If You Ever Notice Your Door Handle With A Rubber Band On It Do Not Touch It! THIS Is It’s Sick Meaning!

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A person’s house is supposed to be their sanctuary, it’s the one place they should feel the most comfortable and safe in.  When that feeling of security is diminished by a threatening presence or occurrence, it can easily be lost forever. That’s part of the reason why we add to our sense of safety and security by installing home surveillance systems, alarms, special lighting, and locks on all the doors and windows.  We want to protect not only our stuff, but also our peace of mind.

Even with the latest and greatest gadgets, there’s always a chance that they could fail.  Plus, it seems that no matter what we do, criminals are always coming up with new ways to trick us and get past our defenses.  Such was the case for a Texas woman, Kim Fleming Cernigliaro, who had been home alone one day when someone started banging loudly at her front door.  

Since she wasn’t expecting anyone and was all by herself, she didn’t bother answering the door.  Plus, the person seemed to be pounding on it, which made her feel a little alarmed by the intensity.  However, she did peek a glance through a stained glass window near the door and saw that it was a man who she had never seen before.  

When the banging finally stopped Kim waited a good half hour before she opened the door.  What she found on the other side confused her, it was a rubber band fastened around her door handle.  Not knowing what this could be, she called the police to see if they knew anything about it or if similar occurrences had happened in the area.  When the cops heard her story, they immediately sent an officer over to her house.

Upon arrival, the cop told her that people all over town had reported similar cases of someone banging on their door only for them to find rubber bands on the handles afterwards.  The officer explained that when a homeowner answers and unlatches the door to open it, the rubber band props the latch open. This means that when the person looks to see who’s there, the criminal can easily push their way through and get inside.  Then, since the latch is being held open by the rubber band, it makes it impossible for the homeowner to close the door and lock it back up. 

Naturally, this news frightened Kim but it also made her more vigilant than ever.  She wanted to warn others of the possible danger and so she posted about it on Facebook to share what she’d learned.  In the end, while the incident did bother her, she didn’t let it get in the way of her peace of mind. Above all, she never answers the door when she’s alone, never has, never will.  After all, if someone really needs to reach you, they would call and announce or make themselves known to you.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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She Heard Scratching At Her Door Opened It And Saw THIS. Moments Later an Unexpected Surprise!

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When you hear someone at your front door unexpectedly, you usually assume it’s the mailman, UPS or FedEx.  Sometimes you worry that it’s someone trying to sell you something, so you peek around to check it out before you actually open the door.

The two women who were home certainly never expected to see an animal staring at them!  Well maybe a stray dog or cat could be within the realm of expectation, but certainly not the exotic creature that was gazing up at them.

A baby owl!?!  What in the world?  Not only is it rare to see an owl up close, but to find one at your front door is astounding!  The women coo and talk to this unexpected visitor in sheer wonder.  What is he doing at their front door?  “Hello Mr. Owl” one woman says, half expecting that he will offer a greeting or an explanation.

What she was doing during this “owl banter” was figuring out what to do with this baby, who barely moved and just kept staring at her.  She knew better than to handle him, and started to worry about his safety.  She decided to call the local bird sanctuary to come help the seemingly lost baby owl.

This was a great decision, as it turned out the poor little thing had fallen out of it’s nest, and hadn’t yet learned to fly!  He needed to be returned to his mom before his life was endangered.  Thank goodness this women did the right thing.  Enjoy the video below of this mesmerizing encounter.

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He Spent The Entire Day Making a Kitty Door. Now Watch The Cats First Attempt To Get Through It.

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It’s a well-known fact that cats are hard to please. They can be quite finicky at times, especially when they come across something new. They often have to sniff out and inspect everything that catches their eye and quickly make up their minds in regards to whether they accept or reject whatever it is they’re scoping out…

This picky and choosiness has left countless feline owners frustrated and more than just a little bit exasperated! Lots of cat lovers have gone to extreme lengths in all but vain attempts to please and accommodate their fur babies. In the end it never really matters what you may assume or think they’d enjoy, it ultimately comes down to what kitty decides!

