They Set Up A Hidden Camera To Capture What Goes On When You Place A Tetherball In The Woods

I have to wonder what motivated the guy in this video to set up a tetherball and a camera in the middle of the forest.  Perhaps he knows that the wildlife hanging out there would have a particular affinity to this ball.  He was right! A group of rams were romping in the forest and four or five of them ran past the hanging tetherball without any interest.

One ram, however, stopped in his tracks in order to play tetherball like a pro.  What’s amazing to me is how he instantly knows what to do with this bizarre object in the middle of his natural habitat, while his pals never catch on. He “rams” this tetherball with such finesse that you can’t stop watching.

He’s been nicknamed “the angry ram”,  as he has become a star on his own YouTube channel, but I beg to differ.  I think he’s just a smart animal who sees a great opportunity to use his “equipment” to enjoy a unique play thing that’s suddenly appeared for his pleasure. Do you think the “Angry Ram” deserves a new name?

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