If You Ever Spot A Coin Wedged Between Your Car Door Handle Get Rid of It Immediately! The Reason Why Is Scary!

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Car thieves are always trying to find new schemes for getting into your car to steal your valuables. You may have heard reports of tech devices used to enter your car. But some thieves are using a less complicated and intricate method.

There have been a rash of robberies using of all things, a penny or nickel! How are they using a coin to enter your car? Whether your car is sitting in your driveway or a lot when you are shopping, the thief slides a nickel or penny in the door handle of the passenger side. To what end?

They follow you to wherever you are going. When you attempt to use your key for central locking it won’t work, because the passenger car door is jammed. They then will be able to get into your car and steal anything they want, including the car itself, if they have the know how!

So be sure to check the passenger car door handle before entering your car, to check that no coin has been inserted. Thieves have also been known to hide in the back to carjack you with this method! So it would be best to check the back seat, or even call 911 in case the thief has climbed into your trunk.. Better safe than sorry..

For more information on how to prevent a car robbery, watch the video below, to see how thieves are using the ‘slider’ technique to steal your valuables while you are pumping gas at a gas station. It offers you precautionary methods on how to avoid this scary thievery.

Information is power – Watch the video below for the full story:

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Check Your Pockets Right Now For This Rare Change. If You Have 1 Of These You Could Be $300 Richer!

I don’t know about you, but carrying around heavy change in my wallet, is both cumbersome and annoying.  Periodically, I empty it out and put it in a jar, and never look back.  In fact I have jars of coins all over my house.

This story has me thinking twice about ignoring that change!  You don’t have to be a coin collector to have something of value just sitting there; there are many older coins still out there being used, that have a value far greater than you would think.

Here are some examples of what you should look for:

~ Unbelievably, a grease smudge existed in a coin pressing machine in Kansas, that produced a group of now rare quarters, each of which is worth $100 today!


Image: US Mint

~ The state of Wisconsin pressed a series of quarters in 2004, that had a flaw. If you look at the front left leaf, you will see an extra line.  Today, the following coins are unbelievably worth $300!


Image via: Youtube

~ During WWII there was a need to preserve copper.  As such, the United States printed steel pennies in 1943.  Their worth today?  $10 each!!


Image via: US Mint

~ Check to see if you have any half dollars that were printed between 1948 to 1963.  With Benjamin Franklin’s face on the front?  They are each worth $125 today!


Image via: US Mint

~ If you are fortunate enough to have a silver quarter printed between 1932 and 1964, you are $65 richer!

WATCH The Video below for more information:

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They Found a Strange Tin In Their Yard. The Unexpected Surprise In It Would Change Their Life!

This is a story that most people only dream about, but for one Northern California couple it became a reality. It all started when the pair were out getting some fresh air and hiking with their dog on a well worn trail that crossed their property. They had gone down this exact path countless times before but this time something caught their attention.

There appeared to be an old, rusty piece of metal just barely peeking out from the earth. They decided to see what it was and once they started digging they unearthed a rotting tin can that was filled with something heavy. Upon prying it open they were met with an unbelievable sight, inside were solid gold coins in mint condition shining up at them!

The story doesn’t end there. The couple noticed there were more tins close by and those too were filled with gold coins. In total they dug up 8 cans that contained 1,427 gold coins, which amounts to one of the largest treasure hoards ever found in America. The coins were dated from 1847-1894 and the total face value of them (the denominations they were valued at the time) was around $28,000.

However, because the coins were buried in tins and out of circulation they were all found to be in pristine, unscratched, mint condition. Several of them were extremely rare and may have fetched up to a million dollars when they were auctioned off in May of 2014. Experts estimate that their net value would have fetched around $11 million, but the auction was private and the couple wish to continue to remain anonymous.

What a windfall and awesome way to become an automatic millionaire! The couple said in a statement that they plan on paying off some bills before donating most of the money to local charities. What a great way to spread some of their luck and share their newfound wealth!

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If You Spot a Plastic Bag With Water Inside Above Somebody’s Door It Means THIS

Now that the warm, beautiful weather is finally upon us, many of the annoying bugs and insects are coming out of the woodwork in droves. Summer season is bug season and that means mosquitoes, gnats, flies, ants, wasps, and thousands of other different types of bugs are active. They can quickly ruin a fun outdoor picnic or turn a BBQ into a disaster by swarming and biting guests, getting into the food, and just making life miserable in general!

Many people turn to insect repellents, bug zappers, and fly swatters but all of these devices have a very limited effect. Lots of bugs manage to fly right by and avoid them all together. However, there is an alternative way to get rid of pesky unwanted insects that’s much more simple and affordable than any of the aforementioned tactics.

The following method that’s covered in this video offers you a completely safe and environmentally friendly way to create a no-fly, bug free zone in a matter of seconds. All that it requires is the following items :

1 clear plastic sandwich bag
a few shiny pennies
2.5 cups of water
1 teaspoon of table salt
2-4 squirts of lime juice

Start by mixing together the water, salt, and lime juice in a bowl. Take the plastic sandwich bag and fill it three quarters of the way with this solution before dropping in a few pennies. Seal the bag up securely and hang it near wherever you plan on spending time.

You can nail the bag to a fence, pin it up in the doorway, hang it from a tree, basically whatever you do will work fine so long as the baggy is elevated and able to catch the light. Also, the lime juice and salt are there to ensure that the pennies stay extra shiny, so if you don’t have any on hand you can skip them but make sure you use the shiniest pennies you can find!

This simple bug deterrent has been used for years by people who know about it because it works really well. The strung up pennies submerged in water actively reflect light which creates prisms in the air that flicker and move all about. While people are unable to see these prisms, flies and other bugs can see them and steer clear of the light. It’s believed that the reflected light scares them off by making it hard for them to focus.

They’re also tricked into thinking that there’s water in the air and thus avoid the area around the bag to keep from getting wet and going blind. In addition to pennies in a bag, old CDs hung from a tree also work just as well since they too reflect light.

One last thing worth mentioning is always remember to take down the plastic bags and dispose them properly when you’re all done using them. You don’t want to litter and the bags can be dangerous, even fatal, to animals who come across them and mistakenly ingest them thinking that they’re food…

In the end, the plastic bag and pennies work to effectively create an invisible barrier that no flying insects are willing to cross. Try it the next time you have a BBQ or party outside and feel free to share this helpful tip and pass it along!

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