This Annoying Saleswoman Knocks On Their Front Door. Now Watch The Door Knocker Closely.

Back in the day, not too long ago, door to door salespeople used to be everywhere. They would travel from one house to the next, knocking on doors to talk to the owner, in hopes of selling them whatever it was they were hawking. These types of salespeople were like the Jehovah’s witnesses who also go door to door trying to spread their religion.

If you have ever had one visit your house then you may know how annoying and bothersome the experience can be. No one likes talking to strangers about things they don’t need or want. Most of us try to be nice and listen to their spiel, but really it’s just a huge waste of time to sit through the inevitable sales pitch.

Others have no problem in firmly telling the person they are not interested and to go away. The lucky few who see the salespeople coming usually avoid the hassle all together by simply ignoring their knocks and not answering the door.

These days, a salesman at your front door is a rarity since the method is completely outdated and ineffective. And besides all that, not many people are as willing as they once were to opening their door to a complete stranger. In light of the fact that the practice is old fashioned, a New Zealand energy company called Energy Online created a cheeky commercial to advertise themselves as modern and up to date.

The hilarious clip shows several door to door salespeople going up a walkway to the front porch of a nice house and approaching the front door. As the first man reaches out his hand to knock, the door suddenly comes to life and shouts at him!

The completely unexpected occurrence startles him backwards and his face twists up with fright. The knocker opens its eyes, looks really angry to be disturbed, and would definitely freak out any unsuspecting person who happened upon it. One after another the salespeople go up onto the porch, only to end up getting scared and yelled at by the knocker.

It shouts some funny one liners at them like “Stop touching my knocker” and then tells them to be gone. One man tries to start his pitch but the knocker will have none of it and shouts at him to beat it. When they turn to leave a gargoyle they passed on the way to the porch suddenly springs to life, scaring the poor people even further. It chases them down the walk to the street, ensuring none of them come back ever again.

The viral advertisement is clever and artfully done. It perfectly encapsulates what most people wish would happen when a salesperson comes calling at their front door, that they turn around and leave in a hurry! Thankfully, in this day and age there is no need for such salespeople and mostly everything can be easily accessed and done online with minimal hassle. Check out the video for a laugh and share it with those who’d appreciate it as well!

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