by a woman in the state of Kansas.  They also uncovered rare stones and fossils, benches, tables, a tipi, and gazebo, all made out of stone.

The artwork is what first drew the Frye’s to the estate and after finding so many special and unique features throughout it, they decided to expand their business even further.  They turned it into Elk Falls Pottery and Bed and Breakfast, so now anyone who wishes can stay there and check out all the interesting artwork.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Little Girl Notices Something Strange Moving In Her Yard Behind The House. They Are Now Calling Her a Hero!

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In life it is so important to always follow your gut instincts. Sometimes these feelings can be subtle but your inner compass will never steer you wrong. These evolutionary instincts have been coded in our DNA to keep us out of imminent danger and lead us to safety. Always remember if something doesnt feel right in your gut there is a good chance you should listen to your body.

Which leads us into today’s story which features a 9-year-old little girl named Elysia Laub from Lowell, Indiana. It was a beautiful sunny day, a nice cool breeze was blowing, the smell of freshly cut grass was in the air and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That is until young Elysia felt a strange urge to go outside. She had never felt anything like this before in her life, it was almost as if voices inside her head were guiding her to something special.

When she got outside everything seemed normal so she didn’t think twice about it, found her brother and decided to go swimming in the backyard pool. They got their bathing suits and headed out to the pool to enjoy the beautiful day and cool off in the refreshing water.

All of a sudden a strange screeching or squeeling sound could be heard in the distance. Remember her family lived in Lowell, Indiana a rural area where many people have farms horses, livestock and pigs. Elysia’s family raised their own pigs so at first she just thought it was one of their pigs or piglets causing a little bit of commotion in the bushes.

She walked towards the pink blurry blob in the bushes thinking she would just pick up the young piglet and bring it back to it’s enclosure. She slowly approached it so it wouldn’t run away, but as she got closer the pink blob came into focus! This was no piglet at all it was shaped like a newborn baby. At first she couldn’t even fathom that a baby was just sitting there in the bushes squealing and she thought this must be a doll. This can’t actually be a real baby. Could it?

The young girl sprinted into her house to find her mom. Her mother Heidi was on the phone with her sister on the front porch. Her daughter ran up to her completely out of breath and exasperated telling her mom that there was a baby in the backyard in the bushes!

At first her mom thought it was just her daughter’s wild imagination and there was no possible way there could actually be a real baby on their property. Elysia persisted and told her mom to follow her so she could show her that there really was an actual baby in their backyard!

Her mom followed her and when they got to the bushes Heidi could not believe her eyes. She saw a tiny sun burned baby with tiny arms and legs fluttering around. She immediately picked up the baby put her in a blanket and called the police. The sheriff and police rushed over as fast as they could.

They brought the infant to the hospital where doctors examined and treated the baby and concluded that the infant was going to be okay and was actually in pretty good shape considering the circumstances. The sheriff and the doctors nicknamed Jane Doe “The Miracle Baby” and said if Elysia hadn’t found her exactly when she did this story could’ve ended in tragedy with the young baby dying.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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THIS Strange Creature Was Seen Creeping Around a Lady’s Yard. THIS Species Has Finally Been Revealed!

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If you spotted this strange and bizarre mutant-looking creature in your yard would you yell, scream and run for your life or take a picture and a video of it? The woman who found the strange, creepy, snake-like, two-headed thingy had both of those reactions and she even called her friends over to take a look at it.

Naturally she wanted to know what the heck it was she was dealing with because you don’t see this type of thing everyday! Lujan Eroles filmed the weird creature in her Santa Fe, Argentina driveway/yard and when she was still unsure as to what exactly it was, she posted it on social media.

According to Lujan, she and her friends “They all thought it was a mutant animal, which is why we filmed it and put it online for people to give us their opinions.” The post has since gone viral and the answer as to what the creature is has been narrowed down to two possible answers, neither of which include any mutants..

The main explanation that people seem to agree on is that it’s either one of two caterpillars which are native to where Lujan lives in Argentina. The first one is what is known scientifically as Eumorpha labruscae which is also more commonly called a gaudy sphinx.

When in the larval stage the caterpillars look like mini-snake heads, as you can see in the picture, and after they pupate they transform into moths as adults.

The second possibility is that the caterpillar is a different type of moth, Deilephila elpenor, aka an elephant hawk-moth. These moths also display a snake-like appearance as a means to ward off predators, mainly birds, and to keep from being eaten. The color patterns and placement resemble serpent scales, while the black patches give it eyes on both ends.

The creepy look is all part of the little caterpillar’s first line of defense and without it they’d be plucked up by a hungry bird. Regardless of whatever species caterpillar this snake-worm insect creature belongs to, it’s ugly and creepy up close and it’s not anything I’d want crawling on me.

Make sure you check out the video and give us your opinion as to what type of animal you actually think that it is..

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They Found a Strange Tin In Their Yard. The Unexpected Surprise In It Would Change Their Life!

This is a story that most people only dream about, but for one Northern California couple it became a reality. It all started when the pair were out getting some fresh air and hiking with their dog on a well worn trail that crossed their property. They had gone down this exact path countless times before but this time something caught their attention.

There appeared to be an old, rusty piece of metal just barely peeking out from the earth. They decided to see what it was and once they started digging they unearthed a rotting tin can that was filled with something heavy. Upon prying it open they were met with an unbelievable sight, inside were solid gold coins in mint condition shining up at them!

The story doesn’t end there. The couple noticed there were more tins close by and those too were filled with gold coins. In total they dug up 8 cans that contained 1,427 gold coins, which amounts to one of the largest treasure hoards ever found in America. The coins were dated from 1847-1894 and the total face value of them (the denominations they were valued at the time) was around $28,000.

However, because the coins were buried in tins and out of circulation they were all found to be in pristine, unscratched, mint condition. Several of them were extremely rare and may have fetched up to a million dollars when they were auctioned off in May of 2014. Experts estimate that their net value would have fetched around $11 million, but the auction was private and the couple wish to continue to remain anonymous.

What a windfall and awesome way to become an automatic millionaire! The couple said in a statement that they plan on paying off some bills before donating most of the money to local charities. What a great way to spread some of their luck and share their newfound wealth!

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WATCH: Florida Homeowners Were Having Major Issues With People Luring Sharks Into Their Backyard!

Bonita Springs, Florida has the luxury of condos that are adjacent to the lovely backwater bay on Hickory Avenue.  What could be better than owning a condo where you can just jump into the ocean to cool off or just enjoying kicking your feet in the cool bay? Seems like the perfect place to live in paradise. Sounds relaxing right? Well not anymore.

Due to greedy fishermen “chumming”, that is throwing fish guts into the bay so they can catch bigger fish, an eight-foot-long bull shark has been sighted swimming right up to people’s docks!  The residents complained about this scary encounter. They requested some legislation against the fishermen’s chumming. So, was the problem resolved?

Safety wasn’t a priority for the city who told the residents its not our jurisdiction.  Take your problem to the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  The coastline is their jurisdiction and it’s not illegal to chum.  So the best laid plans of living right up near the peaceful bay isn’t so peaceful anymore.  If one shark is trolling the bay could there be more on the way?!  So much for a calm day by the water.  Check out the video in someones backyard!

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