She Adopted This Tiny Kitty But Can’t Hold Back The Tears When She Sees The Words Written On The Kitten’s Tag!

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Cats are truly one of the most interesting animals on planet earth. From the mighty king of the jungle the lion, to the tabby cat at your grandma’s house, these animals give off a majestic vibe that almost no other animal on planet earth can match. People who have never had a kitty as a pet tend to believe these creatures are cold, weird, sneaky, sometimes scary and have no personality. Usually these people only ever had dogs or aren’t into pets at all. However, anyone who has had the pleasure of sharing a living space with a majestic feline knows that these anti-cat stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, you aren’t going to get the immediate unconditional love from a cat that a dog would give you after about two hours of hanging out. Cats will make you work a little harder for that unconditional love in return, but when they finally decide to let you into their inner circle, all that time it took to gain there trust is all worth it!

In today’s featured story we will be covering a beautiful story about adopting homeless and abandoned kittens. The story begins with a man named Jared and his girlfriend Katt who decided that they were going to adopt a kitten from a shelter who was in desperate need of a loving furever home. That morning Jared got in his car followed the navigation and made his way to the local SPCA. He parked his car, he got out, entered the shelter and headed towards the cat adoption area.

He walked around trying to feel out which cat gave off the perfect energy to match their personalities. For anyone who has ever adopted an animal they know the part where you are at the shelter looking for “the one” can be very emotional. Not only are you about to add a new family member to your life that will be with you for  the next decade or two; but you also have to walk past the other animals that you are not adopting and this can be heart wrenching experience. With that being said Jared ended up making eye contact with a small grey kitten and in that exact moment Jared knew this little guy was “the one”!

He told the SPCA that he had to head to work but to hold this kitten and he and his girlfriend would be back later that day. He also explained to the people at SPCA that he wanted to make this kitten adoption “special”. What did he mean by special? Well no spoilers yet…

He came up with ingenious plan with the staff at the SPCA and told them that later that day he and his girlfriend would come get the kitten but they would be arriving separately… The plan was set, an adorable abandoned kitty was going to get a forever home and there would be one final touch to put the cherry on top of this wonderful day…..

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Can YOU Spot The Cat In Under Thirty Seconds?

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Cats are masters of disguise. They’re basically the ninjas of the animal kingdom! If a cat doesn’t wish to be seen then good luck trying to find it. Many felines don’t even have to try to blend in with their surroundings, it just comes naturally to them.

Countless pet owners have breezed right past their kitties without even being aware or noticing the cat was right in front of them! This photograph shows exactly how effortlessly stealth cats can truly be! In the image below of a log pile in the woods there is an adorable kitty concealed somewhere within it.

This cat is so well hidden that it has been stumping people left and right across the internet and just about everyone who tries cannot figure out where the heck it is! In fact, the vast majority of people who attempt to spot the cat in under 30 seconds fail to do so successfully, and when given an extra 30 seconds of time to look, they still fail!

Check it out now and look to see whether or not you’re able to pass the challenge and can spot the cat in the allotted amount of time! Have fun and good luck!

Were you able to find the cat in under 30 seconds?

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He Just Got Back To His House From Work. But His Grieving Dog Quickly Led Him To a Stranger Hiding Inside!

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Most people think that dogs and cats are constantly at war with one another for world domination. While this is true most of the time, sometimes felines and canines rise above their hate for one another and develop beautiful and amazing friendships. When a dog and cat are best friends it truly is an amazing thing to witness and something we as a people could learn a lesson from. If these two species can put their differences aside so can we!

This brings us to today’s featured story which features a man who had a cat and 2 dogs who were best of friends for many years. One of the dogs Crosby was especially close to both his older dog brother and kitty best friend. They did everything together until one sad day the cat passed away and traveled across the rainbow bridge.

After the cat passed away the Crosby became very depressed and was clearly grieving the loss of his best friend. Luckily for him he still had his older brother dog who was there for support. Also he still had his human which he loved very much.

Sadly his older dog brother also passed on only a couple months later! Now Crosby had just lost his 2 best friends in the whole world in a very short period of time. Crosby tried to stay chipper, wag his tale and be a good dog but he was very depressed. His pain and sadness was visible and palpable and his human who was his only friend left in the world had to leave him alone while he was at work.