One man lost sight of this feline quirk and his cat named Philo reminded him of it in such a way that only a cute little kitty can! Brian had picked up a cat door at the store in the hopes that his little buddy’s life would be made easier and happier from it. Philo absolutely loves to go outdoors and roam around so one would think the easy access to the outside and having his own door would be something he’d welcome. So his owner purchased a cat flap and set about installing it.

After gathering all his tools, and cutting a hole in his door to properly install it, Brian was finally done a couple hours later. He was excited about the new pet flap and made sure to grab both his camera and the cat so that he could capture Philo’s reaction upon seeing it for the first time. As Philo makes his way towards the new opening Brian enthusiastically urges him to try it out.

As the cat nears the door he barely even glances at the new flap. You’d think he’d at least check it out and sniff around or paw at it but he he doesn’t, it’s like he could care less about the darn thing! Instead, Philo decides to use the actual door rather than his new cat door. The clever kitty stands up and balances on his hind legs then uses his front paws to pull down on the handle and crack open the door. Seconds later he’s inside the house, leaving Brian behind wearing what’s most likely a look of disbelief on his face!

It appears that Philo never even needed his own door to begin with because he already knows how to open the actual door all by himself! Brian made the all too common mistake that cat owners are prone to, he failed to properly anticipate whether or not his cat would actually like or use the cat door. The only thing that makes all his hard work and the time and money he spent on the cat flap worth it is that if the door is ever locked, Philo can use his new cat door.

In the end, some cats are simply hard to impress. Note: If Video Doesn’t Play On Mobile Device, Tablet or iPad Turn Device Horizontal.

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This Annoying Saleswoman Knocks On Their Front Door. Now Watch The Door Knocker Closely.

Back in the day, not too long ago, door to door salespeople used to be everywhere. They would travel from one house to the next, knocking on doors to talk to the owner, in hopes of selling them whatever it was they were hawking. These types of salespeople were like the Jehovah’s witnesses who also go door to door trying to spread their religion.

If you have ever had one visit your house then you may know how annoying and bothersome the experience can be. No one likes talking to strangers about things they don’t need or want. Most of us try to be nice and listen to their spiel, but really it’s just a huge waste of time to sit through the inevitable sales pitch.

Others have no problem in firmly telling the person they are not interested and to go away. The lucky few who see the salespeople coming usually avoid the hassle all together by simply ignoring their knocks and not answering the door.

These days, a salesman at your front door is a rarity since the method is completely outdated and ineffective. And besides all that, not many people are as willing as they once were to opening their door to a complete stranger. In light of the fact that the practice is old fashioned, a New Zealand energy company called Energy Online created a cheeky commercial to advertise themselves as modern and up to date.

The hilarious clip shows several door to door salespeople going up a walkway to the front porch of a nice house and approaching the front door. As the first man reaches out his hand to knock, the door suddenly comes to life and shouts at him!

The completely unexpected occurrence startles him backwards and his face twists up with fright. The knocker opens its eyes, looks really angry to be disturbed, and would definitely freak out any unsuspecting person who happened upon it. One after another the salespeople go up onto the porch, only to end up getting scared and yelled at by the knocker.

It shouts some funny one liners at them like “Stop touching my knocker” and then tells them to be gone. One man tries to start his pitch but the knocker will have none of it and shouts at him to beat it. When they turn to leave a gargoyle they passed on the way to the porch suddenly springs to life, scaring the poor people even further. It chases them down the walk to the street, ensuring none of them come back ever again.

The viral advertisement is clever and artfully done. It perfectly encapsulates what most people wish would happen when a salesperson comes calling at their front door, that they turn around and leave in a hurry! Thankfully, in this day and age there is no need for such salespeople and mostly everything can be easily accessed and done online with minimal hassle. Check out the video for a laugh and share it with those who’d appreciate it as well!

