Pitbull Was Pregnant But Refused To Birth Her Litter! The Vet Was Stunned When He Saw THIS On Her Ultrasound!

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Rescuing and fostering animals isn’t easy, but for one couple it’s truly a labor of love.  Over the years Chris and Mariesa have opened their hearts and home to many dogs in need. They believe that their shared passion has only made them grow closer together and since there’s always animals who need rescuing, they take in new dogs whenever they can.  

The couple had seen that a pregnant pit bull named Storie was up for adoption at a local animal shelter and they immediately knew that they had to rescue her.  Shelters are incredibly stressful environments for animals with all the strange smells, noises, people and other animals around. For a pregnant dog the stress is amplified and that can mean bad news for both mom and her puppies.  Chris and Mariesa knew they had to take Storie in and they headed straight to the shelter to pick her up.

When they got their they talked to shelter employees who told them that Storie should have given birth already and that perhaps she hadn’t because she was stressed.  The couple brought the heavily pregnant dog straight to the vet to have her checked and that’s when they discovered something shocking. An ultrasound revealed that Storie was carrying 12 puppies!  

They were amazed and then the realization set in that they’d have to care for all the newborns and mother, so they got right down to business.  They set up a cozy place for Storie to give birth out of a kiddie pool filled with blankets in a kennel outside their house and the heavily pregnant dog settled right in.  

Thinking that they still had a couple of days to go before their new dog went into labor, the couple were shocked when just 12 hours after she went home with them, she gave birth to her first puppy.  Storie had gone into labor because she finally felt safe and comfortable enough! Incredibly, all 12 puppies were born healthy soon afterwards and within 18 hours of being in their new home.  

Chris and Mariesa were overjoyed that they’d been able to help Storie but now they had 13 new dogs to care for on top of the other ones they already had.  It wasn’t before long that the puppies became a handful, they loved to play, run around the house, and fight with each other. Each one had its own personality and quirks which made it easy to tell them apart and name them.  Even though they loved all they puppies, they knew that everyone would be better off in new homes.

Thankfully, Pibbles and More Animal Rescue helped them find forever homes for all twelve puppies.  People had heard about Storie and her babies and interest was high, the rescue group received numerous adoption applications.  Even Storie ended up getting a new forever home with Chris and Mariesa’s friend who offered to take her in.

It ended up working out for the best because the couple still get to visit and see her all the time, while being able to help other dogs since the space is freed up.  It’s amazing what a little love and understanding can do, and for one pit bull and her 12 puppies, it made all the difference in the world.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Kitty Kept Stealing The Neighbors Tiny Pups. But They Soon Realize The Unthinkable Reason Why!

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The ongoing battle between cats and dogs have been going on since the time humans began to domesticate animals. Dogs are known as man’s best friend, while cats are known as…. let’s just say Man’s best acquaintance. Dogs pretty much show unconditional love to their humans and family. Cats pretty much do whatever the heck they want to do, whenever they want to do it!

Which brings us to today’s amazing story which takes place in Maysville, South Carolina, featuring both canines and a feline. One morning a lady looked out and saw a cat carrying a small animal by the scruff its neck. The first thing that came to her mind was, wow that kitty just caught a nice breakfast and she felt a little bad for the small creature. She kept her on the cat as it traveled with the small animal in it’s mouth and to her surprise, the cat didn’t seem like it was about to eat a snack, it seemed more motherly and gentle. She was intrigued, got a little closer and realized this was no squirrel or chipmunk it was a puppy!

Missy Grant a resident of Maysville, South Carolina had a female dog that had just given birth to a litter of puppies. Missy arrived back at her place one evening, and she quickly realized 5 of the tiny puppies had vanished into thin air! They were too young to run away she thought. Could a hawk or eagle have snatched them up? Maybe it was a neighbor who saw the puppies and decided to steal them and make a quick buck by selling them? Could they just be hiding somewhere right in front of her eyes? She didn’t know but she immediately started a search party.

She began asking neighbors if they saw her heard anything because the puppies had magically disappeared. When she got to the woman’s house who initially saw the cat carrying the small mammal by the scruff; the woman quickly realized that the cat she saw was stealing Missy’s puppies! She told Missy how she watched the cat gently pick up each puppy one by one and bring them to a random shed or trailer where she could do whatever she wanted with the puppies out of view of any spectators.

Then as they began piecing all the missing parts together, they found the cat’s owner Ryan Grant who informed Missy that their cat was recently pregnant, gave birth to kittens but tragically none of them survived. They told Missy that cat had been pretty depressed and acting strange since she lost all her babies.

The mother of the puppies, Smoochie, had simultaneously just given birth to her litter at the same time, Miss Kitty lost her babies. For some strange reason Smoochie, had no interest in her puppies and her motherly instincts just weren’t there. This does happen, although not very often, dogs and cats both sometimes have a litter and basically just have no interest in raising them or just abandon them.

So, when Miss Kitty saw that Smoochie wasn’t nurturing and taking care of her puppies, the feline’s motherly instincts which were already surfaced, had kicked into full gear. Miss Kitty would travel over to Smoochie’s property and just pick the puppies up and take them to a safe shed. Smoochie would watch and just let it happen because she had no interest and being a mom. Miss Kitty had been pregnant just a short time before the puppies were born, so she had milk to spare.

When they went to the shed where Miss Kitty was bringing the tiny canines, they saw that she had remarkably been nursing them, just as if they were her kitten! The dog Smoochie was totally fine with Miss Kitty becoming their adopted mom and basically handed over all responsibility to the motherly feline.

Watch the video below for the fully story:

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Mama Tells Her Tiny Bulldog Pup To Shush. He Proceeds To Throw A Hysterical Tantrum.