One afternoon the man got back home from work and Crosby was acting pretty strange. It seemed like the pup was trying to show his human something and lead him somewhere or to something in the house. The dog led him to the bathroom where someone was hiding in the bath tub…

Watch the video for the full story:

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Their Daughter Follows Her Kitty Into an Old Barn. Then She Discovers The Giant Secret Mom and Dad Had Been Hiding!

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Many people believe that if something bad or threatening is near animals somehow can sense even before anyone ever notices. For instance, birds stop chirping before a huge storm comes and dogs bark strangers even before anbody knows they are there. Sometimes even cats can alert us to problems and if they sense something is wrong they usually run and hide in the best spot in the house. This brings us to today’s featured cat story…

On Christmas a little girl named Anna trudged through the snow behind her cat because she thought he as acting a bit suspicious after she got her Christmas morning presents. The curious kitty clearly had a destination in mind and she just wanted to know what or where it was. The cat kept walking and Anna kept following until they got to an old family barn.

When they get there Anna really didn’t make a big deal, crouched down and began petting him. All of a sudden the orange tabby cat bolted towards the barn door. That’s when she decided that she had to get into that barn. There was a little crack in-between the doorways and the kitty slipped right through, however Annie was a little bit too big but finally made it into the old barn.

Her dad and mom follow her in as well as she tells them how happy she was about her presents not knowing she was going to get one of the biggest surprises of her life. As she kept talking and walking around the barn she started to sense something seemed a bit odd and different.

She walks over to a door that has a bow on it and she wonders if the bow was something left by Santa on Christmas Eve. That’s when the door opens and she gets the best surprise she will never ever forget!

Watch this video below for the full story:

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THIS Baby Tugs On This Cat’s Foot and Leg But The Cat’s Reaction Has Gone Viral!

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Cats and babies seem like they naturally go well together.  They’re both cute, adorable little creatures who love nothing more than to sleep, cuddle, and snuggle.  While most cats and babies do in fact go very well together, there’s always the chance that they won’t get along.  Sometimes it takes time for them to warm up to each other but once boundaries are established, they usually end up best friends.

When one couple decided to adopt a cat named Lemsie, they were naturally hesitant to introduce her to their baby boy.  They weren’t sure how the pair would get along, but they knew they had to let them meet. They really wanted them to bond and grow up together so when the cat was sitting down relaxed and calm, they placed their toddler next to her.  

The baby was immediately taken by his new feline friend and looked thrilled to finally be close to her.  He reached out and gently held Lemsie’s back legs before resting his head down on them. His bright little smile lit up the room and showed just how much he was loving his furry new friend.  Now came the moment of truth; how would Lemsie react to the baby touching her?

Lemsie moved towards the child’s head and started to gently lick him!  She was grooming him like he was a kitten and being sweet and gentle. The roughest thing about their whole interaction was probably her tongue.  While most cats don’t like their legs being grabbed, she didn’t seem to mind at all.

Not once did she show any aggression or ill will towards the baby and when her owners saw how accepting and tolerant of the toddler she was, they knew they wouldn’t have to worry about the two being around each other.  

Their faces say it all, they love each other and are happy to finally be able to cuddle.  It looks like the beginning of a wonderful friendship and the first of many memories to come.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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He Set Up a Hidden Camera To Catch What His Kitty Does While He Is Asleep and It’s Hysterical

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If you have a cat or know anyone who has a cat you are probably pretty aware that these majestic creatures can be quite strange and weird and times. Unlike their canine counterparts, they do not seek constant affection and seem to do just fine on their own. That isn’t to say that cats don’t like getting affection and attention, they do it’s just on their own terms when they feel like it. Cats are mysterious and amazing creatures and that is why they are one of the most popular pets in the world.

A man in Thailand had a weird feeling his cat was up to something at night while he was sleeping. As many people know cats spend most of their time sleeping during the day and then become quite active at night. This is pretty standard, as cats like to run from room to room as fast as they can making strange sounds and acting completely crazy as soon as the lights go out. However, this man had a suspicion that his cat was up to something even stranger.

He decided to set up a hidden camera while he was sleeping to try and catch his feline friend in the act. The footage is just absolutely adorable and hilarious. I don’t want to give too much away because it is all captured in the video below.

During the night the footage is comical as he sits closely by his human and just stares at him. Then multiple times he climbs directly on his face. A lot of the night he just sits on top of his human guarding him like a lion would guard his cub. But the best part which you will see in the video below is the next morning when somehow this kitty realizes that there is a camera and he is being filmed without permission!

Watch the video below for the hilarious footage this man caught:

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