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This Guy Spent Over An Hour Putting In His New Cat Door. But Then THIS Happened Instead!

If you have a cat that loves going outside to explore and get some fresh air then you’re probably always opening doors to let kitty in and out. Unless, of course, you have a cat door installed that allows your frisky feline to come and go as he or she pleases.

Cat doors seem to be making a comeback as people find them more and more convenient to have at home. Not only do the doors help make people’s lives easier, they also make cat’s lives easier, happy, and independent.

One man decided that his best friend, Philo the cat, could benefit from such a door. Philo loves to roam around and patrol his turf, so easy access to the outside is crucial for his daily routine and continued happiness. After cutting a hole in the door and working hard at properly installing it the man gets Philo and urges him to try it out.

As the cat approaches the new opening he appears to not even notice, or care, about it at all. Philo doesn’t even sniff at it or raise a paw to inspect the flap. Instead, he rears up on his hind legs and pulls down on the door handle with his front paws to open it a crack.

When he gets back down he pushes the door open with his nose and scurries inside, leaving the man to watch on with what one can only imagine is a stupefied look on his face. Philo: 1 Cat door: 0

It seems as though Philo didn’t even need a cat door in the first place since he already knows how to open it for himself. If the door is ever locked he can turn to the little door, so the man’s hard work wasn’t all for nothing. This video just goes to show how tricky and difficult it often is to impress a feline!

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If You Spot a Plastic Bag With Water Inside Above Somebody’s Door It Means THIS

Now that the warm, beautiful weather is finally upon us, many of the annoying bugs and insects are coming out of the woodwork in droves. Summer season is bug season and that means mosquitoes, gnats, flies, ants, wasps, and thousands of other different types of bugs are active. They can quickly ruin a fun outdoor picnic or turn a BBQ into a disaster by swarming and biting guests, getting into the food, and just making life miserable in general!

Many people turn to insect repellents, bug zappers, and fly swatters but all of these devices have a very limited effect. Lots of bugs manage to fly right by and avoid them all together. However, there is an alternative way to get rid of pesky unwanted insects that’s much more simple and affordable than any of the aforementioned tactics.

The following method that’s covered in this video offers you a completely safe and environmentally friendly way to create a no-fly, bug free zone in a matter of seconds. All that it requires is the following items :

1 clear plastic sandwich bag
a few shiny pennies
2.5 cups of water
1 teaspoon of table salt
2-4 squirts of lime juice

Start by mixing together the water, salt, and lime juice in a bowl. Take the plastic sandwich bag and fill it three quarters of the way with this solution before dropping in a few pennies. Seal the bag up securely and hang it near wherever you plan on spending time.

You can nail the bag to a fence, pin it up in the doorway, hang it from a tree, basically whatever you do will work fine so long as the baggy is elevated and able to catch the light. Also, the lime juice and salt are there to ensure that the pennies stay extra shiny, so if you don’t have any on hand you can skip them but make sure you use the shiniest pennies you can find!

This simple bug deterrent has been used for years by people who know about it because it works really well. The strung up pennies submerged in water actively reflect light which creates prisms in the air that flicker and move all about. While people are unable to see these prisms, flies and other bugs can see them and steer clear of the light. It’s believed that the reflected light scares them off by making it hard for them to focus.

They’re also tricked into thinking that there’s water in the air and thus avoid the area around the bag to keep from getting wet and going blind. In addition to pennies in a bag, old CDs hung from a tree also work just as well since they too reflect light.

One last thing worth mentioning is always remember to take down the plastic bags and dispose them properly when you’re all done using them. You don’t want to litter and the bags can be dangerous, even fatal, to animals who come across them and mistakenly ingest them thinking that they’re food…

In the end, the plastic bag and pennies work to effectively create an invisible barrier that no flying insects are willing to cross. Try it the next time you have a BBQ or party outside and feel free to share this helpful tip and pass it along!

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