This Little Baby Poops In Her Diaper. Now Watch The Cat’s Priceless Reaction!

Parents in households with a newborn baby and fur babies know how important it is to ensure that their pets and children get along well together! It’s crucial that animals who live and share a house with babies feel comfortable being around them. Over time animals eventually grow accustomed to the new child and to all the different sights, sounds, and smells they create. Just like how everything in the world is new to a baby, everything about a baby is new to your pet.

Sometimes those new things can be a little alarming… and stinky! One mother who had recently brought home her young child was filming a special moment between the youngster, named Elsarose, and the family cat and dog. The three look absolutely adorable in the clip with Nelda, a Labrador, snuggled up close with Elsarose as they take a nap. On top of Nelda is Pebbles, a beautiful Ragdoll cat, who looks like she’s standing guard over the sleepy pair.

Even though the baby is fussing around slightly, Nelda is fast asleep and not at all bothered by the movement. It’s clear to see that these three are very comfortable around each other, you can just feel the love!

The picture perfect moment seems almost magical until it’s suddenly interrupted by a completely unexpected surprise. Out of nowhere Elsarose answers the call of nature and lets out a loud stinky poop!

Pebbles makes her escape and quickly jumps off the dog, who’s still sleeping through the smell and noise. However, the movement from the cat causes Nelda to wake up and turn her nose towards the baby. That proves to be a bad move, as she’s greeted with the offensive poo poo smells.

Her reaction is priceless and will make you smile and love dogs all the more. Check out the video to see it and if you want to brighten someone’s day, share this adorable clip with them.

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Nobody Believed Him When He Said What His Cat Does When His Song Comes On. So He Caught THIS

Remember the Drake song, Hotline Bling which has been making waves ever since it was released. What got people talking about it the most wasn’t the lyrics or the beat, rather it was the music video. The minimalist styled video starts off with a bunch of ladies working at a call center!

Soon after the shot switches to several women and Drake dancing around while pulling off some unique, and kind of strange, moves. The quirky dancing is what quickly propelled the video to viral status and spawned a whole bunch of hilarious parodies, gifs, remixes, interpretations, and more. Everyone from comedians to animals have got in on the action, including one cool cat who goes by the name of Duchi.

The adorable white and light brown furred kitty loves nothing more than just chilling at home and listening to music while hanging out with his human companion, Lilice. When a song comes on that Duchi likes he gets really into it, and thankfully Lilice recorded his cats reaction to Hotline Bling. The clip starts off with the pair sitting comfortably on a bed while the song begins to play.

Duchi’s eyes are open at first, but they soon close and you can tell he’s really feeling the beat. Then, just as Drake begins to croon his first few lyrics, Duchi and Lilice start to bob their heads in unison gently up and down in time with the beat. At the same time, the cats eyes close and Duchi turns into the chillest, most zen, music loving cat the internet has seen in ages. The reaction is priceless and dare I say that Duchi might just be smoother and cooler than even Drake himself.

Thank you internet and thank you YouTube user yen-ching su for uploading and sharing the cute kitty’s adorable antics. To see more of Duchi you can visit his Facebook page by following the link under the video. It looks like he’s a very sweet cat who enjoys pulling off a lot of funny and unique faces. He’s definitely well loved and is certainly leading quite the cat life!

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Kitty Kept Stealing The Neighbors Tiny Pups. But They Soon Realize The Unthinkable Reason Why!

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The ongoing battle between cats and dogs have been going on since the time humans began to domesticate animals. Dogs are known as man’s best friend, while cats are known as…. let’s just say Man’s best acquaintance. Dogs pretty much show unconditional love to their humans and family. Cats pretty much do whatever the heck they want to do, whenever they want to do it!

Which brings us to today’s amazing story which takes place in Maysville, South Carolina, featuring both canines and a feline. One morning a lady looked out and saw a cat carrying a small animal by the scruff its neck. The first thing that came to her mind was, wow that kitty just caught a nice breakfast and she felt a little bad for the small creature. She kept her on the cat as it traveled with the small animal in it’s mouth and to her surprise, the cat didn’t seem like it was about to eat a snack, it seemed more motherly and gentle. She was intrigued, got a little closer and realized this was no squirrel or chipmunk it was a puppy!

Missy Grant a resident of Maysville, South Carolina had a female dog that had just given birth to a litter of puppies. Missy arrived back at her place one evening, and she quickly realized 5 of the tiny puppies had vanished into thin air! They were too young to run away she thought. Could a hawk or eagle have snatched them up? Maybe it was a neighbor who saw the puppies and decided to steal them and make a quick buck by selling them? Could they just be hiding somewhere right in front of her eyes? She didn’t know but she immediately started a search party.

She began asking neighbors if they saw her heard anything because the puppies had magically disappeared. When she got to the woman’s house who initially saw the cat carrying the small mammal by the scruff; the woman quickly realized that the cat she saw was stealing Missy’s puppies! She told Missy how she watched the cat gently pick up each puppy one by one and bring them to a random shed or trailer where she could do whatever she wanted with the puppies out of view of any spectators.

Then as they began piecing all the missing parts together, they found the cat’s owner Ryan Grant who informed Missy that their cat was recently pregnant, gave birth to kittens but tragically none of them survived. They told Missy that cat had been pretty depressed and acting strange since she lost all her babies.

