He Walked Into The Room And Saw A Disaster. When He Asks What Happened I Spit My Drink Out!

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Everyone reacts differently when they get caught red handed doing something that they know is wrong. Some people deny they’re doing anything bad, regardless of how obviously caught they may be. Others take a more direct approach and stop whatever it is they were doing, own up to their guilt, and apologize for any offense or wrongdoing on their behalf.

And some just try to look as cute and innocent as possible in a vain attempt to avoid any and all conflict. That’s what one dog did when his owner came home and saw what a mess he made by getting into some stuff which he had no business sticking his nose into.

The adorable white dog didn’t knock the trash over or chew up any cushions and pillows, it was something much more colorful and vibrant than that. Instead, he took the non-traditional route and managed to get into some colorful food supplies.

He found a bottle of green food dye, chewed it open, and then went to town painting the carpet and house a lovely shade of emerald green! When his owner came home and saw the mess he was clearly taken aback. He also knew who the culprit was and when he approached his furry companion the guilt was written all over the puppy’s face.

Well, more like it had stained the dog’s mouth and white fur green, as the evidence was undeniable. The little doggy knew he was in trouble and sat there looking as sweet and innocent as he could, wagging his little tail and making adorable facial expression, but he had been caught red handed and green faced!

There may be a lesson to learn from this video and the next time you get caught doing something naughty and are about to get an earful, try this dog’s approach to avoiding any bad fallout. All you have to do is remain quiet and try your best to look remorseful, sweet, angelic, and as lovable as possible while facing the person you offended, until you’re hopefully forgiven!

This video is so funny enjoy and it will make your day! 🙂

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