Two Adorable Baby Goats Meet The Barn Cat For The First Time

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On the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine there lives a bunch of animals and a very special cat named Moo. Moo is a barn cat who takes her role on the farm seriously. Throughout the day she keeps a close eye on everything going on around her and she takes frequent walks along the perimeter of the fence, patrolling for mice and runaways. Moo is not only the overseer, she is also a caring and loving protector of her animal friends. She instinctively knows when one is about to go into labor and sits with them in the stall when they are close to giving birth.

Recently a goat on the farm did just that and brought some adorable baby goats into the world. The kid goats are the last two that were expected to be born this season and are now about a week or two old and have since been named Lady Bug and Princess Leia.

The curious and energetic youngsters were immediately drawn to Moo and seem captivated by her whenever she comes by. They bounce all around and run up to her, trying to make friends and get a feel for what her and the feline species is all about. And Moo, being a cat, appears to not be all that interested in the two newbies.

Usually when Moo passes by her goat friends she will lovingly greet them by rubbing her tail under their chins. Once Lady Bug and Princess Leia have grown up a little more, and become more acquainted with Boo, she will likely greet them the same way.

For now they are just too boisterous and new to the farm for her to feel one hundred percent comfortable around them. Even so, she plops right down on her side and lets them check her out without any qualms about it. She’s probably done this many times before and soon they’ll all be close friends..

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This Kitty Is Has Awesome Camouflage Skills.

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Every living thing in nature comes with its own camouflage, features, and coloring to make them either blend in or stand out. These attributes have evolved over time to help protect animals from predators and give them a better chance of survival. Some have better abilities than others at becoming one with nature, and cats in particular fall on the higher end of the camouflage spectrum. They are natural hunters and use their master skills to sneak up on unsuspecting tasty treats!

When it comes to felines, they have an uncanny ability to blend in with their surroundings and habitat. Many cat owners have walked right by their cute little pet animals without even noticing they were there. It happens all of the time, even when someone is specifically looking for their cat! A lot of cat owners can attest to tripping over their cats because they just always seem to be in the perfect spot to hide and trip their unsuspecting humans.

This picture is proof of just how stealth and sneaky kitties can be. Somewhere in this image is a cat that is extremely well hidden thanks to the natural camouflage mother nature gave them, their fur coats. A whopping ninety-five percent of people who look for the cat fail to spot it in thirty seconds or less. Try looking now to see whether or not you’re able to pass the challenge and can find the kitty in that short amount of time! Good luck! Let us know if you spotted the cat!

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THIS Cat Had a Litter of 7 Tiny Kittens. But What The Family Dog Does To Them Is UNTHINKABLE!

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Dogs and cats are often portrayed as natural enemies, but we all know that in many situations that is simply not the case.  There are countless stories of cats and dogs getting along just fine, some are even best friends. The canine-feline bond is extremely strong among many of the animals, to the point where sometimes they’ll even adopt and care for each other’s babies!   

When Regina, a woman who lives in Louisiana, was asked to take care of two cats for a friend who had joined the U.S. Navy, she was more than happy to welcome them into her home.  Wanting them to be comfortable, she gave the kitties, Gail and Tara, their own space in her sewing room and they quickly settled in. While one of the cats, Tara, initially seemed to be a bit bloated to both Regina and her roommate, they soon dismissed any concerns they’d had and thought that maybe she was just a huskier cat. 

All that changed when a few weeks later Regina woke to the sound of meowing.  The cats were usually very quiet, so she went and checked on them. What she found was that Tara wasn’t fat, instead she’d been pregnant and had given birth to two tiny kittens!  By the end of the day, her litter would grow to contain seven newborns and Tara was beyond happy with her new litter.

In addition to her feline guests, Tara and her roommate had two dogs living with them, Archer and Zooey.  At first the dogs could have cared less about the new kittens, but over time that changed. Archer, a Dachshund mix, began to develop a very keen interest in them a short while after they were born.  This worried Regina, she wasn’t sure why he was suddenly so honed in on them, so she decided to introduce them all properly. Under her watchful eye, she let Archer get close and sniff them out, and what he did showed her how harmless his interest was!  All that he ended up doing was licking them all over and their cat mother seemed grateful for the new extra help.

Pretty soon Archer had assumed the father position to the kittens.  He loved spending time with them and would pick them up by their scruffs.  He’d bring them along with him everywhere he went. In fact, a couple of times he even brought them to Regina’s bed so they could all cuddle!   Archer truly loved them all so much and turned out to be a great help because he’d clean and play with them and make sure they didn’t get into too much trouble.  

As the kittens grew up and got bigger, caring for 9 cats and two dogs was becoming a lot of work.  While Regina probably wanted to keep them all, she knew that she couldn’t. She wanted the best for them all and eventually found them new forever homes.  While Archer undoubtedly missed them, life soon went back to normal. Regina will never forget the love and devotion he showed them, and it just goes to show that cats and dogs can come together to be a loving family. 