The mother of the puppies, Smoochie, had simultaneously just given birth to her litter at the same time, Miss Kitty lost her babies. For some strange reason Smoochie, had no interest in her puppies and her motherly instincts just weren’t there. This does happen, although not very often, dogs and cats both sometimes have a litter and basically just have no interest in raising them or just abandon them.

So, when Miss Kitty saw that Smoochie wasn’t nurturing and taking care of her puppies, the feline’s motherly instincts which were already surfaced, had kicked into full gear. Miss Kitty would travel over to Smoochie’s property and just pick the puppies up and take them to a safe shed. Smoochie would watch and just let it happen because she had no interest and being a mom. Miss Kitty had been pregnant just a short time before the puppies were born, so she had milk to spare.

When they went to the shed where Miss Kitty was bringing the tiny canines, they saw that she had remarkably been nursing them, just as if they were her kitten! The dog Smoochie was totally fine with Miss Kitty becoming their adopted mom and basically handed over all responsibility to the motherly feline.

Watch the video below for the fully story:

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Kitty Thought He Had a Master Plan To Catch The Fish. But Then The UNTHINKABLE Occurs!

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Cats are naturally drawn to little things that dart and move all around. Many a feline will readily chase after toys, bugs, mice, and whatever else is crawling on the floor or blowing in the wind. They also really like fish, whether it involves watching them swim around and trying to catch the little swimmers or eating them for a tasty dinner, kitties love them.

While some cats are incredibly adept at hunting and stalking their prey, others are much less capable, especially when it comes to fishing. A cat named Scat falls into the latter category as is evidenced by this video which shows him attempting to master the feline art of cat fishing.

At first it looks like Scat might know what he’s doing. He patiently sits watching and studying his target, a little yellow fish, swim lazily around in the tank. The seconds slowly tick by and when the fish finally turns its back on him he makes his move.

He leaps up off of his perch in the perfect pouncing formation and flies through the air, but instead of getting his fish, he goes right past it and lands on the floor below! Mission incomplete, cat 0, fish 1.

According to the man who posted the video, Trent Vanderheiden, Scat has a habit of doing this move all the time. He has yet to learn the finer points of cat fishing which is good for the fish and everyone else. Check out his hilariously adorable antics and share this with the cat lovers in your life who would appreciate the clip!

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Nobody Believed My Cat Wakes Me Up Every Day Like THIS. So We Set Up A Hidden Cam To Prove It!

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Every cat owner, lover, and caretaker knows how adorable and funny cats can be.  Whether they mean to or not, our loveable pets seem to always find a way to make us smile and laugh.  That’s part of the reason why people and cats are so close these days, they make us feel happy and loved, even if all they want in return is some tasty food and a warm spot to curl up in.

Just like people, each and every cat has their own personality traits and quirks.  Some cats are vocal and meow a lot while others don’t make a peep, some like to drink water directly from the sink faucet, many will make strange alien-like noises when they see a bird or squirrel outside the window, the list is endless!  

Those examples are all pretty much standard behaviors that you’ve likely seen before. However, the strange habit that Mimi the cat has is definitely not at all common to felines! Mimi is a very pretty dark gray cat who lives with her human companions and a couple of other kitties.  

She looks a lot like a Russian Blue and acts like one too. Every day Mimi wakes up her owners bright and early by knocking on their bedroom door with her back legs at a super high rate of speed. She basically karate kicks the door repeatedly at 100mph until someone eventually wakes from the loud noise she’s making and opens it. The longer it takes, the louder and more insistent her knocks get.  

Mimi also does this whenever she wants a door opened, which is somewhat in line with her Russian Blue heritage.  The breed is very intelligent and are known for opening doors. Mimi’s method is the easiest way to get it done, by having her owner open it while she gets in a leg work out!

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This Cat’s Humans Were Stunned When They Figured What She Had Been Hiding From Them

On Ronan and Emma Lally’s farm in Clara, Ireland three fuzzy yellow ducklings had just hatched. The couple had been expecting it and when they went to check on them they saw the discarded egg shells, but no babies. They noticed their cat, Della, was lingering around and worried that she may have eaten or harmed the baby ducks.

After searching for hours all around they came across Della carrying a baby duck in her mouth. Thinking the worst they hastily took it away from her. However, Emma, a midwife, noticed that the cat had not forcefully held onto or hurt the duckling, instead she was incredibly gentle with it.

That’s when they saw Della lay down and the 3 little birds snuggle up underneath her body. Out of concern for the ducklings health they tried to move them and when they lifted up the cat two of the ducks were latched onto her nursing! She was purring and even placed a protective paw around the ducklings as if to safeguard them.

As if things couldn’t get anymore odd or cute, the couple also discovered that Della had given birth to 3 tiny kittens! It was perfect timing. Since she just had babies, her maternal instincts took over and made her want to love and nurture the fuzzy little ducklings, who resembled her kittens.

In the end, everything worked out for the best. Della kept the baby ducks warm and safe until they were too big and active for her to control. They quickly became independent and went off on their own, but Della still had to watch over and nurse her kittens, who didn’t grow nearly as fast.

At times, the ducks still follow their adopted mother around the farm, and they will always share that mother-child bond. The story of Della and her ducklings is quite extraordinary and unique, and overall it just makes people happy. If you want to feel good and smile, check out the video, and share the joy!

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