This Cat’s Humans Were Stunned When They Figured What She Had Been Hiding From Them

On Ronan and Emma Lally’s farm in Clara, Ireland three fuzzy yellow ducklings had just hatched. The couple had been expecting it and when they went to check on them they saw the discarded egg shells, but no babies. They noticed their cat, Della, was lingering around and worried that she may have eaten or harmed the baby ducks.

After searching for hours all around they came across Della carrying a baby duck in her mouth. Thinking the worst they hastily took it away from her. However, Emma, a midwife, noticed that the cat had not forcefully held onto or hurt the duckling, instead she was incredibly gentle with it.

That’s when they saw Della lay down and the 3 little birds snuggle up underneath her body. Out of concern for the ducklings health they tried to move them and when they lifted up the cat two of the ducks were latched onto her nursing! She was purring and even placed a protective paw around the ducklings as if to safeguard them.

As if things couldn’t get anymore odd or cute, the couple also discovered that Della had given birth to 3 tiny kittens! It was perfect timing. Since she just had babies, her maternal instincts took over and made her want to love and nurture the fuzzy little ducklings, who resembled her kittens.

In the end, everything worked out for the best. Della kept the baby ducks warm and safe until they were too big and active for her to control. They quickly became independent and went off on their own, but Della still had to watch over and nurse her kittens, who didn’t grow nearly as fast.

At times, the ducks still follow their adopted mother around the farm, and they will always share that mother-child bond. The story of Della and her ducklings is quite extraordinary and unique, and overall it just makes people happy. If you want to feel good and smile, check out the video, and share the joy!

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