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Watch As This Wild Bear and House Cat Meet Face To Face On The Porch

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When a person comes across a black bear, or any type of bear, they usually react with surprise and fear out of concern for their health and safety. In marked contrast, when a 2 year old cat named Nani came across a bear, she surprised the hell out of it.  The brave cat’s fearless reaction to a wild black bear that had wandered right up to her was caught on video by her human caretaker, Darlis Elliott. Nani and Elliott live in Alaska and are used to being immersed in nature and bears hanging around!

The fuzzy black bear in the video wandered right up the driveway and around to the rear of their house to check out the back porch. Inside, the family was silently checking out the bear as he ambled up to the door, and Nani decided to get a closer peek at him. She crouched down low in front of the glass door, like how cats hunker when stalking things, and laid in wait. The bear was only feet away when it turned to look inside, directly facing the cat, and that’s when Nani jumped up and pounced at it!

The sight of a cat suddenly appearing out of nowhere and springing right up in his face was too much for the poor bear. He goes from curious to terrified in milliseconds and quickly scrambles backwards away from the crazy cat, appearing to almost moonwalk bear-style backwards off the porch. The shocked bear may seem to have an irrational fear of cats, but it’s just being overcautious and in situations like this they can be easily spooked.

When a bear gets that close to a human’s house they experience a lot of stress and try to avoid any unnecessary risks or noisy activities. If anything, this bear was on the lookout for people, food, and possible threats, but it definitely wasn’t keeping one eye open for sneaky little cats. Elliot said that she hasn’t seen the bear since, and after this experience it’s highly unlikely that he will ever be back to sniff around again.

One more interesting thing about this video is that it was shot in Eagle River, a community within the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska, where occurrences like this are common. The town was recently the sight of another viral video which featured a family of moose playing and cooling off together in a sprinkler on a sweltering hot day. The area is surrounded by millions of acres of both undeveloped and protected national forest land that borders rivers and the nearby Gulf of Alaska. It may just be one of the wildest places left in America where large animals still roam freely, and cats patrol and protect their human counterparts.

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This Little Baby Poops In Her Diaper. Now Watch The Cat’s Priceless Reaction!

Parents in households with a newborn baby and fur babies know how important it is to ensure that their pets and children get along well together! It’s crucial that animals who live and share a house with babies feel comfortable being around them. Over time animals eventually grow accustomed to the new child and to all the different sights, sounds, and smells they create. Just like how everything in the world is new to a baby, everything about a baby is new to your pet.

Sometimes those new things can be a little alarming… and stinky! One mother who had recently brought home her young child was filming a special moment between the youngster, named Elsarose, and the family cat and dog. The three look absolutely adorable in the clip with Nelda, a Labrador, snuggled up close with Elsarose as they take a nap. On top of Nelda is Pebbles, a beautiful Ragdoll cat, who looks like she’s standing guard over the sleepy pair.

Even though the baby is fussing around slightly, Nelda is fast asleep and not at all bothered by the movement. It’s clear to see that these three are very comfortable around each other, you can just feel the love!

The picture perfect moment seems almost magical until it’s suddenly interrupted by a completely unexpected surprise. Out of nowhere Elsarose answers the call of nature and lets out a loud stinky poop!

Pebbles makes her escape and quickly jumps off the dog, who’s still sleeping through the smell and noise. However, the movement from the cat causes Nelda to wake up and turn her nose towards the baby. That proves to be a bad move, as she’s greeted with the offensive poo poo smells.

Her reaction is priceless and will make you smile and love dogs all the more. Check out the video to see it and if you want to brighten someone’s day, share this adorable clip with them.

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Nobody Believed Him When He Said What His Cat Does When His Song Comes On. So He Caught THIS

Remember the Drake song, Hotline Bling which has been making waves ever since it was released. What got people talking about it the most wasn’t the lyrics or the beat, rather it was the music video. The minimalist styled video starts off with a bunch of ladies working at a call center!

Soon after the shot switches to several women and Drake dancing around while pulling off some unique, and kind of strange, moves. The quirky dancing is what quickly propelled the video to viral status and spawned a whole bunch of hilarious parodies, gifs, remixes, interpretations, and more. Everyone from comedians to animals have got in on the action, including one cool cat who goes by the name of Duchi.

The adorable white and light brown furred kitty loves nothing more than just chilling at home and listening to music while hanging out with his human companion, Lilice. When a song comes on that Duchi likes he gets really into it, and thankfully Lilice recorded his cats reaction to Hotline Bling. The clip starts off with the pair sitting comfortably on a bed while the song begins to play.

Duchi’s eyes are open at first, but they soon close and you can tell he’s really feeling the beat. Then, just as Drake begins to croon his first few lyrics, Duchi and Lilice start to bob their heads in unison gently up and down in time with the beat. At the same time, the cats eyes close and Duchi turns into the chillest, most zen, music loving cat the internet has seen in ages. The reaction is priceless and dare I say that Duchi might just be smoother and cooler than even Drake himself.

Thank you internet and thank you YouTube user yen-ching su for uploading and sharing the cute kitty’s adorable antics. To see more of Duchi you can visit his Facebook page by following the link under the video. It looks like he’s a very sweet cat who enjoys pulling off a lot of funny and unique faces. He’s definitely well loved and is certainly leading quite the cat life!

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