These Tired Puppies Are All Laying Down In A Row. But Watch When The One On The Left Does THIS

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There is nothing more peaceful and darling than watching a newborn sleep…except maybe watching six of the tiniest most innocent newborn Pug puppies! In the video you are about to watch below you will see the precious movements of these little angels as they settle themselves into their much needed sleep.

They are all lined up on their backs, making little twitching motions, as they begin to drift off to the dulcet tones of a bedtime lullaby. At first viewing it seems a little unusual to see newborn pups all sleeping in identical positions on their backs. Some who have viewed this footage thought it might not be safe for them in this position.

However, after reading about the breathing habits of pugs, it seems that at an early age, they may be in this position exactly because it makes their young respiratory systems more comfortable. Watching each one’s different little motions to get comfortable is just about one of the cutest things I’ve seen.

As each one settles down they appear to be dreaming as they doze off into “Puppy Lalaland!”

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