They Found a Strange Tin In Their Yard. The Unexpected Surprise In It Would Change Their Life!

This is a story that most people only dream about, but for one Northern California couple it became a reality. It all started when the pair were out getting some fresh air and hiking with their dog on a well worn trail that crossed their property. They had gone down this exact path countless times before but this time something caught their attention.

There appeared to be an old, rusty piece of metal just barely peeking out from the earth. They decided to see what it was and once they started digging they unearthed a rotting tin can that was filled with something heavy. Upon prying it open they were met with an unbelievable sight, inside were solid gold coins in mint condition shining up at them!

The story doesn’t end there. The couple noticed there were more tins close by and those too were filled with gold coins. In total they dug up 8 cans that contained 1,427 gold coins, which amounts to one of the largest treasure hoards ever found in America. The coins were dated from 1847-1894 and the total face value of them (the denominations they were valued at the time) was around $28,000.

However, because the coins were buried in tins and out of circulation they were all found to be in pristine, unscratched, mint condition. Several of them were extremely rare and may have fetched up to a million dollars when they were auctioned off in May of 2014. Experts estimate that their net value would have fetched around $11 million, but the auction was private and the couple wish to continue to remain anonymous.

What a windfall and awesome way to become an automatic millionaire! The couple said in a statement that they plan on paying off some bills before donating most of the money to local charities. What a great way to spread some of their luck and share their newfound wealth!

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