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Puppies can easily be just as fussy and adorable as their human counterparts can be. In fact, little kids and dogs share many attributes in common. Both of them love to do nothing more than eat and sleep, poop and play, and sometimes they throw a temper tantrum every now and then!

Lately we have been getting lots of fan submission videos of adorable animals throwing the adorable hissy fits! This is some of the best material on the internet and if you are having a rough day a funny little animal tantrum can turn that frown upside down and totally change your day!

This little guy is the perfect way to bring some sunshine into your day. Watching Baby Bentley The Bulldog instantly put a giant smile on my face to ring in a new week. Such is the case with Bentley the Bulldog pup. He was just eight weeks old when this video was taken of him having a mini hissy fit!

He was quite a bit mouthy towards his mommy but that’s because he had a lot to say on his mind. At one point she told him to hush, but that just made baby Bentley whine, whimper, and cry all the more harder. He even picks up his tiny paw and tries to swipe at her in the cutest way possible.

With his mushy face, wrinkly body, and sad puppy eyes, he’s simply too adorable to say no to or ignore. He certainly knows how to both protest and win over hearts at the same time because he’s using his sweetness to his advantage!

Check out his hysterical antics in the short clip if you want to smile and feel good inside. Nothing better than starting a new week with that warm fuzzy feeling! If you can’t get enough of Bulldogs you are not alone because they are among the most popular dog breeds in the world.

In The USA they rank 4th among pet dogs according to the AKC’s dog registration numbers. Their adorable, wrinkly itty bitty faces with the cute smushed noses are super difficult not to love. Plus, they don’t need a lot of exercise or activity and their smaller size makes them more appealing for city and apartment dwellers.

With their mostly sweet, adorable and friendly, it is easy to see why Bulldogs are so cherished and beloved by countless people all around the whole world!

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think! 

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Somehow THIS Tiny West Highland Terrier Got This Huge Rottweiler Pregnant. But Wait Till You See The Puppies!

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Like magnets, opposites often attract. People with completely different personalities somehow get together against all odds. The ying and the yang, the dark and the light somehow compliment each other perfectly. Apparently the same can be applied to the animal world. Specifically, two dogs of very different ilks found love.

Just like people, dogs don’t let things like breed stop them from finding their soul mate. In one case, the owner of a rottweiler was surprised to find her dog pregnant. However, everyone was stunned when these unique and adorable puppies were born. You won’t believe who she fell in love with and mated with!

A West Highland terrier named Joey has made an impressive accomplishment for a dog his size. He successfully mated with a rottweiler named Zara. Zara is several times Joey’s size furthering the accomplishment. The ambitious little dog is now the father to a litter of puppies. This almost never happens, so this litter is so very special!

Officially, the puppies have been labeled “Wotties.” Teresa Patterson, the owner of the two canines, had no idea the dogs had even mated until the puppies were born. According to Teresa, the puppies take after their parents in terms of their great temperament. They’re very high maintenance and they love attention. Get ready for the most adorable thing you will see today!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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These Tired Puppies Are All Laying Down In A Row. But Watch When The One On The Left Does THIS

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There is nothing more peaceful and darling than watching a newborn sleep…except maybe watching six of the tiniest most innocent newborn Pug puppies! In the video you are about to watch below you will see the precious movements of these little angels as they settle themselves into their much needed sleep.

They are all lined up on their backs, making little twitching motions, as they begin to drift off to the dulcet tones of a bedtime lullaby. At first viewing it seems a little unusual to see newborn pups all sleeping in identical positions on their backs. Some who have viewed this footage thought it might not be safe for them in this position.

However, after reading about the breathing habits of pugs, it seems that at an early age, they may be in this position exactly because it makes their young respiratory systems more comfortable. Watching each one’s different little motions to get comfortable is just about one of the cutest things I’ve seen.

As each one settles down they appear to be dreaming as they doze off into “Puppy Lalaland!”

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Sad Puppy Just Got Dropped Off At His Babysitters. But What He Says Made Me Spit My Drink Out!

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Separation anxiety is a psychological issue where people experience feelings of severe anxiety when they are separated from people or things that they are emotionally attached to. It most commonly arises in young children when they are away from their mothers or caregivers for the first time.

The drastic change and being suddenly detached from the most comforting and closest person in their life is scary, uncomfortable, and brings on feelings of unease and distress. It’s not just young children and people who experience anxiety brought on by being away from the people and things they love the most, dogs also go through it.

Our four-legged friends often become very attached to their human companions and when they are apart from them they get really upset. One such dog is this adorable and feisty Husky named Simba, who is shown in this short video clip uploaded to YouTube by user Alex Bulmer.

Alex was watching Simba for his friend and the poor puppy was going through all the emotions brought on by anxiety, and from being away from his closest human companion in the world. Even though Simba had a fellow puppy pal to play with, he just can’t seem to relax or get comfortable in his new surroundings.

The sad dog was pacing around, crying and whining, when he suddenly seems to ask for his mamma. Alex can’t believe what he just heard and asks Simba what he just said. Seconds later Simba gives the same reply of “I want my momma!” It’s clear to hear and the beautiful puppy has some excellent vocal skills, he definitely spoke those words!

Simba is still a very young puppy and with a little growing up, and exposure to new situations and environments, he will be less stressed when he’s on his own. Once he gets accustomed to being away from his owner and used to being around other people more often, he won’t be so anxious or upset. Just like in young children, it takes time to get used to new routines.

It seems like fur babies have a lot more in common with human babies than just being cute, young, and adorable!

Watch the video below and enjoy!

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