This Guy Spent Over An Hour Putting In His New Cat Door. But Then THIS Happened Instead!

If you have a cat that loves going outside to explore and get some fresh air then you’re probably always opening doors to let kitty in and out. Unless, of course, you have a cat door installed that allows your frisky feline to come and go as he or she pleases.

Cat doors seem to be making a comeback as people find them more and more convenient to have at home. Not only do the doors help make people’s lives easier, they also make cat’s lives easier, happy, and independent.

One man decided that his best friend, Philo the cat, could benefit from such a door. Philo loves to roam around and patrol his turf, so easy access to the outside is crucial for his daily routine and continued happiness. After cutting a hole in the door and working hard at properly installing it the man gets Philo and urges him to try it out.

As the cat approaches the new opening he appears to not even notice, or care, about it at all. Philo doesn’t even sniff at it or raise a paw to inspect the flap. Instead, he rears up on his hind legs and pulls down on the door handle with his front paws to open it a crack.

When he gets back down he pushes the door open with his nose and scurries inside, leaving the man to watch on with what one can only imagine is a stupefied look on his face. Philo: 1 Cat door: 0

It seems as though Philo didn’t even need a cat door in the first place since he already knows how to open it for himself. If the door is ever locked he can turn to the little door, so the man’s hard work wasn’t all for nothing. This video just goes to show how tricky and difficult it often is to impress a feline!

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