A Hidden Security Camera At The Gas Station Caught A Lady Doing THIS. How Is This Even Possible?

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When you go to a gas station you usually take a second to think about what side the tank is on before you even pull up to the pump. It’s common sense, regardless of whether or not you know it by memory or routine. Of course, there are those rare occasions when the thought might slip your mind and you end up pulling in on the wrong side, but that can easily be fixed by simply moving your car into the proper position.

One woman appeared to have made that mistake. Security footage from an unknown gas station in Leicester, England, shows her pulling up to the pump in an SUV. She parked her car, turned it off, and got out to get gas. Only then did she realize that the tank was on the other side, so she hopped back in and drove around to the other side.

After parking her car and turning it off for the second time she got out and saw that she was still on the wrong side. Undeterred, she moved her car again, and again, until she finally got it right. In between each move she had to execute a three point turn, which she was able to do, yet for the life of her she couldn’t figure out how to line her car’s fuel cap up with the pump!

All the while, a man can be heard laughing in the background at the sight he’s witnessing on the monitor in front of him. Thankfully, he decided to share the video, so we can all enjoy it as well. Since it was posted less than a year ago the hilarious and somewhat mind boggling clip has been viewed over 20.5 million times.

People are stunned at how incapable the woman is to fail five times in a row at figuring out how to properly position her car at the gas pump. Many comments touch upon the concern that if she can’t do something as simple as getting gas, then maybe she shouldn’t be behind the wheel driving.

There’s always the chance that perhaps the woman was unfamiliar with the vehicle, it could’ve been new or she borrowed it, so she doesn’t know what side the tank is on. Either way, all one has to do is glance down at the dashboard to see where it’s located because next to the fuel gauge there’s an arrow pointing to the side.

That arrow eliminates the need of having to get out and check, but it still doesn’t explain the level of ineptitude on display or why she couldn’t get it right after 5 tries. While she failed at pumping gas, she won at making everyone who has seen the clip feel better about their driving and cognitive functioning abilities! Check it out for an instant self-esteem boost.

Watch the video below! Have you ever seen anything like this at a gas station before?

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